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Recession and escorting jobs

Recession has hit every part of the country and every field. There is no place which have been untouched. Even escorting jobs! You may think it is not so? How come escorting jobs are affected? Take a look.

We are in a society where everyone and everything is interconnected. You let one thread loose and the whole thing freely falls. Escorting jobs is a perfect example. We all know the clients of these escorts are rich successful people. Some who have businesses others who have well established careers and people like them! We know almost all businesses have gone down. Jobs including those of CEO’s have just disappeared. These people have no money to pay the bills let alone hiring an escort. The ones who are still clinging to their jobs are forced to take pay cuts and work longer hours. Getting escorting services is sure like a pinch.

The escorts have fewer clients to work and so their income reduces. To add to the crunch escorts are facing there is another twist. With many being unemployed and no other place to turn to they plunge to escorting jobs. Yes many people are now opting for it. And it includes straight men going for gay escorting jobs. In fact they are so desperate for money that they keep rates much lower and this affects the existing escorts. This is sure to have a negative effect for a long time.

With fewer clients and more escorts this recession has surely hit the escorting jobs!

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