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Male escorting jobs are dissimilar to prostitution

Many of you must be appalled even by the world male escorting jobs, forget about working as one!! But wait a minute who said it is prostitution. It’s a common myth that male escorting jobs are taken more as a hustler or male-whore kinda of jobs. But it isn’t true. Look below for the all the myths about escorting compared to prostitution been debunked.

Male escorting jobs are way dissimilar than the usual prostitutions. They are far removed from the prostitution business. Male escorting jobs are nothing but a sophisticated of having an escort for any of your occasions. It doesn’t even remotely concern with sex or sexual relationships. Although, if the female clients have some desires, those are mutually sorted between the client and the escort!! Whereas the prostitution only talks about sex and everything about it!

Male escorting jobs are legal and countries like UK and US are completely awed about the escorting business and hence have given them a green signal to carry their jobs without any legal intermission whereas prostitution isn’t legal and cannot be practiced legally.

Most of the male escorts have an agency which provides you a non-sexual only escort deals whereas the prostitution is either carried on streets or by pimps or they carry their actions in pubs or bars etc.

So many reasons why male escorting jobs aren’t prostitution and are way different than sexual biz!!! I hope you are no longer sickened to hire yourself these escorts or get into the grooming lessons of becoming one.

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