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Archive for December, 2009

A Nottingham male escort versus an IT worker – A small comparison

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

It may sound weird when I start comparing a Nottingham male escort to an IT worker. But if you go to analyze their work ethics you’ll see what I am trying to tell you here. Nottingham male escorts are no ordinary escorts. They are very professional, and by professional I mean they can easily be compared to an IT worker. Let’s see how?
A Nottingham male escort is very diligent. He knows his work at the back of his hand. They can fix any problems you may have; whether it is emotional or physical. You need a friendly advice, they are there for you, you need no-strings attached sex, they are more than happy to delight you, you need to ease your tension with a rejuvenating massage, their hands will work like magic and it you and your girl friends just need to have some wild fun, Nottingham male escorts are all up for it with their pair of Speedos and their charming smile!
Now don’t IT professionals fix every problem you have at your work place? Your whole system crashed down, call up the IT guy, your fax machine is beeping endlessly, punch in the IT department number, the air conditioning in your cubicle is too high, tell the IT guy and they’ll fix everything for you. So now you see, however big or small the problem might be, Nottingham male escorts or IT workers are there for you. They are just a phone call away!

Fun definitely, but a look at the darker side of a Nottingham male escorts

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Escorting can be a fun profession provided you are willing to accept all the other aspects of it. Nottingham male escorts are fun-loving handsome hunks who love to have a good time with their female clients. They know exactly how to please those beautiful, rich and spoilt damsels. It can be by doing a variety of things such as taking them around the city or by giving them a splendid time in a hotel room.
Nottingham male escorts seem to be a fun lot but you need to be very careful while hiring one. There are loads of profiles uploaded in their website. There are various categories of male escorts; from mature to the newbie (fresh as they call them!), bulky physique to the lean mean sex machines, and massage therapists to lap dancing and stripping experts, you get them all in Nottingham male escorting agencies.
These Nottingham male escorts are no doubt professional but they can get a bit too quirky at times. You never know what they might do to please you which may be offensive to some. That’s why it’s always good to set your expectations right before you start your day or night with Nottingham male escorts. Once they know their boundaries, they’ll definitely stay well within them!

Even a Nottingham male escort can hope for a better life

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Who doesn’t want to have a fulfilled personal life and a flourishing professional life? In escorting business it’s difficult to manage both these aspects. But Nottingham male escorts can expect to have a better personal life even with a busy schedule. Male escorting is not an easy job. It takes a lot of efforts to please your clients; especially if you are demanding.
But with proper training and experience, any Nottingham male escort can hope to have a better life. They will then be able to manage their private and professional life in sync. If you are a smooth talker and a natural charmer then it won’t be a difficult job to become an ace Nottingham male escort. But if you don’t have these qualities, the agency will train you to become a perfect male escort. Once you know your job well then there will be no stress and you’ll obviously learn to enjoy everything you do.
Nottingham male escorts have a good client base so they can expect to have a perfect rapport with them. This takes a lot of load off your shoulders as you can be at ease with your client and give each other company. This improves the quality of your life.

Nothing called as slack days for Nottingham Male escorting work

Monday, December 28th, 2009

All of us experience slack days at some point of time in our professional career. But at Nottingham male escorting work you can count on being on your toes throughout the time you are associated with the agency. This doesn’t mean you have to work 365*24*7. What it implies is that you will always be financially sound if you do you job right at Nottingham male escorting work.
Nottingham is a vibrant city where people are very open about escorting concept. So the clientele for Nottingham male escorting work is from a well-off section of society. They pay you the money but they expect high standard of service. There are many regular clients in Nottingham male escorting work. So the appointment books of the escorts here are full for several months in advanced. All thanks to the high quality of service, escorting etiquette and well-mannered male escorts of Nottingham male escorting work.
Nottingham male escorting work makes sure that you don’t have an empty bank account ever. You have plenty of work lined up for you. This may take a toll on your health but if you know to manage your personal and profession lives then Nottingham male escorting work shouldn’t be a problem for you. Plus if you know how to manage your finance well then you can be rest assured of making it big in the escorting business!

How can Nottingham male escorts utilize their free time?How can Nottingham male escorts utilize their free time?

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Escorting may seem like a bed of roses for some, but in fact it too has its share of thorns. It’s not always having the best time of your life and getting up for a fresh new start the following day. Nottingham male escorts can have a very busy schedule where they may have to work all seven days a week. Sometimes they may also have to be with two clients in a day.
Male escorting clients can be very demanding. They may ask you to paint the city pink in one day and a wild night to follow. This can take a toll on the health of Nottingham male escorts. That’s why it’s important to take a day of in a week so that they can spend the time the way they want and rejuvenate themselves. This leisure time is not only essential for their physical health but also mental health.
Nottingham male escorts can have a quite time in their home to get back the energy they’ve lost during the week. They may also choose to spend some pleasant time with friends and family. A day at the spa or massage parlor is not a bad idea at all. This can really rejuvenate the stressed muscles of Nottingham male escorts.

Emotions should always be hidden in Nottingham Male escortsEmotions should always be hidden in Nottingham Male escorts

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

There are times when we all have our own personal baggage that reflect in profession. It can either be a relationship turmoil, financial constraints, and prolonged illness of a family member or any other matter that may give us a sodden mood while at work. This can also happen with Nottingham male escorts.
However Nottingham male escorts cannot afford to surface these emotions when they are out with their clients. The clients are paying big bucks just to have a good time. They really don’t care about how their escort is feeling. All they care about is having a good time and get value for their money. So Nottingham male escorts should make sure that they hide back all their emotions before meeting up with their clients.
They should be well presented, cheerful and charming as always, no matter what emotional turmoil they are going through. This can be a difficult thing to do, but this is what Nottingham male escorts’ job demands. Carrying your personal baggage to your work is likely to affect your performance. And in escorting business this is a big no-no because the business runs only if you have fully satisfied clients. So cheer-up, wear the best suit you have and show your clients a good time. You too may forget your sorrows and end up having a blast!

How to make it big as Nottingham male escorts

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Killer looks, chocolate boy features, Arnold Schwarzenegger physique, charming smile and sleepy eyes is something you’d expect from a male escort. But is this all you need to become a successful Nottingham male escort. Well, these attributes will definitely be a plus point for your career as a male escort but there are other things that you need to have to make it big in the escorting industry.
Dressing up impeccably is something you need to consider as a Nottingham male escort. You should dress like you own the night. If you don’t have a good sense in fashion then you better hire a stylist or take help from friends who can help you chose the right attire. Flashy suits and shiny shoes don’t always make a good impression but it can sweep some women off their feet. So dress up depending on the type of clients.
Don’t go bonkers with your newly acquired success. The sudden cash inflow will tempt you to become a spent thrift. But if you want to be a low profile Nottingham male escort then let that money sit in your bank. It will be helpful in your rainy days; especially in this economical recession. Don’t spend your money like crazy and drive a sports car around the city. This will just make people suspicious of your sudden influx in income.

How to become successful in Nottingham male escorting work

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

You may have a secure, full time job, but lack of adventure and job satisfaction can draw one towards a more exciting career path-escorting. You can moonlight as a Nottingham male escort by keeping in mind few ground rules of Nottingham male escorting work. The number one rule is never say no to your customer. You may think that this is an unreasonable rule, but the truth is this is how it works in escorting business.
Its not all frills in Nottingham male escorting work. If you really wish to become a successful Nottingham male escort then you need to abide by certain ground rules laid down by the agency. If you want to keep your escorting job a secret for obvious reasons then the first thing you must do is choose a pseudonym for yourself. You never know who will end up calling up for your services. And if it’s someone you know, you can immediately decline posing to be busy with another appointment.
You should remember that this is just an alternative job for you. You still have to wake up early in the morning and go to work. So make sure you keep your hours short in Nottingham male escorting work. Cover-up your previous night’s indiscretion with makeup, concealers or some aspirins!

What is expected out of Nottingham male escorting work?

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Escorting job may seem like a fun thing to do but it does have its share of rules and regulations. As a male escort in Nottingham male escorting work, you need to be polite, courteous, approachable and willing to satisfy your clients in all aspects.
Great body, good looks and a charming smile is not everything in Nottingham male escorting work. There is a lot more than these physical aspects to escorting jobs. You should be good to your clients. You should know how to settle them and take the day forward without being too commanding and pushy.
The thumb-rule in Nottingham male escorting work is “Customer is always right; no matter how freaky!” If you understand this rule and are okay with it then nothing can stop you from becoming a successful Nottingham male escort. This job does have its share of fun and excitement too. But you should always learn to take your job seriously if you are seriously aspiring to become a successful Nottingham male escort. Nottingham male escorting work in particular is very rigid about their work ethics. No dating clients, no illegal business involvement and no laid back attitude are the ground rules of Nottingham male escorting work.

Aspirations of Nottingham male escorts

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Escorting can be a rewarding job; especially if you are looking to make a good deal of money. You may have a regular 9 to 5 job but its hard to make ends meet with such low remunerations and moreover there is no thrill in what you do. If you need some excitement along with great money to make your bank accounts swell, then becoming a Nottingham male escort can be a good option.
They is no prior experience for Nottingham male escorts job. You can be fresh out of college, a normal job-going guy or just someone who loves to spend time with women. Nottingham male escorts are the answer to your exciting lifestyle. The only prerequisite for Nottingham male escorts are that you need to be approachable, charming, a smooth talker and a good physique would be like icing on the cake!
Nottingham male escorts can dream of making it big in this business. Since Nottingham is a busy city with varied cultures and lifestyles, you are bound to get rich and wealthy clients who can make your career shoot up in no time. You can easily become one of the most popular Nottingham male escorts if you do all the things right!

Don’t get offended in Nottingham male escorting work

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Toy boy, rent boy, male prostitutes are just some of the demeaning names than a male escort may have to face at least once in his lifetime. But this is a part of your job as a male escort. Some clients are just too arrogant that they hardly care for other people’s feelings; that is if they really consider you are a person on the first place. They feel hat their money can buy anything under the sun; even people for their pleasure.
But at Nottingham male escorting work, you are well trained to take these incidents with a light heart. These are very rare occasions where you may have to deal with such absurd clients with snobbish attitudes. Most of the times you may get regulars who are quite polite. They know what to expect from their escort. Sometimes you may encounter amateurs but here again you are in control as they are a nervous wreck most of the times.
Nottingham male escorting work will teach you how to deal in all sorts of situations. There is no point in getting offended with one off cases in your career where you come across some arrogant brute. But otherwise Nottingham male escorting work is all about having a good time with your clients, giving each other company and showing your clients a good time.

Can’t afford to be nervous in Nottingham male escorting work

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Escorting is not much of a job but more of a lifestyle. You get to meet people from different circles of life. You must be prepared to meet all sorts of people and should be able to satisfy their desires, fantasies and curiosities. Sometimes the clients can be quite demanding which could put you on the edge. But the only thing to remember here is that you have been paid for this and you must do as told. If you have this thing clear in your head then there shouldn’t be a problem while dealing with clients.
One thing Nottingham male escorting work cannot afford is having cold feet and chickening out. This will be very bad for both yours as well as your agency’s reputation. It is natural to get nervous in the beginning of your new career, but there are ways to deal with it. You just can’t cancel on your clients at the last moment. This will certainly put you out of job very soon.
Some clients may be overpowering while some may be a nervous wreck. Now in the latter scenario you are more in control, but that certainly doesn’t mean you have to take advantage of their situation or feel flattered. But it can put you at ease to some extent. Try and understand what your client needs and work accordingly to please them.

Nottingham male escorts should love what they are doing for a living

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Whether you moonlight as a male escort after a serious 9 to 5 job or it’s your only source of earning money, escorting business needs to be taken seriously if you want to be happy with what you do. Being an escort is not about intimacy and certainly not about love and emotional attachments. So you should be prepared to play a part of a person who’s just there to satisfy the needs of your client. It’s all about them, what they want and what they like.
Nottingham male escorts may find this a tough thing to cope with at some point of time in their lives because its not easy to stay detached from someone you’ve been with for a long time. but as a professional Nottingham male escort you need to have no strings attached relationships with all your clients. Now this can be achieved with a certain amount of experience in your cards. Once you settle down in Nottingham male escorts profession, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade and conduct yourself accordingly.
Nottingham male escorts must learn to love what their doing for a living otherwise they’ll never be able o succeed in this profession. If sweeping women off their feet, showing them a good time, satisfying them in various ways is your thing then Nottingham male escorts is the right profession for you.

Why Nottingham male escorts need to manage their finance well?

Friday, December 18th, 2009

One may understand that a life of a male escort is all hunky dory, but it’s not always the case. You may be a busy male escort having appointments all through the week for several months but there are times when you’d be laid off work for months together. Now these are rough patches in any male escort’s lives. One needs to be prepared for such rainy days ahead. Hence it becomes all the more important for Nottingham male escorts to manage their finance well.
Nottingham male escorts have a flurry of clients who come from different backgrounds, professions and cultures. They may be hot and sexy models who are trying to make it big in the city or they may be single moms looking for some casual sex to satisfy the void in their empty lives. Now when Nottingham male escorts are booked by their clients, its important t o have a rapport with them so that they are comfortable in their company. Later they can set the money matters either over emails of at the end of the date. But the first choice is better as there is no pressure of talking about money at the end of a blissful time.
Now its always good for the Nottingham male escorts to look their best at all times; no matter who their client is. So they obviously need to spend quite a lot of their earnings on gym memberships to keep in shape, salons, spas et al. these luxuries can make a dent on their earnings but this is important in their profession. But Nottingham male escorts must learn to save for rainy days as it could be a very frustrating time without any money coming in; especially if you are a full-time male escort.

Having an ideology in Nottingham male escorting work can work well

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Nottingham male escorting work is not just about entertaining your clients to any limits. Male escorting has a very different perception among many people. Some think that escorting is all about sex, fun and entertainment. They are like trophies which you can carry and show off to people around. Sadly, this is what Nottingham male escorting work has come to.
The Nottingham male escorts do not hold any ideologies when it comes to their professions. They go by the flow and let their clients treat them the way they want. This can be quite demeaning at times. But Nottingham male escorting work has taught them to be strong and patient and let things take their course even if they don’t like it. But this can be very stressful on the male escorts. They are human beings after all. who doesn’t like respect?
That’s why it’s important that Nottingham male escorting work imbibes some ideologies into their escorts. If they don’t then the escorts should have their own ideologies to keep them going in this challenging profession. Only then will they be able to overcome hard times and tough deals. Life will be much easier to deal with if one has ideologies in Nottingham male escorting work.

Artificial smiles on Nottingham male escorts can make good photos, but are they good for health?

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

What do you expect from a male escort? The first thing anyone would want in a male escort is a perfect body; then comes the charming smile and those sleepy eyes that sweep you off your feet. You can say that these are pre-requisites for any Nottingham male escorts. Aspiring Nottingham male escorts go to any length to have that perfect profile so that their clients pick them over the others.
They even work on days when they are under the weather just to please their good-old clients. They come out with perfect smiles and perfect attire to make their clients feel special. They may even burry their emotional wounds just to make their client’s day perfect. They will listen to their clients for hours that are going on and on about how difficult their life is, how unfair their boyfriend is to them, how disturbed they are in their professional career. But no one even knows what goes on inside Nottingham male escorts. This is because they are such good concealers of their emotions.
This may be a very professional attitude, but is it really good for the health of Nottingham male escorts? They too need a ear to listen to their woos or a shoulder to cry on or a friend to talk to in their difficult times. But their profession does not permit them to do such things with their clients. This can really take a toll on their emotional health. But there’s no escape. Such is the plight of Nottingham male escorts!

How to keep your mood jolly despite all issues in Nottingham male escorting work

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Nottingham male escorting work is of a bed of roses. It takes a lot of effort from your side to maintain your reputation. You need to give your best each time to prove your agency’s credentials. One small mistake and you may be out of business forever. This can be a very stressful experience; especially if you have to work day-in and day-out without a decent break. Sometimes you get good clients, while sometimes you are hooked up with horrendous witches.
But the key to keep your mood jolly all the time is to take one day at a time. Don’t let past experiences play on your mind and spoil your present. There are numerous issues that you may face in Nottingham male escorting work. Some make be trivial while some may be something major, but you need to learn to deal with these situations with a pinch of salt. One of the ways to relieve you of your stress and anxiety is to take a day off and be by yourself. Indulge in some relaxing exercises, spa treatment and a massage.
You too deserve some rejuvenation after a stressful week. Working tirelessly for weeks can run you down of energy and mental ability to think straight. Nottingham male escorting work involves long and unusual working hours. So you need to look fresh and chirpy on all your assignments. This can be a difficult task to do if you are low with energy. These thinks can take a toll on your health. So you need to give yourself some time to relax and rejuvenate.

How to overcome bad days in Nottingham male escorting work

Monday, December 14th, 2009

No profession is smooth-sailing. Everyone has to experience ups and downs in whatever field they work in. And it’s definitely no different for Nottingham male escorting work. One cannot expect a perfect deal with their clients all the time. There are some days when you come across difficult clients who are very demanding. Their obnoxious demands may make you feel small and demeaning. There are some stingy clients who refuse to pay you with the agreed fee. This can be a tough situation to deal with and can make your day very stressful.
But one needs to understand that these situations are quite common in Nottingham male escorting work. You cannot expect everything to be hunky-dory and smooth sailing with all your clients. The best thing to overcome such bad experiences is to forget the past and get going. You can’t let these things play in your mind. This can hamper your professional as well as personal life. If you keep thinking of one bad experience all the time, it will reflect on your future assignments. And this is definitely not good in Nottingham male escorting work.
Just let go of these horrendous yesterday and look forward to a better tomorrow. This is the only way to deal with bad days in Nottingham male escorting work. You may have a rough day, week or even a month, but that does not mean you have to give up. You need to start afresh with each new client so that you can give your best shot to please them.

Times when you may feel the need of having an emotional support in Nottingham male escorting work

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

You may have achieved a great deal of success in your professional life. You may be a snobbish, hard-nut-to-crack executive in your office or you may live in a penthouse with all the luxurious amenities to give you a comfortable life. But these things are not enough to make you happy when you are down and under. All these luxuries cannot give you emotional support and lift your spirit in tough times.
That’s when Nottingham male escorts come in handy. These guys are very patient and professional. They will listen to you for hours and sooth you with their comfortable massage when you ask for one. Nottingham male escorting work is not only about sexual pleasure; unlike the popular misconception about this profession. Its about companionship, emotional support and a shoulder to cry on when you have the need for one.
Nottingham male escorting work can provide you with everything you want when you are down and under. The escorts are well trained to be patient listeners. They will never look bored or anxious to get their work done a d leave. In fact some of them also offer some great relationship advice which can make you feel a lot better. They can ease you off your emotional turmoil and make you feel better instantly. So the next time you feel low and need someone to speak to, call on for Nottingham male escorting work.

Important for you to have a mentor in Nottingham male escorting work

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

A mentor is some one you look up to, may it be in your professional or personal life. He/She is someone who has taught you many things in your profession; has given you moral and emotional support when you were in need, someone whom you can count on in your tough times and someone you are proud of. Nottingham male escorting work can be quite challenging in the beginning. You may feel like a small fish in the vast ocean.
You may encounter difficult situations which you had never thought would have come your way. But if you have a friend and mentor in Nottingham male escorting work, then everything can be smooth-sailing. A mentor will put you through hard times, will raise your spirit when you feel low and support you in every possible way. He is someone who is experienced in this field and you could learn a great deal from him.
Whenever you face a difficult situation, you can always walk up to your mentor and ask for guidance. It helps to have a mentor in Nottingham male escorting work as this profession can drain you off emotionally and physically. There should be someone to show you the right path when you are wavered. There should be someone to beat some sense in you when you take things for granted. This profession needs a lot of level-headedness and it helps when you have a mentor to keep you grounded all the time.


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