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Tips and warnings to become an escort

One of the sought after jobs is escorting. It is now as popular as modeling. Many struggling models work as an escort part time. It not only helps them pay bills but also gives them a chance to go to parties and interact with people. You never know who can help them land in a full fledged modeling career.

Like other jobs escorting does have its own pros and cons. Before you become an escort take a sneak peek at a few tips and warning signs to become an escort.

Good things first. To become an escort identify your potential. Do you have it in you what it takes to be an escort? You must know by now how to identify if you are qualified to be an escort. But that is not enough. You need other to know that you have in you. Showcase your assets. If you have a good body, be proud of it and show it off. Are you good at massages? Sell it as a service or even offer it complimentary. Whether you a good talker or a patient listener, mention it in your profile! Market everything that you can offer.

There are certain warnings as well to become an escort. First thing you should remember is, your clients will be successful and sought after people! Don’t be carried away by them. Remember it’s not a lifelong job. It’s just temporary, so don’t rely on it. Escorting is not legal everywhere so keep a check on it.

Now that you know safely become an escort


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