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Archive for January, 2009

Surprise! Not What You Expected

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Have you ever been on a blind date? If you have, you know what it is like. Your nerves are going at one thousand revolutions per minute and you cannot wait to meet your date to see if you got lucky or if you will end up going home alone to one of your hands. Male escorting is no different. From the escort’s point of view, he really does not care much because he is the one getting paid. A gigolo can be picky sometimes with unnatural bedroom habits or bad hygiene, but usually they take it is it comes because of the cash. But a woman paying for the escort service wants and deserves what she “ordered”. This next female was not so fortunate.

   Nancy decided to look up a male escort on the internet. She searched for a while looking for the type of mature escort she desired. She felt more comfortable with an escort from an escort agency so she went with one from there. She finally saw the profile she was looking for. A tall, dark haired, light eyed man with an athletic build and a great personality, or so the ad said. She arranged to meet John at the bar of a very fancy hotel. John told her what he would be wearing and that he would be carrying a manila folder. She also told him what she would have on. Nancy got their first and was getting a little restless because of his tardiness. Finally, John showed up wearing exactly what he said and carrying the folder. Except that this escort was a Danny Devito clone. He was short, chubby and middle aged. Nancy told him that he was the most unprofessional man she has ever met and that she would report the escort agency for fraud. He tried to talk her into giving him a chance but she denied him. Male escorting work shouldn’t be this hard, right?

What To Do During The Date

Friday, January 30th, 2009

When you go on a date with a woman and it is your first one, you probably go through a mini dress rehearsal. It helps to do so because nerves are just part of the game and planning ahead never hurt anyone. The same goes for the male escorting business. There are certain tips that clients can use when meeting a male escort for the first time.

   Discretion is one of the initial factors for both the client and the gigolo. If you are meeting an escort at his house or a hotel, I would suggest for you to carry a briefcase or a folder. It makes it seem like you are headed to a business meeting. If you are meeting at a hotel, try to meet at the bar/restaurant/foyer. It will eliminate unwanted attention from the staff. Please pay for the escort services within ten minutes of his arrival. Good manners are essential and you almost guarantee yourself great service if you pay right away. If the escort is going to your house, offer him a drink and a guided tour to the bathroom. And do not worry about making any types of moves. Professional escort work requires the knowledge of when to introduce intimacy. Keep your eye on the time. A gigolo will get dressed shortly before it is time to go. DO NOT try to stall him. Mature male escorts usually have safety measures in place, particularly if you are a new client. If an escort says NO, it is NO, if he says STOP, it is STOP. He has the right to leave at anytime he feels uncomfortable with you. ALWAYS use a condom. The escort will probably have plenty. After he leaves, take a long, hot shower to ensure his scent is off you, especially if you have to see a husband/boyfriend. Finally, send him an email to thank him for such a lovely time. All these will ensure a second escorting encounter.

What Type Of Escort Do You Like?

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Many of the things that we purchase come in different sizes. From burgers to television sets, we usually get the choice on what size we need or want. The male escort industry is no different. Not only do the escort services differ, but the size of the gigolo also differs as well. Another thing that is also different in all male escorts is their styles. But that should be obvious, style usually implicates a different personality and we all know that people are different. I will give you an example of an escorting site which teaches the client different types of mature escorts she can obtain.

   The site states that escorts come in all shapes and sizes. You get small ones, big ones, tall ones and short ones. You get professional escorts who offer a limited type of service, and you get escort services which are more extreme-depends what the woman is looking for. Some females are looking for something that they do not or cannot get at home. Some women look for closeness-more known as the girlfriend/boyfriend experience-. Some women are just looking to rumble under the sheets because they need it and there is no one available at the moment which can satisfy her urges. And some girls book escorts out of sheer curiosity. They hear so many good things about professional gigolos and the escort work that they provide that they need to see and feel for themselves what the fuss is about. We live in a world that has endless options on the things that we buy. Why should human companionship be any different?

Mature Escorts Out Of London

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Let us try to dig a little deeper into the world of London Male Escorts. I have written about many confessions and many different types of stories. But once in a while, to really get a taste of the male escort business, we need to see the details and postings that a real male escort agency uses to network its gigolos on the net. The following segments are part of the London based male escorts who talk a bit about themselves through their website.

   For example, they mention that their ability to deliver quality, professional male escort work whenever or wherever you need them is a virtue for them. They like to keep things simple whether you want to book an escort or become an escort. They think their business is booming for their no nonsense, simple way of attacking the male escort services they provide. They do not dress up their site with extravagant male escort marketing ploys and they do not make promises that they cannot keep. What they do claim is to have a completely transparent structure that has nothing hidden to rear its ugly head out in future business deals. They also mention that one very important service is that if a client calls, they will get a human voice 24/7, 365 days a year with no exceptions. They have male gigolos from all sizes and shapes and they will meet every criterion that is presented to them. From seeing this male escort site, it is no wonder to see why they are doing so much business. They do not beat around the bush and the amount of escorting gigs they get is the perfect example.

Advice For Clients

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Which ever type of customer you are, it is always good to know the real and true advice from the supplier about what they think of their own product. Advice that helps you choose or at least lets you lean in a certain direction. For example, if you go to a restaurant, you might ask the waiter to suggest something. Some places already carry “The Chef’s Suggestions”.  Well, male escorting is no different. Escort agencies that do well, market themselves this way, they create advice on their escort services and create more escorting jobs for their gigolos. I will give you a few examples of an escort agency filled with mature male escorts UK and how they promote to their escort work to their clients.

   First of all, escort agency owners know how reluctant a client could be when booking an escort for the first time so they want to dispel the myths by saying that a true, professional male escort will not show up at your house in a red plastic mini skirt, smoking a cigarette unless you ask him to. Professional gigolos are not drunks and drug addicts who would steal from you as soon as they get the chance. Escorting is not about wrecking the client’s home life, maybe prostituting but not escorting. They also tell us that becoming a real male escort is not about streetwalking and touring the hoods for public business. A real male escort has more control over how he handles his business and therefore charges higher rates. All this stuff is very understandable and we can see how these types of hints can help a client with her nerves.

Male Escort Cooks As Well

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

There are many of us who keep two jobs. I t could be one full time job and one part time job or two part time jobs. There can also be different reasons as to why someone would have two jobs. One can be because we like it and the other could be for the money. In my case, I am a full time independent male escort and a part time chef.  I have been providing women the finest escort services for about 4 years now and I have been a chef for two. I actually went to culinary school and graduated with honors in the kitchen. But male escorting is another passion, and I have the tools to become a very successful male gigolo.

   It was around the same time when I began my college career when I decided to pursue a life as a male escort. I did some small time research in the internet looking up some male escort sites but I really did not dig in too deep. Since I needed funds for my university expenses, I jumped right into the escort industry. I built a simple male escort page on the net and after about 3 weeks, I received my first phone call about an escort job. It was this middle aged woman that was being neglected by her husband and she said that she loved my picture and profile and would love to meet me. Of course, I was excited and nervous as well, since it was my first ever escort job. I went to her house, which later on in my career I found out that meeting at the clients houses is a bad idea, and we really hit it off. My male escorting career took off after that and then I graduated culinary school to be a chef at a primetime restaurant. I love both gigs and couldn’t be happier.

Male Escort Turns Cop

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Male escorting was in my blood. I began my escorting career in an escort agency and followed suit by working as an independent male escort in the great state of California. But after a while, there was something telling me that it was not right to be charging women tons of money to sleep with them. I started doing some thinking and I decided to only be a companion. I would have dinner with them, get involved in some great conversation and I would basically try to make them feel good without the sexual encounters.  

   But then after a short time, I was not the same mature escort that I was when I began and I felt that I was cheating my clients. These were women who put their time and money in for me and I felt that I was not delivering.  So I did something that I do not think a professional male escort has ever done and that was joining the Police Academy. This was a profession that actually ran in my blood. My grandfather was a police officer and my father is one currently so having connections was not going to be difficult. The hard part was obviously having to leave the male escorting industry. Even though I knew that it was the right thing to do, I had been doing it for so long that leaving this type of job was not going to be easy. Plus let’s be honest, I do not know of any cops that make more money than a full time male escort. But it is not always about the money. This decision was more about feeling correctly than anything else and I know I will not regret it.

Is there a difference?

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

The word prostitution is really not a word that is fancied by many people. It seems dirty and degrading, so people all over the globe, especially ones interested in the subject, want to know if there is a difference between male escort, male gigolo and prostitution. I can tell you that there is no difference between an escort and a gigolo, but there is a difference between these two terms and prostitution.

    Male escorting has been around for more than a century. It is the sophisticated term that means the same as male gigolo. Whether you are an independent male escort or a gigolo working from an escort agency, the two go hand in hand. What these men do is get escort jobs by either the internet, the newspaper or from a boss at an agency. They meet up in high class places with wealthy women looking for professional escort services. Sometimes there is sex involved but that is almost always arranged before the date begins. And I know what you are thinking, if there is sex involved, isn’t it prostitution? The difference is that prostitution takes place on a street corner with anything but a high end client and there is no dinner, hardly any conversation and there surely in no 5 star hotels. I am not condoning those male escorting jobs that have sex involved. I think that male gigolos should be companions and gentlemen and that paid for sex should be left to the prostitutes. But I also do not blame them for doing it because basically, it is all about the cash and the sex means more money. So to recap, male escorts and gigolos are brothers and prostitutes are second cousins.

Choir Boy Turns Male Escort

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

People change jobs all the time. They even go as far as to change it drastically. For example, you could be an accountant and then become a male stripper. This next short story is not really about a job change but it is a drastic move that a young made in order to put some spice in his life. He went from choir boy to male escort in sixty seconds.

   Since I would like to keep his identity a secret, I will call him “Mike”. Mike had been a choir boy for most of his teenage years. His whole family was church oriented. But one day, he picked up a magazine that was full of male escorts and what type of escort jobs were out there to be had. He was a bit interested in what he saw, but at that time he felt that escorting was a sin. A few years passed by and Mike felt like he was financially stagnant and that his life was very dull. He decided to look up gigolos on the internet to get a closer look. He found out that you could either work for an escort agency or you could become an independent male escort. He did further research on the escort industry and realized that it was not only escorting services but sex could also be involved sometimes. He was in pretty good shape already but he decided to get in better shape before he built his website (all in secrecy of course because he was still involved with the church). He also realized that it was not all about looks so he got some social tips about how to really charm women from a buddy of his. Currently, Mike is a very successful male gigolo who has to turn down escort work because his agenda is so packed. I guess all you need is motivation and anything can be accomplished.

Male Escort Began In High School

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Let me begin by saying that I am not in high school now, but I was 3 years ago. I started becoming a male escort at the ripe age of 16. Yes you saw that correctly, 16! The reason I started was because I needed to make some money to help my mom out because my dad had just died and I am not the McDonalds type. I started to research the male escort industry in my high school library from their computers. I got a few names of escort agencies in the area and I decided to take a shot.

   I went out, bought a fancy suit, cut my hair and put some cologne on. I was always in good shape but I dressed really lazy. And if you anything about Gigolos, we cannot dress lazy. We have to dress to impress. As soon as I arrived at this male escort agency, I was treated like one of the guys. The boss let me know that I was too young to get many escort jobs but if I wanted to stick around and learn escort work, I could and in a month or two, he would let me have a few small time dates. This agency serviced women from all types of financial brackets. We had women that paid $500 an hour to girls that paid $50 an hour. It didn’t matter, money was green to them and that was that.

   So that’s what I did. I hung around, learned from a couple of professional escorts and after one month I was ready for my first date and the boss let me have it. I scored big points with the client and male escorting has been awesome ever since. Now I am charging about $200 an hour and I still haven’t told my mother what I do. There is still time for that.

Male Escort Goes Berserk

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

I know I should not be bragging about this but it is not really bragging, it is more like getting it “off my chest”. I’ll explain what I am talking about. I am currently a male escort working out of the Washington DC area. I have been doing male escort jobs for about 2 years now. I began in a male escort agency but after a year, I decided to become an independent male escort because I had more free time. I am actually doing it part time because I wanted to pay my way through college. But things got out of hand one time with a colleague and my escort work went down the drain.

    I had about 15-20 clients on my agenda after a year. I would do like 3-4 male escort jobs per week. Since they were all part time, most of them did not include sex because sex usually implies staying overnight and staying overnight usually implies full time. I think you get the picture. Male escorting can be successful either way, I have met guys that live by it and guys that make good money just doing it two or three times a week. Anyways, I had this one client that was very comfortable with me and paid lots of cash. She was my favorite. But it turned out that one of my backstabbing colleagues decided to meet with her one on one and talk her into going with him. Needless to say, I exploded in anger and I decided to confront him. After a two minute confrontation, I couldn’t help myself and I began to bash his face in with my fist. Even though he has taken me to court, I think my male escort lesson has been taught and his escort services have come to a halt for a while.

Male Escort Goes Black

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

At first, when I began my male escorting ways, I definitely did not filter the types of women that I would service. I loved to be around women in general, and if they paid me, the better off I was. I would travel the entire USA to perform escort services. Male escort work was becoming easier and easier to get for me because I worked for a very good escort agency which advertised physically and virtually very well. It was when I went to Chicago that my male gigolo ways would change.

   I got a call from this woman who said that she had called my agency looking for a tall, muscular male escort that would service her for a few days and that she would pay top dollar for as well. Since that fit my description to a tee, my boss gave me the gig and I was on my way to “The Windy City”. She had booked a hotel suite for three days and had told me that I could go right upstairs to the room, as she was already waiting for me in her flimsy, Victoria Secrets nightgown. Independent male escorts usually know what the client looks like, but since I worked for an escort agency, this was sort of a blind date. The surprise was that she was black and I never did an escort job with a black female nor have I ever been with one personally so it was a very good surprise because it would be my first at something. Needless to say, I got along with her better than any other woman I have ever serviced and she loved me as well. As soon as I got back to the agency, I had a one on one with my boss and told him I would love to keep getting black female clients for my future male escorting jobs. I was hooked!

Male Escort Gets Penis Extension

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Being a male escort is about many things. You have to posses various characteristics in your personality in order to become a successful male escort. It also helps to have many male escort jobs under your belt to gain the experience as you go. You need to have good presence; good confidence in the way you handle yourself, great dining skills, great conversation skills and you also must be a “lion king” in the bedroom if you offer these types of escort services.

   But sometimes, not every male escort has all of these qualities. Actually, it is almost impossible for a male gigolo to have all of these traits right away. They need to be polished like an old shoe. Some might get there quicker than others but they still need to be worked on. And sometimes, there is nothing you can do but use science as your stepping stone, which is what I did. All of the qualities I mentioned above I had down to a tee, except for the bedroom one. It was a combination of nerves (its all in the head) and the fact that I was simply not well endowed. Since I had racked up a very nice bank account, I decided to look into getting a penis implant in order to really satisfy my clients. I had lost a few and I knew it was not because of my male escort skills. I was just not that confident in bed and I knew that having this procedure done would be the difference maker. I went ahead with it and my escort jobs tripled. I can definitely say that I feel like The Lion King.

I Gave Up Male Escorting For Her

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Sometimes in life we need to make sacrifices. Whether it has to do with giving up something we love for something better in return or maybe we just need to give up lots of money for something we love. In any case, a sacrifice was made. I say this because I had been a male escort for almost 5 years doing male escort jobs all over the US and sometimes going abroad until I met the woman of my dreams.

   Being a male gigolo was a dream of mine ever since I saw a movie with one and realized how much money a man could make by just being a good male escort. You need to show great companionship skills and if you decide to spice up your escorting ways by providing sexual pleasures, you need to have skills in the bedroom as well. As the years passed, male escort work became easier and easier for me. Since I was an independent male escort, I could move on my own, pick and choose my clients to my liking and no one would ever bother me or tell me who to escort. So one day, I got a call from a woman in Florida who heard about my escort services through one of her high end colleagues. She sounded really appetizing on the phone and she was willing to pay whatever fee I gave her in order to see my “package”. Therefore, I did not hesitate when I packed my bags and headed to the sunny state of Florida. When I met her, all the professionalism that I had learned throughout my years was out the window. She was a ray of sunshine with the class of a queen. I do not mean to sound sappy but it was love at first sight and we have been together ever since. Obviously, I put my male escorting work on the side for her and we are living happily ever after.

All In The Family

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Some jobs get passed on through generations. It is like tradition almost when a grandfather, father, son have worked or still work in the same place or as the same thing. Policemen come to mind, maybe being a marine. But being a male escort is something that you would not think gets passed on from generation to generation. Well, in my case it has.

My grandfather was a mature male escort who worked for a very famous male escort agency in California. Then, my father liked his father’s life so much and all the glamour it brought him that he studied his father, learned the ropes and then hit the town. My father though was an independent male escort who liked to choose his clients very carefully. I decided to go the same route as my father. I have been an independent male escort out of the New York area for about 7 years now. I also like to choose my clients very carefully. I will definitely turn down an escort job if I see that it is not the right amount of money and I will not provide sexual services for just anyone. I have a going rate of $500 an hour and it can go higher if I need to stay overnight and provide wildness in between the sheets. Believe it or not, my father still does some work once in a while at the ripe age of 61. And my grandfather calls me up every week to see if I need some pointers or just to gossip on some of my clients. We actually shared a few. It is awesome when a family member recommends you to a female that’s going to pay you lots of money to sleep with her. You cannot beat male escorting.

Male Escort Confesses His Liking To Toys

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

I have to admit that when I began male escorting I was a bit shy. Since I was fairly new in the game and also very young, that scene took me by storm. I got into it because I was told many of times that I had the right looks and charisma to make it in the atmosphere but I was also very shy when it came down to the one on one in the bedroom. Especially with woman of high stature in the business world who always come with a certain aggressiveness to their personality. They know what they want and they pay top dollar for it.

Male escorting jobs are hard to come by because the competition is getting better and better therefore I knew I had to step up my gigolo game. Since I am in independent male escort, I would offer any type of escort services that the ladies would request. Whether it would be a bit of companionship accompanied by dinner or wrestling around in the sack for a few hours, I would always try to be as professional as possible. Male escorting work needs to remain professional at all times or else you fail. This was my motto.

After so many sleepovers and rumbles between the sheets, I started to get used to lots of things in bed. Some women would just like for it to be us while some would pull out the bag full of toys. Sometimes I thought I was sleeping with Santa Claus. But one day this new client of mine got real naughty with me as she pulled out a huge, rubber, and battery operated penis that she wanted to insert in my rear end. At first I wanted to return her money, but she talked me into it with some more cash of course and I have to confess that I loved it. There I said it. I knew that becoming a male escort would have its share of surprises but this one was the topper.

Male Escort “Gets Shorty”

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Everyone has their fetishes and their niches. When you are in your work atmosphere you usually have a niche. For example, some pizzerias dedicate themselves to their Sicilian pie. Even though the other food is good, the Sicilian is what stands out. Well, in the bedroom, I have my fetishes. I will talk a bit about what they are.

When I got into the male escort game, I was fairly young on the scene. I had no clue what a male escort job consisted of. I heard around that male escort work was hard to come by as it is, but I needed to give it a try because I loved the rewards. So I did. But I had to find a niche for my work so I decided that it would only involve women that were looking for sex afterwards. You may not know this, but some male escorts, especially independent male escorts, only deal with companionship, not sex, but since I love sex that was not going to be me. After finding my niche, I needed to find my fetish. I mean, I always liked to do different things in the bedroom, but now that I was a professional male escort, I wanted to figure out what I really liked. After many types of women that required my escort services, I finally found it. It turns out that I love sleeping with very short women, midgets even and the shorter the better. Do not get me wrong, not children, short women. I find that they are very easy to handle in bed, you can put them in any position you want and they also love to experiment. I am not saying that I want to be with a midget or marry one because I do not find them all that attractive, but in bed, give me a woman that’s 4 feet tall and I’m in heaven. Like I said, everyone needs to find their fetish.

A True Male Escort Confession

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Have you ever kept a secret so long inside that it would eat at you and eat at you? If you are human, it is probably safe to say that you have. It also depends very much as to what that secret is. If you know that letting it out will alter the way the rest of your life will be played out, maybe you would think twice about setting that secret free. But if it’s the fact that you have been hiding chocolate under your bed since you were 4, I do not believe that this secret would change what people think of you. Well, the secret that I am about to expose is that of a mature male escort and his escorting ways. And I happen to be that male escort.

    I began with the male escort business when I was 18 years old. I am now 37 and not one person in my family has an idea that I do it. I only escort part time, but you do the math. I have been keeping this escort secret for almost 20 years now and it is eating me up inside. As you may know, being a male escort requires you to date all these wealthy, sophisticated women and once in a while, pleasing them in bed as well. Also, since I am an independent male escort, I get to choose who I want to date and where I want to do it which becomes easier on the secret keeping side. Escort agencies have their rules and are more time consuming which makes it harder to hide the jobs. But all this lying to my wife and kids has taken its toll. I keep using the same old story to be consistent. I tell them that I am in a bowling league because bowling is something that is usually done with friends, not the family and it is also done a few times a week. But I am here to tell you that I am ready to face the music. I know that it will probably break up my family but I have to do it in order to sleep well at night again.

A Day In The Life Of A Male Escort

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Hi, my name is Timmy and I have been part of the Male Escort UK scene for about 2 years now. I got into the male escort business because I needed to pay my way through college therefore I could only start part time. Half way through my studies, I realized that this was really what I wanted to do so I retired the books and opened the agendas. What I am about to talk about is just a day in the life of an independent male escort. Please realize that all male escorts have different agendas and routines, I will basically tell you about mine.

  I always wake up at 9.30am (if I’m not in bed with a client) and immediately look at my agenda to see who I have to meet on that day. If  it is an all day thing (they usually begin around noon for lunch) I do the standard hygiene thing and hit the weight room which I have set up in my garage. For me, it is very important for a male gigolo to have a good body, not necessarily a great body but a good one. I also must add that the all day male escorting jobs are not that common. Most escorting gigs are of the nightly variety. Let’s say that I have a date scheduled at night. I will go through my daily workout routine and then run any errands that I have to run. If I do not, I will get on the net and try to set up new clients for the days that I do not have work. Since I am an independent male escort, it is vital for my existence that I do the proper networking to gain a good clientele. Now back to my routine. I spend about an hour studying my client’s needs and wants and then take a long, hot bath right before my date to make sure I am as fresh as can be. Believe me, these ladies know if you are not the hygiene type and if you are not, say goodbye to her forever. After I dress to impress, I jump in my Boxter and head towards the meeting point. As you can see, it is really not a strenuous day. The hardest part is keeping the ladies coming back because people do get bored quickly. I hope this information about a day in the life of a male escort was interesting for you.

Male Escort Confessions

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

There are a bunch of professions that are dangerous. You can be a FBI agent. You can be a CIA agent. You can be an Ultimate Fighter. Even being a prostitute on the streets is dangerous. But one would never think that being a successful male escort could endanger your life, especially if you are very discreet (like you should be) and if you know exactly who your clientele is. But sometimes, a male gigolo has so many clients that one ends up slipping through the cracks and also ends up ruining what was once a good, sorry, a great job. This next story is about a very wealthy and successful male gigolo who knew that this female client was bad news but took her anyways.

   I am going to call our male escort “Larry” because of anonymity. Larry was a very skilled male escort. He knew who to be with and had his clientele list made up for about 3 years now. He had been working on building his list for quite some time now. But when he found out that this very wealthy lady that was bad news was looking for a mature male escort, he could not turn his back and that is when Larry began to go down hill. He was a very clean escort. No drugs whatsoever, just a few drinks now and then when the time called for it. But this client had so much money and she was so sexy, that when she came calling for him he could not resist. She ended up leading him into a very fast lifestyle that he was not used to. She turned him onto cocaine, crack, heroin, ecstasy, you name it. That is what she was into and that is what she paid her dates to be into. Needless to say, all these habits are very hard to break and Larry is now without a job in his third rehabilitation program. It goes to show that being a male escort is not as rewarding as it may seem if you do not take care of yourself.


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