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Archive for May, 2009

A night with a male escort

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

After a bitter divorce I was very lonely. Being an orphan I was even deprived of family support. My only family was my 8month old baby but I was not allowed to see. Thanks to my ex-husband!! No one can imagine how lonely I felt! I was breaking down further each day. I just needed someone so badly that I hired a male escort for a night.

I have heard about how ravishing the male escort can be but I honestly don’t know how the one was, which I picked. I didn’t care much about it at that time. When he came I felt like turning him away. I let him in! Sheer courtesy! My male escort was a very good man. He just sat quietly, his eyes penetrating me, trying to read my mind! I felt some kind of strange urge to talk to him. Finally he started a conversation.

I vaguely remember what we talked! All I know was we kept on talking and talking until I finally cried. He tried to console me and I cried further. After I gained my composure back I got beer and we drank a couple of them. Then he offered me some tantra massages. I couldn’t decline! I had never imagined a male escort can also give such marvelous massages. I didn’t realize when I felt asleep while he was massaging.

When I woke up it was the new me. I don’t know whether the talk or the massage worked. But the male escort was like a magic man for me! Today, I still hire myself a male escort, once a while!! Keeps me alive and lively!!

Male escort and married females

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Male escort services are used by unmarried ladies to satisfy their needs of a man in their life. Be is sexual needs or just a company to places with man. This is what everyone believes! But so many married females hire male escorts too! Have you wondered why?

They already have a man in their life. They satisfy their sexual needs. They can go together as couple in social gatherings. So are they just someone with a loose morale who can’t be satisfied with one man! Why do they need a male escort? Married women needs male escorts just as married men need other women who are not happy with their marriage. And the reasons could be countless for a broken marriage. However unlike men sex is not the only reason woman turn to male escort.

Not all women are strong and seeing the marriage falling apart is not easy. They need a man at that point but hope that their marriage would survive. So getting in an affair is not a good option. Many times sheer jealousy of seeing other man also brings back a husband to her wife. So a woman hires a male escort. We often see a husband neglecting her wife when trying to climb their ladder of success. They only care about their own needs then. In that case she can only turn to a male escort in a desperate attempt.

I wonder why we always judge people without being in their place.

My First day as a Male Escort

Friday, May 29th, 2009

I loved girls! All of them! And the best thing is girls like me too! Anytime I went to parties they would surround me! So I thought why not become male escort and earn some money too!

I enrolled with a reputed escort agency and submitted my pictures. Then I waited for my first call as a male escort. When I got my first offer it was with a girl for a night. I was excited that in my first call itself I would escort a girl for a whole night.

I went on time. It is not good to be late on the first day of work. She welcomed me in. And Oh my! She was beautiful sexy girl! I thought it must be someone who is not beautiful and no man likes her. But with this girl I wondered why she needed a male escort. She could easily get any man she wanted.

She ordered dinner in her room only but I couldn’t eat anything. All I was thinking was how to please her. It was my first day and I wanted to do my best. Depending on previous customer reviews male escort gets other offers.

After dinner we got comfortable and I asked if she had anything in her mind. She said there was nothing special except that she just wanted to feel feminine. Well I hit it there. I pleased her all night and revealed her vulnerable side.

In the morning I kissed her goodbye wondering why she needed a male escort in her life!

Escort Jobs In demand at all times

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Recession or no recession – Job vacancies for escort jobs are being advertised as if there is no tomorrow. Statistically, this makes no sense because the world is grappling in a bout of an economic downturn. Apart from all other things, jobs in other domains are being slashed severely. Why, even the Information Technology sector, which is considered to be leading the economic surge of the world, is seen to have suffered big time? Given this point, the rise in the number of escort jobs is something stunning. Yet, people who deal closely in this sector point this out to a very abnormal fact. They say – People have got laid off, which also includes women. In this scenario, they would definitely have accumulated some money when they worked in an organization. The money they have in their savings may not be good enough for them to payoff a loan, but is a fair amount of money if they had to buy a date with an escort. Now, whether they pay in part or don’t pay at all – It doesn’t quite make any difference to their financial obligations. So, what the heck – Why can’t we just go out there and have fun – Seems to be thinking of people. Experts believe that this thinking has led to a spiral growth in job opportunities related to escort jobs. What’s more surprising is the fact that quite a lot of people who have been laid off are also looking to take up to escort jobs to make a living them. Knowing that these jobs are moral and not unethical, they could just provide a welcome relief to a lot of people.

Male escort agencies Spend some time on the Internet

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

And you will get a complete database of male escort agencies. No joking this! Male escort agencies are available aplenty, some even in a boring city like the one where you stay. Obviously, you have the option of going ahead and choosing a male escort agency on your choice, and the deciding factors would normally be the quality of the escorts and the pricing, but you will be well-benefited if you go ahead and think of things like the processes followed by the escort agencies. Any escort agency should at least have a robust hiring and a training module, if it wishes to be reputed. After all, people are not born with male escort skills. These skills need to be groomed over a period of time, which only the reputed male escort agencies can do. Importantly, you will find that most good male escort agencies never compromise on this factor and in fact, spend quite a lot of money on this. A lot of agencies that have come in new to this domain are also investing quite a bit of their money and time to train new guys who join them as male escorts. One note before you start researching the Internet for prospective male escort agencies – You will not find a lot of difference in their prices if you are looking and comparing between escort services in the same city. Given this point, the next and the best thing you would do is compare the quality. User testimonials definitely help people here.

Male escort agency Things to know and how to find

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Now, I am assuming that you are naïve to the entire domain of male escorts and you are obviously struggling to find the best male escort agency. If this is the case, here is a tip for you to find the best male escort agency in your town. Now, before you start reading this tip, please note that the best male escort agency would obviously be the place where you would get the best of male escorts. Now, best of male escorts does not always mean that the boys would need to be hot bodied hunks with big some things. It plain and simple means that the guys out there would need to be trained enough in allowing you to have fun during your date out with them. Remember, you would be paying to the male escort agency, and quite some money too, thus at the end of the day, you would always want to have fun. After all, that really is the objective of you wanting to hire male escorts. With these points being said, one of the easiest ways you could find the best male escort agency is by speaking to your friend, who has chosen the service of a male escort from an agency. If she was satisfied with the service provided to her, and of course, if your expectations match to that of your friends, the particular agency is definitely worth a try, isn’t it? There are other ways of finding this too, but referrals, clearly is one of the easiest ways of finding more on escort agencies.

Surrey Male escorts

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Surrey is one of the happening and landscaped filled countries of the United kingdoms. It is notorious for its landscapes, river valleys, beautiful grasslands etc. It is also famous for an amalgamation of history and the contemporary culture giving you a vivacious variety to bask in. But they also don’t lie down when it comes to the Surrey male escorts. Yeah, you read it right. Surrey male escorts are the happening escorts.

Surrey Male escorts are the most rocking guys you would skip your heart beat for. They are these handsome hunks who can rock you with lovely smiles and body to kill for. It doesn’t end here. They also age good conversationalist and well-mannered. Some of them are great masseurs and have the tactics which will make your body feel electrifying waves of pleasure. Moreover, they can accompany you to any of your wedding nights or parties. They also believe in the coming only for a cup of coffee or many a salient dinner over the seashore. Not only that, they also come along for a vacation with you anywhere on the earth. But all this comes with a price tag. Truthfully, these Surrey male escorts are very affordable; however the price may vary according to the various services you hire them for.

Plus, these surrey male escorts operate without any legal hassles. As Surrey, like discussed earlier believes in a vivacious culture and supports escorting as an adult trade.

So get rocking with the Surrey male escorts and revel in the most vivacious atmosphere.

Amazing Barcelona male escorts

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Barcelona is a very lively city. The night life of Barcelona is rocking! We all want to have fun and party. But are you alone and don’t have a company. Don’t worry baby just call in Barcelona male escort to give you company.

You may say the price is too high! But you won’t know till you try! It is said you get for what you pay. But with Barcelona male escorts you are sure to get more than what you pay.

Barcelona male escorts are nothing like other male escorts. They are simply the best. They are all good looking, smart and sexy guys. They have that extra edge which we all like to have in our man. Those strong muscles, that seductive look and a million dollar smile. Don’t you think you will do anything to get such a guy?

Barcelona male escorts are impeccable. Their mild cheerful chats will lighten your mood and their quiet seducing gaze will make you feminine again. Their sensual massages will be heavenly bliss; you may want it all over again. Whole night with them is pleasure ride.

You can even have them for a day or many days. Go to sea side and sit on the sand. Get his undivided attention in your own fairyland. Do what you desire and make your wildest dream come true. I bet Barcelona male escorts won’t disappoint you.

In Barcelona, male escorting is legal and authorized. So you can be tense free about the legal formalities.

Its party time girls!!! Go get some fun!!!

Male escorting jobs, my add-on income

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

I really never thought that I would in my lifetime, ever join male escorting jobs. Not because I thought it was slapdash or shoddy, but I am a very family oriented person and don’t believe in polygamy. I go to church for mass and I m really happy with my wife and two daughters.

But suddenly, the whole world started falling to pieces, the aftermath of the great recession. Even big companies were feared shutting down. I suffered too and that’s why only to save my family and children, I joined the male escorting jobs. Thankfully, I have fairly good physical attributes and hence I was readily accepted.

And to be honest, it has helped me a lot when it comes to making ends meet. I am still not enjoying the going out with different women all the times and when money talks, everybody takes a back seat. I get the chance at times to visit, some of the exotic places, I must have only dreamt of. I have got huge amount of money coming in and at time the extra perks are like simply amazing. There are some fab women I have come across. But still, I make it a point that I don’t have any sexual relations with any of my client and only on this stance, my wife is fine with me working in a male escorting jobs agency.

Today, I am a family man with happiness and content and the credit goes to none other than the male escorting jobs.

Male escorts my polygamous aid

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

I am not at all monogamous. I believe in freedom and when you have just one life, why spend it with only one person!! But the guys I came across strangely were in to more serious relations and wanted me to follow suit. I couldn’t and I didn’t, instead I found something that could allow me to pursue my preference with a little cost to it.

Yes, this is why I got into the male escorts doodad. My experience with these cute little male escorts has been simply fantabulous. I am in constant hiring spree of these male escorts. And I don’t get tired or worn out with them. Is really fun to be with all these new people and you don’t even have to have all those traditional stuffs to do. If you don’t like him, simply have another one called. And if you like him, book for as many days as you want.

I have been always dealing with the renowned agencies, so as to have vetted male escorts. Plus, these agencies do not have any slapdash business and you are in safe hands. Moreover, the escorting trade is very legal in most part of the globe and hence doesn’t make me wary about anything.

Truly, the male escorts have solved my qualms of finding me new boyfriend every alternate day. Now it’s as simple as, logging, looking and hiring!! All thanks to the male escorts and their agencies, I have various treats every night and every day to excite and enjoy my soul.

Male escort agencies are copious

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Many decades, men used the escort agencies for their full use but now it’s our turn. Yes! Its time for women to enjoy these services portrayed by men!! Well, the escort agencies have actually made some dramatic changes and have got the male escorts only for the woman species to indulge in to their fantasy world. These male escorts are brought to you by the male escort agencies.

The modus-operandi of the male escort agencies is they allows you to access their male escorts for couple of hours, sometimes days, for any of your occasions, be it a weeding bash, an official luncheon or even a birthday party. You can hire one of the best looking male escort and make him your arm candy. You have a range of escorts available from young to matured, from hot looking to having a sturdy body. You name your desire and they have then for you.

The best way to find them is, just Google for the male escort agencies and you will pages after pages informing you about these escorts or describing them. Some of the renowned ones are listed below:

Cavendish Knights is one of the hot and happening male escort agencies which have over 200 male escorts for display and they are very affordable as well. Hoopermen is yet another male escort agency which provides you with classy and handsome looking guys!!

So take a break from al your tensions and start a lively life wit these male escort agencies!!

Mature escorting jobs

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

If you are matured middle-aged guy, then you must be definitely re-thinking about your life and its humdrum mechanism. You want to do something exciting again, something that can make your life revitalized and refreshing, but your age doesn’t allow you or you feel incompetent with the mature years! But wait a minute here, who says that your life can’t be exciting just because you are matured? In fact, your maturity can fetch you something more thrilling and exhilarating career, you only dreamt of!! Mature escorting jobs!!

Here are some inputs as to how you can make big in the mature escorting jobs!!

Mature escorting jobs have recently been soaring high and are the talk of the town. What you need is just body that is in a good shape, if not curvaceous. I am sure with the years of experience and the slivery hair, must have already bestowed you with good skills and techniques in wooing the female clients. Just brush them up and get all charged up to handle your hot female clients.

Now, its time to get you registered. Its simple, just Google the best mature escorting agencies and apply to the one which is popular and renowned. Get your profile set and wait for the phone to ring.

These mature escorting jobs fetches you loads of monies plus you get the chance to be with high-profile sizzling ladies and attend most overwhelming parties. Isn’t it a dream job, you were looking for?

So get those matured mellowed experiences to use and rock the escort world.

Better & affordable London escorts

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Lonely in London!! What a plight! London is a city to have fun and enjoy life. But how can you if you all alone over there? Don’t be sorry for your self; just call a London escort out there!

London escorts are not that popular as Birmingham escorts! But not be carried by popularity. London escorts are nothing less comparable to Birmingham escorts. They are very professional and their services are up to the mark. They are very flexible and they allow you to select. London escorts have amazing combination of good looks, toned body, smart, intelligent, multifaceted, and vey kind and co-operative. If you are visiting London then they are your best option as a guide.

London escorts are not that very expensive and you can get a variety of them to select from. They are gay, male, mature escorts all of them! What do you need? The best thing is you can reserve them in advance. So you can select the one you like online and hire him. This saves you the hassle of hiring one on the day itself.

You can hire London escorts for a few hours, just a night, a whole week or as long as you wish. The choice is yours! They will provide you with all the services you want. Be ready to pay their charges and you won’t be disappointed. Quite a few London escort agencies offer sexual satisfaction too.

So don’t worry about being lonely! Live with fun and excitement and have a hearty time with London escorts!

A night spent with Toronto escort

Monday, May 18th, 2009

I am a successful marketing manager in my thirties. I work with popular chain of fashion clothing. Like every other woman even I need a man but just not that devout to a committed relationship. Male escorts are perfect solution to my needs.

I travel a lot in my job and quite often hire a male escort when out of town. Then last month I was in Toronto for work. We were launching there. I had accomplished my job well and wanted to celebrate. But alone!! So I hired a Toronto escort just for a night.

I was aware of the good reputation of the Toronto escorts. But didn’t know that Toronto escorts were so good!! They were beyond my expectation!!

My escort knocked my hotel room, he was on time. I invited him in. We sat and chatted for sometime. I dint know Toronto escorts were so bright! Then he recommended a place to dine. It was far from my hotel but I am so glad I went. It was a lovely place with beautiful ambiance. It was more than celebration!! It was the most romantic night I ever had!
Then we went back. My Toronto escort offered me a massage to relieve my stress and I accepted. Oh it was blissful! And then finally he pleased me! I felt like I was in paradise. It made me feel like having a true man. Next morning he offered to drop me to the airport. And I came back. But it was an unforgettable night!!

Do you prefer classy male escorts

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Are you one of those who prefer absolute quality and are ready to pay whatever it comes to? You don’t like any and every escort coming your way. You are very choosy when it comes to selecting your taste!! All in all, you are looking for those classy, yet hot, models yet professional male escorts!! And don’t know where to find them, well read further to get to know how and where you will get these classy male escorts!

The best way to get these classy male escorts are by searching them with renowned and notorious websites that are capable of having such elite escorts for their elite clients. These classy male escorts are far better and different than those mediocre ones. They have style and class and for your elite parties and plush luncheons, these are ones that will suit you as your arm candy and not the middle-of-the-road ones. And the only eligibility is to have those monies coming in. because these classy male escorts are in literal means classy; some of them are also models and do this simply for fun. Although this sounds to be a happening treat, it can be really expensive. And just because you are paying high, expect the treatment to be high as well. All these classy male escorts are all vetted and have a proof to show you, so you can also have some intimate moments with them with out any qualms.

So now you know how to grab these hot classy male escorts for your plush and sumptuous events and affairs.

Have you tried the Singapore male escorts yet

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Yeah! Singapore male escorts are the most happening species right now!! If you haven’t tried them as yet, then you are surely missing a hell lot of fun. Read further and you will know what we are talking about.

If you are visiting Singapore for the first time, it is very important to have someone to share the experience with. And if it is a hot and sizzling guide, what else can you expect? Singapore can turn out to be a living heaven especially if supported with wild and classy Singapore male escorts. The Singapore male escorts are very handsome and can weaken your knees right from the time you make an eye contact. They are decorous, well mannered and are very ethical. They won’t even touch you if you inform them about the mannerisms you prefer. They are smart hunks that are well-versed with massages and are skilled with many varieties like tantra massages and Asian massages. You just have to name your preference and you will get what you wanted!! Singapore male escorts are like expect the unexpected!! They can also be a good tour guide for you, imagine having a hot hunk as your arm candy trying to help you through the excursion of Singapore!!

And this isn’t all. All the Singapore male escorts and their agencies only have vetted escorts, so even if you are trying your luck at the sensuous parts you can surely without having any dubious thoughts.

So don’t you think its time for you to try out the hot and sizzling Singapore male escorts!!

Did you know even a male escort can be your valentine

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Well, this will be news for you, but yes, I have tried it and to be frankly it worked. At least you don’t feel forlorn and lonely on Valentine’s Day!! So this is my story. I have has my share of boy friends. Some didn’t suit me and others weren’t my types. However, I have always had someone to share my valentines with. But this year, it simply meant to be and I was left with no one to spend the valentine’s night with!! For me, it would have meant kind of bad luck in my love life and didn’t want something like that to happen.

And that’s how I landed up hiring myself a male escort. This male escort of mine was hot and sexy. He had the most dazzling smile I have ever come across. His charm was already working on me and I didn’t feel like I had hired my self a male escort. It was like; I was with a hot date. We had the best conversation and I loved every bit of it. The only thing that didn’t feel like a valentine’s date was I had to pay for everything. But the overall experience was rocking. He also was an expert in giving tantra massages and made a soothing bubble bath for me.

And at the end my male escort also surprised me with a valentine’s gift. It was really sweet of him to do that. He really made my valentine’s day a special one.

Even today, when I feel forlorn or lovelorn, the only other option left is calling for a male escort.

London escorts beat the recession

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Sounds gibberish right!! But it is a fact. At a time where the whole world is being pinched by the very old recession, London escorts are enjoying their lives without been touched by the word recession. The reason been the London escorts are on fire!! London escorts have a variety of escorts including gays, mature, blonde and many more.

London escorts are much talked about. You will get a huge range of escorts in London. These escorts are decorous, well-mannered and above all gorgeous looking guys. They are not only smart but also have the caliber to win anyone’s heart. You can take them as an escort to any of your happening parties or business lunch or even an official bash. Plus, they can also escort you to a concert or may be just be a support while you are feeling alone.

The best thing about London escorts is that London welcomes escorting as an adult business and hence doesn’t charge it with any legality. Well, you can enjoy a heartfelt fun with these wonderful buddies. And to make this an exquisite deal, London escorts are not that expensive. Just select a wonderful package deal and go for it. London escorts are also versatile when it comes to giving you awesome services. They are good masseurs and are capable of giving you some multi-massages including Tantra massages. So get these escorts grooving you and your world with their out-calls and in-call services.

Asian escort agency Now in London

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

So what if you are in London!! You can still get the tantalizing Asian escorts to entertain you. Yeah, London now also has an Asian escort agency which is one of the hottest escort agencies so far. This agency can make you feel the excitement of Asia within London.

So if you are looking for escorts from Asia, then don’t go any further, Asian escort agency will provide you with the right stuff. This agency has a huge range of Asian escorts which are handsome and gorgeous, sexy and suave, panache and chic. They are simply the ultimate escorts you were looking for. The agency provides you with both the services in-call and out-calls. You can hire these escorts either for a night party or may be for a concert or even for a silent dinner down-town. Or you can even ask them to take a trip outside London. The only requirement is the class to pay, if you have money, you can have various services at your disposal.

Asian escort agency has their escorts vetted and so you don’t have to worry about any lethal diseases coming your way. Moreover, this agency procures you with various services at a very nominal rate. And in London, escorting is completely legal!! So you are free to use these services without been clandestine about it. Make the most of this opportunity.

So while in London, also entertain yourself with the lovely Asian escort agency and get your life rolling with these enthusiasts’ escorts.

London escorts

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Do you have like those reverent business executives coming to visit your town? But obvious you want them to have a gala time plus your business dealings to be fruitful huh!! Don’t worry if your business managers are male or female species, they all can have some fun with the London escorts!!

Well, the London escorts are these classy, hot and sizzling gorgeous escorts who are all decorous and well-mannered. These escorts exactly know how to deal with the high-class executives. When your executives are tired and deadbeat with the day’s meeting and presentations, they just want to have some peace with an alluring company who can understand their plight and soothe them to harmony. This is exactly what the London escorts cater to. London escorts are free of any legalities and hence everything is so legal and without any hassle.

These London escorts can speak fluently in most of the official dialects and can unravel all your desires in a night’s time. They not only can be a great escort to accompany you to pub or a club but are also great masseurs, so while back at the hotel, you can enjoy some sumptuous massage to further soothe your stress away.

Isn’t this a perfect deal? All this, at an affordable rate!! So there you go, you get something that is classy, something which yet reverent and fully organized.

So why don’t you try these London escorts and give your business executives a ball of a time.


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