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Male Escorting Noble profession dont take them for a ride

Who said that male escorting is prostitution? Anyone who believes so should be given a whack in their unmentionables, only because Male escorting cannot be called prostitution by any stretch of imagination. It is not flesh trade where sex can be sold or bought over the shop. It is a very noble idea of having handsome men accompanying lonely women on evenings out, or to parties.

Think about it – If male escorting would have been prostitution, most governments would have banned it by now. But for now, at least in countries like the USA and the UK, male escorting, as a form of escorting carries on unabated. And no one involved with this profession seems to complain at all.

Most agencies who employ male escorts pay them a monthly salary or a salary per every hour commissioned. Given this fact, you will also know that they are eligible for employment benefits, and yes, they also pay taxes to the government. With these facts given, you should be in a position to treat male escorts as a citizen much like you would have treated anyone else.

Unlike some time back when male escorting was considered to be a taboo profession, a lot of people are taking interest in this. There has been a paradigm change in people about male escorting. No longer do people view male escorting as prostitution. In fact, if reports have to be believed, a lot of women, young and not-so-young, are into using male escorting services to get rid of their loneliness.

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