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Archive for March, 2009

The newfangled mature male escorts

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Escorts are gaining lot of popularity across the globe. Men have been enjoying the escort services for more than a decade, now.

All you women out there!!! It’s your time to enjoy these services and with the varied range of the male escorts available, the experience is simply alluring.

The new entrant – mature male escorts in the male escorting biz is amazingly congenial. A woman always likes to be around matured guys. Mature male escorts give out-of-the-world experience to accomplish your needs of a matured male with no links and connection at all. Mature male escorts understand the sumptuous and aesthetic feminine needs and provide them an earthmoving experience. Mature male escorts are veterans, when it comes to savoring the womanly desires and sensuous needs in a very tantalizing manner!!

Mature male escorts range from 35 to 60 years of age. Depending upon your savor and craving you can select and choose the mature male escorts, to please your imaginings. You can either take your mature male escorts for just a devour session or ask them to escort you as an excursion chauffeurs or just a have a simple candle dinner where you can talk your heart out!! These mature male escorts will be more than willing to do all this without any expectations or link-up.

Few websites will provide you with escorts pertaining to mature male escorts exclusively. These online sites allow you to hire your mature male escorts discreetly, in a hush-hush manner!!!

Gratify your mannish wishes with the newborn mature male escorts!!

Authorized route to Toronto escorts service!!!

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Toronto is a place to have a blast. Year after year, Toronto has been gaining increasing number of visitors; either come for business deals or for leisure or for a livelihood. Due to this, Toronto is crammed with overseas visitors. Thus, Toronto has to provide best facilities to keep the traffic coming in!! One such zenith facility is the escort services.

Toronto escorts are sharp-minded, sophisticated, elegant, smart, and decorous and of course good-looking. Indispensable are these rigid requisites, as the clients hire Toronto escorts for various occasions like business lunch sessions, parties, weddings, social-jamboree etc.

Explore the streets of Toronto!! Find out the agencies which provide various other services including sex. There are various authorized adult Toronto escort services which can escort your needs in a very legal approach with no illegal hassles. You are not here to pay for some prostitution rumpus. Toronto escorts are legally permissible as per the Canada prostitution laws.

Toronto escorts are multitalented in escorting services; always look for escorts who can also be masseurs, which will make your whole escorting deal –fantabulous!!

Furthermore, these Toronto escorts agency allows you to book their escorts in advance via their online sites. What you need to do is just log on their sites, select the type of escort you looking for and sign up!! All this without anyone’s discerning, as these websites are accredited and authorized, plus their confidential decree helps you guard your ‘hush-hush’!

Knockout!!! Entire deal with no legal apprehension whatsoever!!! Only with the Toronto escorts!!!

London escort services

Monday, March 16th, 2009

London is a very happening place to be spending a rocking night-out, with entertainment, pleasure and intimacy. It is the hub for escort services procuring elite escorts with an exclusive edge over the others. London escort services are splashy for both male and female escorts.

London escort services provide you with opulent escorts that are both fun and compelling to be with. To have a congenial night, search out for agencies providing massages along with the escort services.

Moreover, the London escort services are legal. Escorting in London is officially authorized as the UK and US laws deems escorting to be way different than the prostitution clamor. Thus, making it a grandly soothing and comforting legal night-out!

Many London escort services can be searched online. Yeah!! You can hire with their legal online booking structure and take pleasure in the superb London lifestyle. These websites are licensed by the establishment and so everything here is illegal-free. They have comprehensive information about the charge-rates, assortment of services, advance booking features etc. As these websites carry out their services legally, you may have to pay extra. But then, it’s always better shell out extra than getting caught against the law. What say!!

London escort services have a unique quality in their escorts. These escorts can be well-groomed and smart, but they also can be your chic guides. These legal adult London escort services give a new outlook towards the whole escorting world.

Enjoy a gorgeous, sexy nightfall with a handsome, hot looking escort from the world-famous London escort agencies.

Male escorting jobs no longer appalling

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Need more convincing!!!
It is a praiseworthy career. Yeah!! It’s a fact that male escorting jobs are now treated as any other esteemed jobs. It’s just not a slam bam. It’s simply not a money-spinning job but comes in with other swags too.

Male escorting jobs are counterparts of male prostitution. Gibberish!! Male escorting jobs are not any “johns” but it is a paid service to get a hot date for any occasions. Now these jobs can vary in their profiles which can involve sexual traits as well depending upon what the woman is looking for.

Year after year, male escorting jobs are in increasing demand. It’s because women do not have time for relationships in their hectic professional schedule but have the money to hire a great escort treat.

Male escorting jobs take care of the woman’s desires which probably aren’t satisfied from their spouses or partners. As a male escort, you need to understand what the woman wants, appreciate her beauty, make her feel at ease, may be have long conversations. It’s more like working like a shrink for her on her desires and needs than a prostitute where you just get done with it and say good bye.

Male escorting jobs pays you well, keeps you in the company of high -caliber women, allows access to trendy parties with no strings attached. Whew!!! What else can you ask for?

Well, skepticism about the male escorting jobs is thrashed out huh!! Go ahead , get recruited with the revered male escorting jobs.

Male Gigolo Male Gigolos

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

There has been a lot of confusion between the job role of gigolo and male escorts. The word, Gigolo in itself is intriguing, and has generated quite a bit of mystery in a lot of people. Just so you know – A gigolo does nothing different from what other male escorts do. In essence, their job profile is still the same as the job profiles of other male escorts.

When they did start offering their services, gigolos were an unknown quantity. And thus, people thought that they offered some things, which male escorts would not offer. Over a period of time, as many more gigolos have started offering their services, this notion has changed considerably.

In the phase of transition, a lot of people had come up with a very seedy and a raunchy misconception about Gigolos. Quite a few even took to Gigolos as people who would spoil their evenings, if went alone with. Conversely enough, Gigolos have proved it to the world that they are here just to share some beautiful moments with women, and that too on their demand.

Gigolos are high class in the mannerisms, and very professional in their behavior. In many ways, you will find gigolos just being an extension of male escorts. They accompany women to parties, special events, and even venture out to spend a lovely evening date with them. Nowadays, with the change in perceptions about Gigolo, women folk absolutely love the idea of spending an evening with a handsome and charming gigolo, to get rid of their loneliness.

Male Escorts

Friday, March 13th, 2009

If Male Escorts are providing one-of-its-kinds services to women, consider them getting celebrity status almost instantly. After all, any service that helps women getting rid of their loneliness and isolation, is worth mentioning. Male escorts, with their professional attitude work seriously hard to ensure all the demands and needs of their woman companion are met.

Male escorts that are hired by escort agencies are well trained in various aspects of their work and job roles. Normally, male escorts accompany women to special events, parties, and yes, romantic evenings. Again, the needs of a woman vary from time to time. At some occasions, women want just the attention and care of a lovely and a handsome man. Male escorts are trained well by the agencies to cater to all these needs of women.

A lot of people feel that work of male escorts is a rather demeaning profession. In reality though, this should be one of the more prestigious occupations around. After all, not many job roles allow you to be in the company of beautiful women, and get paid for the company too.

That brings to the point – How much do the Male escorts get paid? The compensation for male escorts varies on which city they offer their services in. In up-market cities, male escorts charge a bit higher than other cities. The occasion for which women want the company of male escorts also makes a difference to the costs.

Male Escort

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Gone are the days when female escorts dominated the escorting domain. They still do, but a male escort is giving their female counterparts a good run for their money. A male escort works wonderfully well to ensure some romantic moments for lonely women. And women do have their own set of lonely moments?

A male escort thus, you will find, is one who would pay a lot of attention to the privacy needs of a woman. A male escort, thus may wish to work in a slightly different way than a female escort. In essence, women are different in their mindset than men, and this comes through in the working approach of male escorts.

To become a male escort, obviously you need to satisfy a lot of requirements. One amongst them is that you need to have good looks and a great feel for style. You must be able to carry yourselves off, really well. Importantly, you must also be in a position to work really hard in this profession. Being a male escort can be extremely tough, especially at times when women get very finicky about their demands and needs.

Imagine the last time you had used the services of a female escort! Quite obviously, the time you must have spent with the female escort would have gone by in a sensuous ambience. As a male escort, you would be responsible for providing the same kind of feel to women who chose to use your services.

Escort Jobs Money-spinning Generation Next career

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Escort jobs were the hub of filthy shaggy dog story!! But they aren’t any more. Gone are the days when escort jobs were meant to be too shoddy and uncanny. In this day and age, very highly paid executives and celebrities are turning to escorts for night outs. Having an escort now is very trendy and much-looked forward to, as there are no strings attached.

Escort jobs are very alluring and lucrative. Escort jobs, in sober words can be depicted as a surrogate date for a pleasant night out to have a gala time.

Here is a quick run-down for making it big as an escort:

You should know to boogie, have good physical attributes, hot body, always get a rain-check on the prostitution/escort laws of the country, a good wardrobe is a must and the next thing you know- you are a “hit” .
Escort jobs can be tricky at times. As an escort you sometimes need to provide them with camaraderie, make them feel at the top of the world and have a ball of a time without any obligation. Escort jobs are no more clandestine about their existence. This sector has grown to be the GenNext career where everybody is head-over-hills crazy about the whole ‘escort-world”.
Escort jobs are a phenomenal doohickey-job. What’s more! As an escort you get to attend all those gorgeous, exquisite parties and bashes. Escort jobs along with money-spinning, also gives you the chance to mingle with countless women.

Escort male agency Agency to gratify desires

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Guys its time to have some fun!! Male escort agency – rings any bells!! Aha- Male escort agency is making news everywhere. A male escort agency professes to provide women with anything and everything under the so-called escorting rules.

A Male escort agency works in the following manner: They have a photo-gallery of the studs they have to offer, all from 18 to 24, they provide high-class guys to cultured men to intellectual types as well. You have an assortment of guys knowing different languages and gorgeous looking guys to suit your high-end parties and weddings. An escort agency also provides you escorts depending upon the requirements like dinner-dates, wedding escort, business escort etc.
They claim to produce escorts who can give natural performance and are discreet indeed. However, every Male escort agency maintains a rule book. No transfer of personal information, some confidential clauses, if you abide by them, you are rest-assured.

To get an entry into these agencies you just have to look like a stud, a good body, can speak few languages and above all, know to handle women and you are on.
Most of the male escort agency pays on hourly basis as an escort. This shows how much a male escort agency is in demand and is akin to many women’s fantasies. Many a times, as an escort you have to deal with indecent activities or sexual shenanigans, be prepared.

So if you are falling short of cash and you look like a stud, just a fill form with any one of the thousand male escort agencies and enjoy!!

Male Escort Settles Down and Marries One of His Very First Clients

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I in all my life never would have seen myself as being some one who would settle down and get married let alone carry a meaningful relationship. I mean let’s face it I had been a very successful male escort living what most men would consider a dream. I had been in the male escorting game long enough to have had clients I had been with for some time buy me cars, a house, all sorts of expensive clothes and jewelry. I had it made. So why would some one like me settle down and stop having such things given to me?  Well as it turns out it was not some thing I had planned at all. I had when I first started working as a male escort had my first date with a college girl who absolutely took my breath away the first time I had met with her.


We went out and I was amazed that some one as beautiful and hot as she was would call an escort. We had a wonderful time together and casually saw each other for a while after our first date. I had not seen this girl again for 8 years when by pure chance we ran into one another at a convention I was accompanying a very sweet executive to. She had been there as well on business but of a different type. We ended up meeting up again for drinks and that’s when she told me what she had been doing with her life and I had explained my success as a male escort and we had a great evening together. We saw a lot of each other after that and I slowly left the male escorting scene till I had asked her to marry me and she accepted. We have been married for 3 years now and I can’t say I regret one bit having left male escorting and got married.

Escort’s a Hero

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

I would not ever look at myself as being the heroic type or anything close to that. As it turns out I was simply confronted with a situation where if I needed the help I would like to think some one would do it for me. I am a 27 year old male escort that has been in the business for about 6 years. I initially became a male escort because of the cash, but it has become more to me than just money. As an escort you hear a lot of stories as well as begin to have a few of your own as the time passes and you become older in the game of escorting. I had never had anything as incredible happen to me as the story I am about to tell you happen before this.

  I was out one evening with one of my regular clients that always contacted me when she was in town. We had a wonderful dinner together and saw a picture at the cinema and after returned to her hotel room. While there for about an hour I started to smell smoke and wondered if the candles we had lit while we were in the tub had caught a towel on fire, but when I went out into the main room of the suite I saw smoke rushing in from under the door. I immediately alerted my client and had her rush out of the hotel when I heard screaming coming from across the hall. Turns out there were to younger children in the room across from ours who were responsible for the fire and were trapped in the room. To make a long story short I risked myself to help the kids and thank god no one suffered and serious injuries. I never would have thought that I would one day find myself saving two kids from a fire, but then again we never know what is going to happen one moment to the next.

Male Escort Follows in Fathers Footsteps

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

I never knew my mother growing up. I was raised by my father who lets say provided a very comfortable life for me as a child and teenager. I was a typical kid like any other went to school, graduated, and went off to college. It wasn’t till my second year in college that I had finally discovered that my father was a male gigolo. I had come home during spring break when my father came out and told me the truth of my mother and his profession. My father explained that he had gotten one of his regular clients pregnant and that she did not want to raise the child with my father as he did not want to leave the male escorting profession. So my mother gave full custody of me to my father and that was the last he had heard from her.

  Growing up my father had never brought any ladies home as well I never saw my father with any girlfriends. He did however work strange hours of which he had led me to believe was due to his working as a shift supervisor at a factory. I never thought much of it. When he finally told me he was a male gigolo I was impressed by it and immediately wanted to go into the business. He helped me get myself started and I ended up leaving school and working full time as a male gigolo. I have been in the business now for about 4 years and would not change my job for anything. I make great money as well as have the opportunity to meet incredible people.

Male Escort Leaves the Escorting Business after Winning the Lottery

Friday, March 6th, 2009

A 33 year old man who recently won the lottery out of pure chance gave up his job as an escort to settle down and live an easy life. The male escort that claimed having been in the business since he left high school explained that he had gone out on a date with a client that he said was a first time client for him and all had gone well until at the end of their evening together his client stated that she had not brought enough money to pay for his services. The escort having had a great time with his client a young and attractive business woman told her not to worry that he had really enjoyed their evening together. The woman had again apologized as she felt very embarrassed and gave the male escort a lottery ticket.

  The escort had not thought anything about the lottery ticket until it had been published in the paper that the ticket had been purchased in his home town. He remembered his date with the woman and the fact that she had given him a lottery ticket and went to the pocket of the pants he had been wearing that evening and sure enough the ticket was the winner. He said he could not believe that he had won and tried to contact the woman but was unable to do so. The male escort has said that he plans to leave the escorting industry to settle down in a small villa in the Greek islands.

Living Next Door to a Male Escorting Agency has its Benefits

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Some may say it is terrible living next door to a male escorting agency, but they do not know the benefits of having tons of gorgeous guys around your apartment building all the time. I don’t want to sound like a slut or anything but I like to look at myself as a girl who knows what she likes and well does a lot of it. I moved in to my apartment about 2 years ago and at first thought it odd that throughout all hours of the day and night there were these incredible men coming and going out of the apartment next to mine. Well one day when I was returning from a night out of dancing I ran into one of these studs and began chatting away in the hallway of the apartment. It was not until I had invited him over and wound up in bed with him did he tell me he was a male escort and that the apartment next to mine was their male escorting agency.

  I was not sure exactly how I felt about first the idea that I was in bed with a man that would go out with women for money and on occasion sleep with them as well the fact that the apartment next to mine was a male escort agency. After that encounter I have spoken to my girlfriends about the events of that night with the male escort and finding out the reason I had so many delicious guys coming and going in my apartment building was because my neighbor’s apartment was really a male escorting agency. They all agreed that if I was able to be with the gorgeous men and I did not have to pay take full advantage of it. Let’s just say that when I go out and come home alone there is always a handsome man that is waiting for me at home.

Living a Double Life as a Male Escort

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

I am a 30 year old male escort that has been in the business for about 5 years now. I began male escorting as a part time job to make ends meet. I am married and have 2 kids and work in an office during the day. At night I work as a male escort to an elite group of ladies in the city I live in. When I first started out I never had the intention of going on forever as a male escort, but I as well had no idea I would take so well to the profession as well as have so much fun. I mean is it wrong for me to be out with other women being married when the time I spend with them is purely out of my being an escort? I have raised the question amongst my co-workers some of which are in my same situation married with children. They all say the same thing they are not out with a mistress that they love and would one day consider leaving their wives for. It is a job.

  I have always told myself the same thing, but what would I do if one day my wife came to me and told me that not always but occasionally her work required that she sleep with other men. I would like to believe that having the experience of having worked as a male escort I would understand, but I have not faced that kind of a situation so it is tough to say what my reaction would be. I guess these are just some of the things a married male escort living a double life has to deal with.

International Escort

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

It has been 10 years since I started my career as a male escort and I have been around the world 2 times. I started escorting as a means to make money as I was not very successful as a financial consultant. I got into escorting as a part time gig due to some ladies in the office having suggested that if I were for sale they would buy me in a second. It was not at all shocking to them when I began to hint towards the fact that in my spare time I was working as a male escort. I had to leave my job soon after I became a part time male escort due to my having pretty much been with every woman that worked for the company at one time or another, not to mention the money I had made that made it possible for me to no longer stress myself with the day to day madness of a corporate environment to work full time as a male escort.

  I had made a name for myself quickly and was being contacted by women and escorting agencies around the world. I found myself being an attraction for escorting agencies around the world. I would do a week or two stint at an agency in such places as Greece, Italy, Spain, Singapore, china, Japan, and so many other places that it would take me a week to mention. I did this for about the first few years of my career when I had finally settled down and kept a few select clients in remote locations around the world that always make it worth my getting on a plane and traveling out to spend a few days with them.

My Boyfriends a Male Escort and I Love It

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

I am a 23 year old college student and met my boyfriend through escorting. I was in my second year at the university it was my birthday and my girlfriends decided they would get me an escort. It wan about 45 minutes when this hunk of a male escort walked into our apartment and needless to say it was a birthday I’ll soon forget. I had given the escort my number and asked that he call me some time. I did not think he actually would I mean this is after all a god of a man that can have any woman any time he wants. So I was caught off guard when I had actually received a call from him. I had asked him what had made him call me and he explained that as a male escort a lot of times it is not possible to really enjoy the company of the ladies he would go out with cause when all was said and done he was providing companionship services.

  I understood what he meant and it made me feel really good at the fact that he had felt a connection with me the first time we were together. We went out a few more times casually before we started having sex. It did kind of bother me that I was sleeping with and kind of dating a guy whose profession was to provide companionship and sex to other women. We spoke about this a few times and in a weird way it had made sense to me that he was only doing his job as a male escort with the other ladies he was with and with me it is love. We have been together now for about 3 years and my boyfriend still works as a male escort. It does not really bother me that he is with other woman because I know he only truly gives himself to me.

I am burnt out!

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

There is something really special when you work for yourself. Owning your own business gives people a feeling of independence that cannot be replaced in the business environment. That was my feeling when I first started my own male escort agency. I had wanted to be in the male escort business ever since I can remember but now I need to get out.

       I have been the majority owner of this escort agency for about 11 years now. Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to be a gigolo. Becoming a male escort was my first priority and I was not going to let anyone or anything stop my dream. I did fulfill my dream by betting my first escorting job when I was 18 years of age. From that day it was all cash flow. Male escort work for me, was coming in by the bunches. Escort agencies from all over the country had heard of me and wanted me to join their ranks. Since I began to get tired of escorting myself, I decided to buy the majority share of this agency (which will remain anonymous). Life was great for a while but I started to get really bored and fed up with the business a few years ago and I have decided that male escorting is not for me any longer. I mean nothing to do with the business.  I am currently looking into getting back to my studies and selling my share. Are there any buyers out there?


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