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Archive for April, 2009

Male escorting jobs are dissimilar to prostitution

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Many of you must be appalled even by the world male escorting jobs, forget about working as one!! But wait a minute who said it is prostitution. It’s a common myth that male escorting jobs are taken more as a hustler or male-whore kinda of jobs. But it isn’t true. Look below for the all the myths about escorting compared to prostitution been debunked.

Male escorting jobs are way dissimilar than the usual prostitutions. They are far removed from the prostitution business. Male escorting jobs are nothing but a sophisticated of having an escort for any of your occasions. It doesn’t even remotely concern with sex or sexual relationships. Although, if the female clients have some desires, those are mutually sorted between the client and the escort!! Whereas the prostitution only talks about sex and everything about it!

Male escorting jobs are legal and countries like UK and US are completely awed about the escorting business and hence have given them a green signal to carry their jobs without any legal intermission whereas prostitution isn’t legal and cannot be practiced legally.

Most of the male escorts have an agency which provides you a non-sexual only escort deals whereas the prostitution is either carried on streets or by pimps or they carry their actions in pubs or bars etc.

So many reasons why male escorting jobs aren’t prostitution and are way different than sexual biz!!! I hope you are no longer sickened to hire yourself these escorts or get into the grooming lessons of becoming one.

Tips for making it big in the Male escorting jobs

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Today’s competitive world makes it very difficult to stay ahead of every one else. Hence, it is necessary to make the most of you have and keep beating others. Same is the state with the male escorting jobs. There is an increasing demand for the male escorts and hence more and more guys are getting allured to the male escorting jobs.

No doubt, male escorting jobs are a good way to get enormous bucks accumulating in your pockets. But it doesn’t come that easy. You need to know some of the pros and cons to the male escorting jobs and the next thing you know; you are rocking the world with your escorting skills.

First of all get yourself absolutely toned up. You know precisely what women want!! A curvaceous body with lean and trimmed body-cuts is simply fabulous and never-missed item.

Second of all, get yourself registered with an esteemed male escorting jobs center or an agency. Put forward your profiles and hot-looking images for them to get hold of you. Also, to beat others provide inputs on how and what can you do for your clients so that they are satisfied and contented.

Once you are done with the above steps, just get yourself some good boogie lessons, for an edge over the others. Also get a little info on tantra and other special massages. This will make you a hit within your female clients.

Now, just gear up for the non-stop phone calls and all the awe-excruciating money coming your way!!

When to hire male escorts

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Male escorts are the arm-candy of every happening party of the town. Escorts are your genuine buddies when it comes to accompanying you to any occasions or simple dinner-nights. However, you pay these buddies to provide you exuberant services. You can get them through escorting agencies or there are many independent working escorts as well. It is advisable to hire an independent escort if and only if recommended by someone or with a good client history.

Now, this was all about male escorts, but when is that you should hire yourself one?

Male escorts should be hired specifically when you need an escort or the so-called arm-candy to be flaunted all around in your wedding parties or hen nights. Not only can you hire them for joyous occasions but also for serious business deals or business luncheons. The only thing you need to do is, explain your male escort about the pros and cons and specifications for that particular event and you are sorted.

You can always hire male escorts for your dinner parties or even dinner-dates. There could be a possibility that you are visiting a new place and may be you require a tour-guide. Why hire a guide, when your sexy male escort, can escort as well as guide you to the new exotic places. You can also opt for the male escorts with masseuse technique. This was they can help you drive away your stress in an absolute rocking sensuous manner.

Well, now you know when you should hire one, so excuse yourself with any of the one reasons and get the pleasures night out with these male escorts.

Opting for of a male escort agency

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Gone are the days, when women had no options but to stick with the either their husbands or boyfriends and if single then try mingling with any and every guy. But now with the male escort agency, you can surely get any male at any time and the eligibility is the competence to pay them.

A male escort agency is your answer to all your escort-qualms. Basically, it is a one-stop—hub for all your escorting desires and requisites. With a male escort agency, you can hire yourself a cute smart handsome hunk for any of your occasions like wedding dinners, hen nights or official bash or business luncheons.

All this sounds deadly and you are full on getting all geared up to try them out, but don’t know where to start from, here’s a quick how!!

You need to know what you want first and then search accordingly. Many agencies provide you only non-sexual services, but there are few others which do help you with your sexual sensuous desires.

Now, after your desire-decision, you start searching the net for a renowned male escort agency. This type of an agency will be legally authorized and also is bounded by confidential norms. So your trade with such an agency is safe and harmless.

A notorious male escort agency will also have an organized photo-gallery for their escort details. Moreover, you can even advance-book them via their online booking system.

See it is that simple. log on and fire on your desires.!!!

London escorts drive away the seclusion

Friday, April 24th, 2009

You can’t be despondent in London. London is the city to enjoy the life in the fullest means. When you are in London, you just can’t disdain the lively London lifestyle. Try the London escorts and you know why? London escorts are delight galore and will amuse you with their swanky chic.

London escorts enhances your escorting indulgence and takes you to another world altogether. These escorts appreciate the clients’ needs and desires and hence are bendy. Bendy in all possible ways! London escorts are available for in-call services and out-call services. This way you can enjoy the escort-splurge in whatever way you like. London escorts are hot, sexy and gorgeous looking men. They will all out there to serve you in all possible ways. You can have a assortment of escorts ranging from gay escorts to model or matured escorts, young and bold escorts.

Moreover, these London escorts are economical to your pockets. These escorts are recruited on the basis of their persona and how well they cab treat their clients. London escort agencies provide you with a range of profiles to select from their photo-galleries. These sites also display their contact details or you can book them online. Good news is you can do all this in a hush-hush way and enjoy your escort-gorge. And escorting is legal in London, so experience the London escorts even with a sexual touch without any legal formalities.

Don’t wait anymore, log on and get your lonesome-phase changing in to the vivacious world of pleasure.

Male escort agency A place to be in if you love the company of women

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

If you look well, speak well and behave well with women, and if you love being with a new women almost every other day, then male escort agency is just the place where you ought to be. Simply put, here is an agency that encourages queries from women folks on using male models for their entertainment purposes.

Yes, you could be an independent male escort too, but if you get associated with a male escort agency, you will find getting work easier. As it turns out, you could get paid for the hours you spend with women, so it is important you get work as soon as possible. A good male escort agency will ensure the rights of male models are secured at all times.

A good male escort agency will always do a quick verification check on your credentials before selecting you. Remember, they wish to be sure of not selecting people who do not fit the job. They ought to be completely sure that the male models do not harm the interests of female clients in any way at all.

Training is something any male escort agency would provide to young male models. Yes, you may have the ‘killer’ looks and a body to be proud of, but the male escort agency will leave no stone unturned in training you with all the basic skills required to be a good male escort. Of course, they would also brief you on the policies of the agency.

In essence, this means that a male escort agency is a professionally run organization that offers professional escorting services.

Male Escorting Noble profession dont take them for a ride

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Who said that male escorting is prostitution? Anyone who believes so should be given a whack in their unmentionables, only because Male escorting cannot be called prostitution by any stretch of imagination. It is not flesh trade where sex can be sold or bought over the shop. It is a very noble idea of having handsome men accompanying lonely women on evenings out, or to parties.

Think about it – If male escorting would have been prostitution, most governments would have banned it by now. But for now, at least in countries like the USA and the UK, male escorting, as a form of escorting carries on unabated. And no one involved with this profession seems to complain at all.

Most agencies who employ male escorts pay them a monthly salary or a salary per every hour commissioned. Given this fact, you will also know that they are eligible for employment benefits, and yes, they also pay taxes to the government. With these facts given, you should be in a position to treat male escorts as a citizen much like you would have treated anyone else.

Unlike some time back when male escorting was considered to be a taboo profession, a lot of people are taking interest in this. There has been a paradigm change in people about male escorting. No longer do people view male escorting as prostitution. In fact, if reports have to be believed, a lot of women, young and not-so-young, are into using male escorting services to get rid of their loneliness.

Male escorts Couple things to note before selection

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Easily, male escorts prove to be one of the best ways you could keep yourself entertained over the course of the evening. Not many models happen to ensure that your evening continues unabated with fun, as these male models do. Yet, there are couple of things you may want to do from your end to ensure your evening pans out the way you would have liked – Full of fun and frolic!

The first thing for you to do will be to ensure you verify the credentials of the male escorts. Given the fact that most agencies conduct some kind of background verification, you will be almost sure about spending a rather harmless evening with a male model. Watch out though, if you are going out with an independent escort. With these guys around, you must ensure their credentials are checked.

Before entertaining the services of an independent male escort, you must ensure proper check of their history. You obviously do not want to go around spending the evening with a guy who has a history of ending his dates in abuses. Worse still, if you plan to take the male escort to a party, you do not want the guy to be a party-pooper!

Taking male escorts for a company is easily one of the best fun things you could do. If it works out well, you will have a whale of a time. Yet, it is up to you entirely to decide if you wish to have fun, in the right sense. Some amount of diligence exercised at the start will definitely help you in this direction.

Whats with the Rio De Janeiro escorts

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Rio De Janeiro is famous for its carnivals, out of this world landscapes and a rocking beach culture!! It’s a shame if you come here as a loner!!! Why fret!! Enjoy the Copacabana beach and Ipanema beach with the Rio De Janeiro escorts!!

The Rio De Janeiro’s authentic lifestyle is to have fun and pleasure. You are here on a business trip, no worries! The Rio De Janeiro escorts are here to take good care of you. Tired from your usual hectic married life!! You are here for leisure – wait until the Rio De Janeiro escorts take you on a pleasurable ride of fun and feast!! While for all you gay travelers, there’s a little treat from the gay Rio De Janeiro escorts as well. Additionally, these escorts can lap dance for you, you can enjoy the sensuous strip-tease or just relax with an ecstatic massage and bathe all your worries away under the hot sun.

It’s a trouble-free task to book these escorts. Simply log on to Rio De Janeiro escorts sites and you will have plenty to choose from. Looking for gay escorts or male escorts or mature escorts, your search ends here in Rio De Janeiro.

Well with the beach and discothèque cultures, even escorting is legal here!! So don’t you worry about the permissible authorization issues!!

Go, share the sizzling and sultry Brazilian sun with the Rio De Janeiro escorts, its worth your voyage!! Make the most of your travel to the striking Rio De Janeiro with the high-class Rio De Janeiro escorts!!

Is it worth Money spending on Toronto escorts

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

What do you look forward to from the Toronto escorts? Do you think Toronto escorts are the right choice? Are they worth the money spent on them? Lets just see how much of all this is true!!

Toronto escorts are miraculous escorts to spend your lonely nights with!! Toronto escorts are an uncomplicated mix of skilled services with a special arousing feel. The boyfriend like feel amid the exciting yet sensational friendship that the Toronto escorts procure is undreamed of.

Toronto escorts have striking features with lovely sleek bodies and are well-mannered and civilized. They are all self-assured, sexy and amiable and get mixed up with the character you want to be.

These Toronto escorts offer you a range of services personal as well individual. Toronto escorts can help you for a quick jaunt of the town or be a good sport by making your candle lights a delightful dines!! They can be your good enthusiastic cohorts for a concerts or night-outs or can groove with salsa numbers or jive to the jazz numbers!!

What’s even more enticing is that these Toronto escorts can be a great sport for hot and sizzling massages, even the tantra massages, erotic sex yak and fulfill your sexual urges and unwind your senses.

Hmm, well it’s safe to say that the money-spent on these Toronto escorts is definitely meaningful!!! Spoiling yourself is the right way to ecstasy!! And for the right ecstasy the amount paid is worth it!! Don’t miss it for the world!!

Debunking the myths of male escorting jobs

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Male escorts are male-hookers!!! Did u believe that? Were you intimidated by the male escorting jobs? Are you the one who always wanted to earn those extra dollars but didn’t know how to go about?

Here are few eye-openers to all the myths behind the male escorting jobs!!!

You always thought that the male escorting jobs were male prostituting jobs huh!! Nonsense!! Its so not!! Male escorting jobs are far more stylish and sophisticated. Male escorting jobs are more into escorting single women for their special parties and business lunch sessions. There are males who work as doctors during the day and are male escorts for the nights. This is a fact!! I hope this is the best revelation!!

Male escorting jobs not necessarily end up satisfying the sexual urge of your clients. There are many escort agencies who work on a complete non-sexual terms. So, if you are the one who wants to get into these male escorting jobs without doing sexual ruckus, then you are welcome to join the non-sexual escort agencies.

Male escorting jobs are only for part-timers!! No ways!! Many escort agencies everyday have hundreds of requirements. Unquestionably, if you have the time and the caliber to spent, you can very well get into the male escorting jobs as a permanent escort worker!!

Male escorting jobs gives you the extra bucks and don’t forget the interesting exotic places you get to travel!! You never know, you may even some day, come across the love of your life while escorting!!!

Truth about the escorting jobs

Friday, April 17th, 2009

It is very appalling when an escort is called as a hustler or call-boys!!! Escorts and escorting jobs are way different than the work of a hustler or a call-boy!!! Escorting jobs have always been facing this kinda humiliation!!! Here are some facts about what exactly are escorting jobs and how different are they from the prostitution and hustler biz.

Hustlers and rent boys are more of low-class male-prostitutes, who promote themselves either on the streets or at the night-clubs or strip bars. Whereas escorting jobs are more about escorting and deals with sophistication and panache.

These so-called johnnies deals on a freelancer basis, they do not have any agency to back them. They may have pimps as their resource, but no agency, whereas the escorting jobs are always supported by big renowned agencies only catering to the escorting business.

Moreover, the hustlers and rent-boys all fall in the prostitution category and hence they do not have legal rights to perform their activities. On the other hand, escorting jobs are safely practiced by their agencies as most of the countries are open to escorting and have given full legal rights to practice escorting as a hard core business.

These hustlers can not promote themselves openly, the max they can do is try their tricks in discothèques or strip clubs or on streets. But the escorting jobs agency provides a systematic guide to their clients and has amenities like photo-galleries to check out their escorts.

Now you know the difference between a hustler and an escort huh!!!

How to choose male escorts

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Male escorts have been creating loads of hoopla around the globe. It becomes virtually impossible then to select the best male escorts in the town. So how exactly can you pick your kinda male escorts? Hey!! But don’t you worry gurls!!!! We have a great way to resolve your little matter:

Start with a trustworthy escort agency. Search for at least 10 agencies, that way you can narrow down to the best one. It’s good to know the norms of the agency you gonna deal your little secret with huh!!! Check about their online service and other details like the payment channels and charges etc!! Also keep a check whether their escorts are vetted or not!! Know what your requirements are and select your male escorts accordingly.

Secondly, once you are done with selecting an escort agency, make sure you go through their photo-galleries. This is will give you the feel of the escort you are about to hire. Also check whether this agency provides you with additional services. Some male escorts are all geared up to give you orgasmic massages, may be tantra massages as well. Also, if you are looking for your sexual fantasies to be satisfied, get your agencies checked with such services. Also, it’s always good to fix the deal with all the pros and cons of the services decided at the beginning.

Now you have you have your male escorts all selected and done. Just relax and set your worries aside!!! You are about to enjoy a fun filled night!!!

Eye opener for male escorting jobs

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

You all must be scandalized by the male escorting jobs, especially due to the controversy surrounding the escorting business!!! Male escorting jobs doesn’t mean prostitution or been a hustler. Here are few non-appalling facts that will make the male escorting jobs a real time career option for all you escorting –opposed guys!!!

Male escorting jobs are a sophisticated line of business. It simply deals with escorting women for their various occasions on hourly or daily basis. Male escorting jobs are paid anywhere between $100 to $1000, depending upon the category of the client and the escort. Male escorting jobs give you the breathing space of working as a freelancer or working with an agency!!! So you can be a doctor or an engineer in the day time, but by the night time, you can a modish chic escort. Isn’t it a dual returns job? Plus, most of the countries approve of escorting as a line of work and hence you can continue keeping your legal record sparkling clean.

Male escorting jobs give you the chance to have an erotica in the comfy bed of a hotel or at the comfort of your bedroom. In male escorting jobs, you may even get to visit some lovely places depending upon your clients and their tastes and caliber.

Male escorting jobs are for all those endearing guys with a big heart and an everlasting smile.

Male escorting jobs are in vogue right now, will always be!!! Come on, what’s stopping you from being in vogue and profitable!!!!

Nottingham mature escorts

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Nottingham mature escorts are quality mature escorts!!! There are the deluxe assortments of the mature escorts offering sumptuousness and distinct escort services with clandestine quarters to home -services. Mature escorts are those who are little ripened and have a juicy appeal towards their silhouette and acumen!!

Nottingham mature escorts are available for outcall and in call services. They are willing to travel to various locations as well. But all this comes with a price. Although matured, Nottingham mature escorts are dynamic and lively!!! You can ask them to accompany you to a musical concert or a musical opera, for a social gathering or just a fine dine at a cool pleasant inn, choice is yours!!! Just pay for their services, and in return enjoy the most beautiful part of your life.

Nottingham mature escorts are available in variety of species. You have a range of red-heads and blondes to bootylicious and elite class mature escorts. Always stick with a renowned Nottingham mature escorts agency, so that you can’t be deceived. All this at your desktop!!! Just search for these sites and get yourself a mature escort online. This helps keeping your whole thing – a clandestine affair. Also, Nottingham rejoices in a lively culture and hence escorting is not a crime. In fact all the Nottingham escort agencies are allowed to practice their escorting services without any encumbrance.

So if you are the ones who have a penchant towards the matured species, you know where to look for!!! The Nottingham mature escorts are all cogged up to gratify your desires!!!

My sketches of a male escort

Monday, April 13th, 2009

I am placid, sturdy, hard-hitting calm and sensual. Exactly what women like to be with, especially when the male isn’t his property!!! An ordinary guy with ordinary features!!! I couldn’t rejoice this fact at first!!! I was rejected when I tried dating!!! I was a normal person with a mediocre aspirations and no one seemed to understand this simplicity!!!

But since the time I have joined the male escort biz, I have literally nurtured my soul and life. I have come across hundreds of women, all wanted the same simplicity, and I was willing to offer for free. Today I am getting paid for it!!!!

As a male escort there is a breathing space. Women know they are paying for the services and so only expect the services. You don’t have to be overly chivalrous or too mellow to make them feel comfortable. I have enjoyed giving them comfy baths and all those cozy talks over a cup of coffee. Had great time and still do, while cajoling them back to reality!!!

I don’t want to go to my earlier life anymore. I enjoy the attention I get with no strings attached. The pay is wow!!! I like the non-sexual as well the as the sexual part. Sometimes, it’s difficult to comprehend some women, but after some trail and error, I can resolve her and I bet every of my client has been satisfied.

I am happy to be a male escort. It has got me closer to the woman species!!! Been a male escort is a dream come true.

Ravishing Barcelona male escorts

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Barcelona is a sparkling and vivacious place to set aside your sorrows and enjoy life king size!!! Barcelona is legendary for its wacky structural design and style. Barcelona also reminds us of the juiced-up hen nights and stag parties. It is obvious for anyone to enjoy such a place and such parties with a lively individual!!!! What are Barcelona male escorts for!!! Expect the unexpected from the Barcelona male escorts!!!

Barcelona male escorts are scorching hot and sizzling guys to be with!!!! Aha!!! What a bootylicious and bodylicious silhouette they possess!!! You are sure feel week in the knees!!! Wait that’s not all!!! They can play with your body like a skillful masseur!!! Just bestow yourself with these ravishing Barcelona male escorts and you are flying high up the fantasy world.

Isn’t it wonderful, to have a whole wrap-up deal in a very cost-effective deal.

Imagine your night with such hot Barcelona male escorts on the banana boat rides!!!! Simply exorbitant!!! Barcelona male escorts can also your travel guru!!! You can always hire those huge yachts and have a wonderful sea-time with your Barcelona male escorts. This is shaping up to be a real good date!!! Huh!

Hey scared about the legal formalities!!! Don’t be!!! Barcelona is very cool about the escorting biz!!! Barcelona Male escorts agencies are all legally authorized to carry out their trade without any illegitimate ways!!!

Boy!! Isn’t the Barcelona male escorts are ravishing and rocking!!! What say!!! So just log on and get your eye-candy right away!!!

San Diego male escorts

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

San Diego nights is frolicsome and so is the San Diego male escorts. They are all hoity-toity. So trying to get lucky with the San Diego male escorts!!! Here’s how!!!

Start your search with the internet and you will find enormous sites promoting the San Diego male escorts.

San Diego male escorts are hot, sexy and ravishingly sizzling!!!! The oomph factor is their curvaceous body and the sturdy look, and the million dollar smile about to sent shivers down your spine!!!

Well what else do you expect from a cozy night with the world’s famous San Diego male escorts!!! They can treat you with unique sexual pleasures, if you striving for one. One night with them and all your sexual fantasies are satisfied. Please your senses with the opulent, rich in passion massages!!!

These San Diego male escorts will not only escort you to your wedding nights but also accompany you to the night clubs, lunch meets and business sessions. These ravishing San Diego male escorts can boogie and mesmerize you with their awed zeal.

San Diego male escorts are famous for their skills in strip-tease!!! Try out the dusky skinned male escorts!!! They are sure to satisfy all your needs and desires!! Also, San Diego male escorts are officially authorized and lawfully practiced!!! So you are in for a stirring ride with aesthetic and sexual urges been contented.

San Diego male escorts are a one-shop-stop hub!!! Waste no time!!! Get groovy with the San Diego male escorts and make it your lifetime experience.

Hen nights with Nottingham male escorts

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Nottingham has numerous attractions and has a lively culture for its tourist’s enchantment. Along with its hen nights, Nottingham male escorts are worth spending time with. Nottingham male escorts can accompany you to any parties and social gatherings, hen nights and slumber parties!!!

Nottingham male escorts are bodylicious guys with an alluring silhouette and unstinted physical attributes. Nottingham male escorts give you a sensuous pleasurable experience, you won’t forget in your lifetime. Enjoy the thrilling, invigorating experience of the reviving discs and night clubs with the Nottingham male escorts. Nottingham is famous for their party busses or double-decker busses!!! You can actually have a fantabulous time seeing the sights, with a little Nottingham male escort treat in your arm.

Kick up your heels for the dazzling hen nights of Nottingham. What’s best than getting escorted from the famous Nottingham male escorts. You can either go sightseeing or if you are a driving freak than go on a long ride with the Nottingham male escorts besides you all the way while!!! Sounds exciting and alluring!!! You can even have your hen night weekends planned out with the Nottingham male escorts and provide a very delicious plan for your friends indeed!!!

With the lively culture, Nottingham approves of the escorting and hence Nottingham male escorts do not come with any illegal baggages!! You can keep this affair completely under dark blankets, as the Nottingham male escorts agencies follow a strict confidentiality rules.

Nottingham male escorts are all geared up to make your hen weekends a rocking event!!!

Are you horror-struck with the male escorting jobs

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

So you are horrified by the male escorting jobs? Don’t be. We have some eye-openers that will make the whole escorting deal an interesting one. Male escorting jobs are indeed an admirable career. Don’t think it to be only a bang-bang session. Plus, the monies and the other exuberant spoils, makes it a rockstar job.

Male escorting jobs are always compared to prostitution. But the fact is, as an escort you get paid for your services of escorting. Of course, there are variations in the profiles of these jobs wherein sexual touch may be needed, especially if your client is expecting one.

Male escorting jobs are in a never-ending recruiting trade. The reason being- woman’s increasing demands for escorts. These escorts are like little angels for all those ladies who feel that their life is incomplete. You as a male escort can make them feel out of the world by appreciating their suave beauty, listening to their worries and may be a support without any attachments. That’s why, a male escorting job is way different than prostitution, because in prostitution you aren’t worried about your client’s needs and desires, and you just do it and adieu!!

Moreover, male escorting jobs are good money-spinning jobs. And the night to spend with a high-class lucrative women- Boy o Boy!!! The hot and happening parties with delicious food and gorgeous-looking people around! It’s like some movie world.

Well, all your appalling thoughts about the male escorting jobs are out for sure now!!!!


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