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How escorting work is different than prostitution

Have you been keen about the escorting work, but petrified that people will recognize you more as a hustler than an escort!! Are you one of those who think that escorting work is prostitution?
Here are few inputs as to how escorting work or escorts are way different than a hustler or prostitution.

Escorting work has always been compared to prostitution. But it is so not!!! Prostitution is a crime and isn’t legal in most of the countries. Whereas, escorting work is completely legal and many countries welcome the clean concept of escorting.

Escorting work deals with the having individuals escorting clients to various parties and social events, whereas prostitution deals everything to do with the flesh-business. As an escort, you don’t have to solicit clients at the streets or in the bar. In the escorting job, you have been given a profile to share with your clients by the escorting agency and you get paid for your clean escorting services which require elegance and panache.

Escorting work deals with entertaining the client’s interest by various ways. At times, it could be just giving an emotional support or giving affection to those forlorn individual’s. Prostitution is filthy and obnoxious. There’s no way you can even remotely compare escorting work with prostitution. Escorting work is definitely a well-regarded job to be in.

Well, after knowing the facts, I hope you want to be the first one to get recruited as an escort. So what are you wavering now for!!! Just get your balls rolling!!!

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