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Benefits of Working as independent escort

You have often heard of going with escort agencies. People will always advice of enrolling with reputed agencies. A word of caution is always given to independent escort. Even sometimes clients are advised against hiring independent escorts. Its natural you will refrain from being an independent escort.

Many escorts often overlook the benefits of being independent escort. So many are not even aware of it! LetÂ’s take a sneak peek at the pros of working as independent escort.

The biggest benefit of being an independent escort is the money! Yes you do get money even when you are enrolled with an agency but many agencies keep a chunk from your charges. Or they charge service fees from clients which makes it very expensive for some. Besides the agencies does not allow you to enroll free! Working as an independent escort you get to keep all the money the clients gives.

Besides as an independent escort you can decide your work timings. Yes many agencies have fixed times for which they provide escorts! What if that time is not suitable for you? Another thing is, escort agencies have many escorts so you face a competition from other escorts. You will at times even have to lower your charges to beat other escorts prices.

Many escort agencies have contracts with their escorts. You will not have to be bound with any contracts if you are working as an independent escort.

Are these benefits luring you! Dump your escort agencies and start working independently.

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