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Archive for June, 2009

Cracking some jokes with Manchester male escorts Is it really possible

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

For quite some time now, I have been living in the company of some serious professionals. Well, when you work with one of the leading financial institutions in England, you can’t really ask for anything else, can you? That said, working all day and not laughing your wits out from time to time is me. That is the way how I have lived my life and would like my workplace to be. The seriousness at my workplace has taken an absolute toll on my personal life and my friends told me recently, that I had lost the zing in me.

These comments were good enough to force me to think of hitting up with some Manchester male escorts. Pretty recently, I had been told by one of my friends that Manchester male escorts will charge you, but in return they could do almost anything in their own indomitable way. By the looks of it, these guys were really the ones I was looking out for, so desperately. But, will they be of any help to me?

It is an answer I have to find out myself. And thus started my hunt for Manchester male escorts who could share some funny and heartwarming moments with me! Honestly, I thought this hunt could go on and on, but within a week of me starting the hunt, I was able to find someone who was funny and hilarious. I was sure if I would be with this guy, he can make me roll on the floor with his antics.

My first meeting with Andre, one of the Manchester male escorts

Monday, June 29th, 2009

For a long time now, my friend has been pressing on me to use the services of Manchester male escorts. Whether she has used their services or not – I am not sure, but she knows the fact that I am rather lonely and long for someone’s company, especially in the evenings when I come back from my office and don’t have anyone to spend with.

The locality where I stay is not a happening place either. After a lot of reluctance, she helped me speak with Andre, one of the Manchester male escorts. Our conversation lasted all of 30 minutes. In these 30 minutes, Andre told me what he could do for me and my loneliness. I must say that all of what Andre said to me was well appreciated by me. And to be honest – Not for one moment, did he tell me that he would take the first opportunity offered to him to have sex with me?

In fact, my friend tells me that with Andre and other Manchester male escorts, you would feel as safe as before. She quoted an instance before when she was completely drunk when she met Andre for the first time. She said that in the condition in which she was, it would have been so easy for him to take advantage, but Andre was a perfect gentleman and took complete care of her.

I was impressed by my conversation with Andre and decided that whatever the charges would be, I would be choosing to spend some time with him.

Manchester male escorts really surprised me

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

When I got out of the pub, which I visited with some of my friends in downtown Manchester, I was greeted by couple of males who were walking rather unobtrusively on the other side of the road. When I first caught a glimpse of them, I thought they looked pretty decent. All of them were dressed in tuxedoes and their shoes were sparkling and exuded a lot of glitter. Basically, in one look, you would have guessed they were some office going gentlemen.

Considering that me and my friends were couple of drinks down, we wanted to find out who they were. One of my friends at least, who has never been romantically linked to anyone wished to seek a relationship with one of those ‘office-going gentlemen’. When we spoke to them, we realized they were offering their services for us to spend with them. At first, we thought they would be one of the call-boys, but over a period of time, as our discussion proceeded we knew they were much more professional than the call-guys.

These guys were Manchester male escorts and the politeness and courteousness with which they spoke to us was amazing. In fact, one of them offered to drop us in our homes seeing our inebriated states. At least, my friend was so impressed with the entire conversation that she decided to hop on to a friendship with the male escort.

This is a piece of advice for all of you – Manchester male escorts are no less professional than any of us. Speak to them and you will understand more about them.

What do you need to apply for Manchester male escort jobs

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Well the verdict is out – The entire world may be laying off people across various domains, but the escorting domain is busy hiring escorts by truckloads. It is true, and you wouldn’t believe this unless you see some paper classifieds. These classifieds will tell you how many new escort agencies are opening up. And if new agencies open up, they would obviously need people.

You may think that being young and suave may be good enough for you to apply for Manchester male escort jobs. Well, this is not entirely true, though your age and your personality do matter in the final selection. Apart from them, a lot of other factors also go behind your selection as a male escort. And no, we are not even talking of how experienced you are or how much money you may have to join any agency as a male escort.

If you wish to be a male escort, one thing you should know is how to keep your client happy at all times. Please note that this often turns out to be a demanding task because you never really know what can come from the other end. You may just want to pray hoping you don’t get a demanding client but then every day is not Sunday and there could be chances you get a demanding client once in a while.

This is known as unflinching attitude to customer satisfaction. If you have this quality in you, you can surely start applying for Manchester male escort jobs, and you can also be eventually successful in them too. Good luck then!

Tough to find Manchester male escorts but fun when you find them

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Statistics reveal that for every 10,000 people in United Kingdom, you could find a Male escort. Needless to say, Manchestor male escorts are a rare breed. Well, the fact is – Really, Manchester male escorts are indeed. Well you can’t say anything else if you were told that you had to meet 10000 people to meet 1 male escort. Convert this to the population of Manchester, and you could safely assume that the approximate amount of male escorts in this city could be anywhere between 1000 to 2000.

You may have wanted this number to be at least 10 times higher, but the fact that they provide an unlimited source of fun when you are with them makes them people in demand. The fact that their demand is so high, and yet not many male escorts are in vogue, makes sure that you may have to spend a lot of time hunting for male escorts but once you find them, you can be sure of some fun.

The most important point is – How much would you have pay to use the services of Manchester male escorts? This is the point – If you are going to hire them on weekends, you might have to pay at least twice the amount of what you might have had to pay them on weekdays. On weekends, the demand for male escorts is at least two times, which often pushes the charges of these guys a bit higher.

Thus, if you wish to have some fun and yet not pay a lot of money, be sure of hiring them on weekends.

My escapade with an independent male escort

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Although I never believed in male escorts and escorting, I never knew destiny had some different plans for me. I was always busy in my life tacking professional and domestic life. I had a steady boy friend for about 4 years now and soon I was to get married to him. But some things simply don’t work for us. And that’s what happened with me. It was never meant to be. We broke up on some very minuscule issues and it left us with nothing but just drifting away.

I was shattered and devastated. I simply couldn’t see my life without him anymore. I was in a remorse phase and no one could get me out of it. This affected my health and my work. But I wasn’t bothered; I was simply calculating and analyzing where it went wrong and what should be done. Should I go back to him and beg him to take me back. And somewhere in this dark cloud came my silver lining, my boss who suggested me to try out this independent male escort. I refused, point blank. But with lot of convincing I hired him and to be frank he completely changed my life. He was patient with me and we ended up simply talking. He gave me a clear vision of my relationship and made me feel good once again. This independent male escort was the best thing to happen in my life. Since then I have been hiring him on and off, especially when I require cuddling, some kind of a protection to shield me and guide me!!! This independent male escort is now my buddy!!!

Akons concert with a mature escort

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

I know many will read this just because it has Akon’s name. Let me tell you that this is not about Akon’s concert; it is about a mature escort with whom I attended the concert. Yeah I liked Akon too like all others and attending his concert for me was something I wanted to do from a long time. Who goes alone to Akon’s concert? So I hired a mature escort to accompany me.

I have hired escort service once before. So this was the second time. I hired the same mature escort since I had a good tuning with him the first time. Luckily he was available. Apparently he is a very popular and busy mature escort.

We went to the concert holding each others hands and having a blast. Seeing my favorite Akon’s live concert with a mature escort, everything was fine and fun. Until Akon got wild as we have heard. I was pushed I don’t know how and then even stamped by a few on the ground.

I would have been injured badly had my mature escort not been with me! He immediately pulled me up. My arms were scratched, I was bleeding and the pain from stampede was unbearable. The escort almost carried me to my car. Then he drove me home. On the way he stopped in between and picked a coffee and burger for me for dinner.

The only good thing that happened at the concert was I found a true company of mature escort!

Tips and warnings to become an escort

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

One of the sought after jobs is escorting. It is now as popular as modeling. Many struggling models work as an escort part time. It not only helps them pay bills but also gives them a chance to go to parties and interact with people. You never know who can help them land in a full fledged modeling career.

Like other jobs escorting does have its own pros and cons. Before you become an escort take a sneak peek at a few tips and warning signs to become an escort.

Good things first. To become an escort identify your potential. Do you have it in you what it takes to be an escort? You must know by now how to identify if you are qualified to be an escort. But that is not enough. You need other to know that you have in you. Showcase your assets. If you have a good body, be proud of it and show it off. Are you good at massages? Sell it as a service or even offer it complimentary. Whether you a good talker or a patient listener, mention it in your profile! Market everything that you can offer.

There are certain warnings as well to become an escort. First thing you should remember is, your clients will be successful and sought after people! Don’t be carried away by them. Remember it’s not a lifelong job. It’s just temporary, so don’t rely on it. Escorting is not legal everywhere so keep a check on it.

Now that you know safely become an escort

Tips to form your own Escort agency

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Escorting jobs are good money and fun. Well if you think like that too, its time for some reality check! Escorting need not always be fun and if you think its good money then what about Escort agency? Yeah, not many think about Escort agency but that is much more money than just an escort.

Escort agency reaps two way benefits. First they charge the clients for the services. On top of that they even charge escorts for enrolling in their agency and/or keep a chunk of their charges. What’s more? Escort agencies don’t need to worry about pleasing clients! Does this sound like a promising business to you?

Here are a few tips for you to jump start your own escort agency! Like every business having knowledge or hands on experience is good. Before you start your own agency, work as an escort. This will give you exposure to escorting business as well as some clients. You will even know many escorts. It you are already an escort bingo! Start your escort agency.

Keep rates affordable for both clients and escorts. Only then they will approach you. Try to open and maintain your own website; this will expose you to broader masses. Talk to your colleagues and ask them to enroll with your agency. Give them benefits like no charges for enrolling and so on.

Keep your goals realistic. No business will make you rich overnight. But be dedicated to your work and don’t give up. That is the key to successful escort agency!

How to become a male gigolo

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Male Gigolos are these hot and handsome creatures who are fortunate to earn loads of monies from rich and famous older women, who are unsatisfied and have no man to be passionate about. Male gigolos are a little different from their counterparts- the male escorts, because male gigolos have the tendency to get emotionally attached with their clients whereas the male escorts simply believe in dealing with a business.

As a male gigolo, you will be hired by these lucrative and high-class women with whom you can have a time of your life. If you are interested in this prospect keep reading to know some facts about how to become a male gigolo.

Always dress your best, if you want to impress your clients and retain them. Remember these high-class, moneyed ladies always want to flaunt their gigolos as their toy-pet and want every body to drool over him. This will only work in your favor because you may also get new clients. Always try and attend these elite parties, never let go any opportunities that will get you accessed to these plush parties. This will increase your clientele.

Once you are in the business, you will know which the right woman to target is and follow your instincts. That will help you get growing higher in your clients as well as finance. Be a good listener and good in your tactics. That will win you half your battle and the remaining you can tackle with your conversational skills and vulnerability.

Single mum and independent escort

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

A mother is the best thing in the world. Yet it is not the easiest one! All moms will agree. And you know what is even harder? Being a single mom! I know it because I am a Single mom with two kids. A career and two kids keep me busy all the time. I forget I even have a life of my own self. I am glad I have an independent escort who does not let me forget.

Yes I know you all will think I am not a good mom if I go out with an independent escort! Why do always people judge others? That’s what I want everyone to know and especially single moms that going out with independent escorts is not a bad thing indeed it is a good idea if you can afford it.

We don’t have a man in our life for many reasons but that does not mean we don’t need one! I wonder how many out there think like me that having another man in our life will be extremely hard on our children. That’s why I never found someone else and decided to go for an escort.

Once a month I hire myself an independent escort. I leave my children with my mom for a weekend and spend time with my independent escort. I feel I am not emotionally attached with someone and have no commitments to make other than my children! So all Single moms if you need someone don’t be shy of hiring an independent escort!

A beach holiday with San Diego male escort

Friday, June 19th, 2009

I have a fascination for beaches! And for me there is nothing better than California beaches. Oh those long coast line and the lovely weather year round. Every short trip possible I visit to California with someone. This time with no one to accompany I decided to try San Diego male escort.

Going with the popularity I went through an agency. Looks were very important for me; I picked the best looking San Diego male escort! I hired an escort for a long weekend. Two days just flew by.

My flight was delayed so the escort reached before me to the hotel. I am so glad he did. On my arrival to the hotel he got ready a bubble bath for me. It’s so much better when someone else preps the soak for you. After the bath he rubbed oil and I was rejuvenated for the night. We went to the bar and had a hearty time. The night was as heavenly as the bath with a sensual massage. Wow San Diego male escorts are excellent masseurs.

Next day my San Diego male escort suggested Laguna Beach. Although I had been there before this time it was an all new experience. Sunbathing with a male company who admires your beauty is exciting. I stayed both days there. Lying on the paradise beach during days, then relaxing nights with my escort is a memorable experience.

On returning I realized it was the best trip I ever had with my San Diego male escort.

How to open an escort agency

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Escort agency doesn’t necessarily be an agency that provides sex services. An escort agency is merely an agency that helps those people who are wondering whether they will ever have a life partner. An escort agency also provides all those needy companionship via paying some nominal charges. So if you are keen about opening an escort agency then read further and fins out how you can do it!!

The first and foremost step is to apply for the business license that allows you to carry out the escort trade. You can get this done with the local government agencies. all the laws regarding escorts vary region wise, so make sure you understand all the laws first and then venture in.

Once the license in place, start hiring good looking men, women and gays with suitable ages, so that you are in safe hands!! And have a variety while selecting these escorts, also check for their criminal record and whether they are vetted. You don’t want to lose your clientele on the basis of these minor nut and bolts of the escort trade.

Now when your infrastructure is set, started getting to promote yourself and your agency!! Get into a little of promotions via clubs, bars and publications. Start the ball rolling in and then with the best of services, the momentum will start increasing.

Now, that you know the nitty-gritty of the escort trade, follow the same and you now you were never wrong!! Let your escort agency be different yet exciting!

Recession and escorting jobs

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Recession has hit every part of the country and every field. There is no place which have been untouched. Even escorting jobs! You may think it is not so? How come escorting jobs are affected? Take a look.

We are in a society where everyone and everything is interconnected. You let one thread loose and the whole thing freely falls. Escorting jobs is a perfect example. We all know the clients of these escorts are rich successful people. Some who have businesses others who have well established careers and people like them! We know almost all businesses have gone down. Jobs including those of CEO’s have just disappeared. These people have no money to pay the bills let alone hiring an escort. The ones who are still clinging to their jobs are forced to take pay cuts and work longer hours. Getting escorting services is sure like a pinch.

The escorts have fewer clients to work and so their income reduces. To add to the crunch escorts are facing there is another twist. With many being unemployed and no other place to turn to they plunge to escorting jobs. Yes many people are now opting for it. And it includes straight men going for gay escorting jobs. In fact they are so desperate for money that they keep rates much lower and this affects the existing escorts. This is sure to have a negative effect for a long time.

With fewer clients and more escorts this recession has surely hit the escorting jobs!

What is male escorting work

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Are you bored with your usual job and work load? Are you unsatisfied with your salary? Well don’t worry; we have something that is exciting as well as money-spinning!! Heard about the male escorting work? Yeah, the same escorts that accompanies you to any of your wedding night outs or parties and bash outs. The ones that can make your nights sensuous and lovely with their feel and expertise!!

Male escorting work is very sophisticated and has touch of class to it. As a male escort you get to visit the best of parties and plush celebrations and be surrounded by the elite people. At times you also get to travel around the world to these exotic places that are out of the world and woo to experience a different world al together. Additionally you are also paid well for your services and as you grow higher with your services so does the amount. Plus, if you keep your client happy and satisfied, chances are you may even win some fabulous souvenirs and takeaways.

Male escorting work isn’t classified as prostitution and hence you are safe to practice it on your own or with an agency. So don’t you think this work is the best that not only provides you money but also keeps you entertained with the various perks, escorting work has to provide.

So now do you think the male escorting work interests you a little? Well, that the case, get yourself registered with the renowned escort agencies and enjoy escorting!!

Mature escorts are they worth it

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

You all must be some what familiar with the male escorts, their nature of jobs and what services they offer. But have you heard about the mature escorts? Do you think they might interests you? Do you know what is the major difference between a male escort and a mature escort? To get all these questions answered, read further!!

Mature escorts are those who are aged and ripped and absolutely matured in all terms. They very skilled and the years of experience make them all the more alluring. Many women love the touch of a matured person, their feel and the way they handle them. to get this exact feeling you can try your hands on these mature escorts. Again mature escorts are available depending upon their age and experience. Few of which have maintained their bodies and few of them haven’t, although they still are mesmerizing with their conversations skills and the way they can move your bodies.

Mature escorts also engaged in sexual pleasures and massages. They absolute skilled and experienced hands can give a massage to remember. Their husky and subdued voice can make you go weak in your knees. You can either take them to escort you for a wedding celebration or just take them to hear you out on a long sea-side stroll. And you bet, you wont feel that your dollars were wasted.

So are you all game for mature escorts!! Try them and see what the difference, log on to the net and get yourself these hottie mature escorts.

Escorting work dont get appalled

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Frankly, escorting work is no more appalling or obnoxious!! It’s all in our minds. Every job has its own way of servicing people and getting paid. In the similar manner, even escorting work is simple if you see it straight and not from a negative eye. What exactly do you mean by escorting work? Escorting work is nothing but simply escorting a person and accompanying her to any concert or a celebration or elite parties and in this service gets paid for it. What wrong in this?

In a way, you are helping those lost and lone women, who in the midst of building their careers, couldn’t direct time for building their relationships and now that they have money, but no partner, they can surely indulge in some companionship that is offered in return of money. Moreover, these escorting jobs offer you good monies and take care of those pilling bills. At times, you also get to travel the world and enjoy the elite parties and high-class people around. All in all, it’s a game to be played with nothing to lose. Additionally, the escorting work isn’t degraded as much as the prostitution and hence it has been declared as the adult entertainment business in most of the countries. You don’t have to worry about any kind of atrocities from the law handlers.

So now you know that the escorting work is indeed not at all appalling and crap!! It is the way you look at it and your necessity!!

How to become a gigolo

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Gigolos are hired dates or are paid for their services as a male escort. These escort services work best for a woman because she has a man at her disposal wherein she doesn’t need to impress him. Moreover, as a gigolo you get paid obnoxiously well and you don’t need, necessarily have sex with your clients until and unless discussed before or paid for the same. To become a gigolo sneak in to the following steps and you will surely master the art of being a gigolo.

The first and foremost thing required to become a gigolo is to get in to the shape women can’t resist. Most of the women are turned on, big time, with a fabulous looking body and physical attributes. So, to get your gigolo business rolling start working towards a excellent looking body. Another important thing to stress on is always keep you swanking clean. You know how most of the women are finicky about bodily cleanliness. Especially the ones who are ready to pay thousands of dollars would always want their escorts to look, smell and feel good. Get yourself accustomed with new talents like dancing, strip tease and massaging. This will adorned your gigolo career and put you in the favorite list of your clients. Also be ready to venture in to newer properties and making your horizons grow, giving your profile a touch of untouched services.

Follow these simple steps and the next thing you know, is you are topping al gigolo charts with ravishing reviews and clients.

Male escort jobs and their pros and cons

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Male escort jobs are hardly outrageous for the world now. In fact they are the talk of every town today. And with the recession warming up the global streets, many job losers are turning their career tracks to the male escort jobs. To know more about these male escort jobs and how to tackle them, keep reading further.

Male escort jobs have now become a common way to earn some extra bucks and live life king size. It because the male escort jobs pays you quite well not for your credentials or degrees for your services and well you can perform them. To be in the male escort jobs, you need to maintain a high profile body that can impress any and every woman trying to hire you. Just start working on the physical attributes and get the ball rolling. Also to be ahead in the rat’s race, you need to accomplish some talents that will make your foundation and existence strong. Taking dancing lessons, learning the art of strip tease, getting your hands on the massaging tactics are few of the main to get you going.

For entering the male escort jobs, be very specific about the prostitution laws of the state you are practicing in. most of the countries except the escorting jobs as an adult entertainment business and allows them to practice without any committing any serious crime.

So it is easier to get in to the male escort jobs arena. You just need to brush some of your flirtatious skills and you know you will win her heart!!

Dont be an independent escort if

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Working as an independent escort is quite luring to escorts, experienced and beginners alike. It’s more money and flexibility than working through an escort agency. Many have jumped to working as an independent escort but have regretted. I don’t want you to make those mistakes.

There are pitfalls in every good thing. Take a look at when you should not be an independent escort! First thing; never try to start as an independent escort. You are not known to any ladies and people will never trust you. IT will be risky for them to try. So always stick with an agency if you are a newbie.

Now even though you are an experienced escort and your clients love you for your services. Think before you plunge to independent escort. First thing is once you are separated from the agency. You are not bided by the agency policies. This will make many of your clients doubtful before they contact you. Also it will be difficult in the beginning. So only if you think you can survive for a few months without many clients go for it.

Another thing you should know before you become an independent escort is: know your clients. Your clients will stick with agency if they are married. They don’t want any troubles in married life. They feel safer that way. Don’t ever think about independent escort if your clients are married

Independent escort is fun. But you don’t get everything in life. Consider all aspects before getting greedy. So better be safe than sorry.


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