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Dont be an independent escort if

Working as an independent escort is quite luring to escorts, experienced and beginners alike. It’s more money and flexibility than working through an escort agency. Many have jumped to working as an independent escort but have regretted. I don’t want you to make those mistakes.

There are pitfalls in every good thing. Take a look at when you should not be an independent escort! First thing; never try to start as an independent escort. You are not known to any ladies and people will never trust you. IT will be risky for them to try. So always stick with an agency if you are a newbie.

Now even though you are an experienced escort and your clients love you for your services. Think before you plunge to independent escort. First thing is once you are separated from the agency. You are not bided by the agency policies. This will make many of your clients doubtful before they contact you. Also it will be difficult in the beginning. So only if you think you can survive for a few months without many clients go for it.

Another thing you should know before you become an independent escort is: know your clients. Your clients will stick with agency if they are married. They don’t want any troubles in married life. They feel safer that way. Don’t ever think about independent escort if your clients are married

Independent escort is fun. But you don’t get everything in life. Consider all aspects before getting greedy. So better be safe than sorry.

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