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My escapade with an independent male escort

Although I never believed in male escorts and escorting, I never knew destiny had some different plans for me. I was always busy in my life tacking professional and domestic life. I had a steady boy friend for about 4 years now and soon I was to get married to him. But some things simply don’t work for us. And that’s what happened with me. It was never meant to be. We broke up on some very minuscule issues and it left us with nothing but just drifting away.

I was shattered and devastated. I simply couldn’t see my life without him anymore. I was in a remorse phase and no one could get me out of it. This affected my health and my work. But I wasn’t bothered; I was simply calculating and analyzing where it went wrong and what should be done. Should I go back to him and beg him to take me back. And somewhere in this dark cloud came my silver lining, my boss who suggested me to try out this independent male escort. I refused, point blank. But with lot of convincing I hired him and to be frank he completely changed my life. He was patient with me and we ended up simply talking. He gave me a clear vision of my relationship and made me feel good once again. This independent male escort was the best thing to happen in my life. Since then I have been hiring him on and off, especially when I require cuddling, some kind of a protection to shield me and guide me!!! This independent male escort is now my buddy!!!

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