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Single mum and independent escort

A mother is the best thing in the world. Yet it is not the easiest one! All moms will agree. And you know what is even harder? Being a single mom! I know it because I am a Single mom with two kids. A career and two kids keep me busy all the time. I forget I even have a life of my own self. I am glad I have an independent escort who does not let me forget.

Yes I know you all will think I am not a good mom if I go out with an independent escort! Why do always people judge others? That’s what I want everyone to know and especially single moms that going out with independent escorts is not a bad thing indeed it is a good idea if you can afford it.

We don’t have a man in our life for many reasons but that does not mean we don’t need one! I wonder how many out there think like me that having another man in our life will be extremely hard on our children. That’s why I never found someone else and decided to go for an escort.

Once a month I hire myself an independent escort. I leave my children with my mom for a weekend and spend time with my independent escort. I feel I am not emotionally attached with someone and have no commitments to make other than my children! So all Single moms if you need someone don’t be shy of hiring an independent escort!


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