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Dos and Donts for male escorting jobs

Are you planning to opt for male escorting jobs! I am assuming, you must by now know all about the advantages and disadvantages of been an escort and that’s why you are all set to venture in the male escorting jobs arena. Well, I am going to brief about the basic things required, to set your mark as a male escort. These simple things will help you keep your privacy and dignity. You can even save yourself from embarrassing situations in your male escorting jobs.

This information is directly from the horse’s mouth! I have had many instances where I could get the opportunity to have a dialect with many escorts and know their experiences, the mistakes they made and precautions they did not take!

Firstly, never reveal your identity! Use fake names or nicknames! Don’t use your regular cell phone. Get a new number. Better get a prepaid card. Do not get carried away and reveal your identity to your clients. Male escorting jobs are professional jobs and keep them that way! If you only wish to opt for out-calls, specify the escort agency to keep your home address confidential. Escorts agencies have privacy policies for escorts too.

If you are willing to provide intimate services be sure to check of the local laws for escorting and prostitution! This is very important if you are going with clients to other places! Be away from legal messes! Keep you male escorting job trouble free!

Good luck and get the ball rolling!!

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