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There has been a lot of confusion between the job role of gigolo and male escorts. The word, Gigolo in itself is intriguing, and has generated quite a bit of mystery in a lot of people. Just so you know – A gigolo does nothing different from what other male escorts do. In essence, their job profile is still the same as the job profiles of other male escorts.

When they did start offering their services, gigolos were an unknown quantity. And thus, people thought that they offered some things, which male escorts would not offer. Over a period of time, as many more gigolos have started offering their services, this notion has changed considerably.

In the phase of transition, a lot of people had come up with a very seedy and a raunchy misconception about Gigolos. Quite a few even took to Gigolos as people who would spoil their evenings, if went alone with. Conversely enough, Gigolos have proved it to the world that they are here just to share some beautiful moments with women, and that too on their demand.

Gigolos are high class in the mannerisms, and very professional in their behavior. In many ways, you will find gigolos just being an extension of male escorts. They accompany women to parties, special events, and even venture out to spend a lovely evening date with them. Nowadays, with the change in perceptions about Gigolo, women folk absolutely love the idea of spending an evening with a handsome and charming gigolo, to get rid of their loneliness.

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