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A night spent with Toronto escort

I am a successful marketing manager in my thirties. I work with popular chain of fashion clothing. Like every other woman even I need a man but just not that devout to a committed relationship. Male escorts are perfect solution to my needs.

I travel a lot in my job and quite often hire a male escort when out of town. Then last month I was in Toronto for work. We were launching there. I had accomplished my job well and wanted to celebrate. But alone!! So I hired a Toronto escort just for a night.

I was aware of the good reputation of the Toronto escorts. But didn’t know that Toronto escorts were so good!! They were beyond my expectation!!

My escort knocked my hotel room, he was on time. I invited him in. We sat and chatted for sometime. I dint know Toronto escorts were so bright! Then he recommended a place to dine. It was far from my hotel but I am so glad I went. It was a lovely place with beautiful ambiance. It was more than celebration!! It was the most romantic night I ever had!
Then we went back. My Toronto escort offered me a massage to relieve my stress and I accepted. Oh it was blissful! And then finally he pleased me! I felt like I was in paradise. It made me feel like having a true man. Next morning he offered to drop me to the airport. And I came back. But it was an unforgettable night!!

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