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Truth about the escorting jobs

It is very appalling when an escort is called as a hustler or call-boys!!! Escorts and escorting jobs are way different than the work of a hustler or a call-boy!!! Escorting jobs have always been facing this kinda humiliation!!! Here are some facts about what exactly are escorting jobs and how different are they from the prostitution and hustler biz.

Hustlers and rent boys are more of low-class male-prostitutes, who promote themselves either on the streets or at the night-clubs or strip bars. Whereas escorting jobs are more about escorting and deals with sophistication and panache.

These so-called johnnies deals on a freelancer basis, they do not have any agency to back them. They may have pimps as their resource, but no agency, whereas the escorting jobs are always supported by big renowned agencies only catering to the escorting business.

Moreover, the hustlers and rent-boys all fall in the prostitution category and hence they do not have legal rights to perform their activities. On the other hand, escorting jobs are safely practiced by their agencies as most of the countries are open to escorting and have given full legal rights to practice escorting as a hard core business.

These hustlers can not promote themselves openly, the max they can do is try their tricks in discothèques or strip clubs or on streets. But the escorting jobs agency provides a systematic guide to their clients and has amenities like photo-galleries to check out their escorts.

Now you know the difference between a hustler and an escort huh!!!


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