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Efficiency in male escorting work is a mere mirage

As male escorting work is a full fledged work domain in itself, there has been a lot of talk on how to measure the efficiency of male escorts. Initial set of arguments make us believe that the efficiency of male escorts could be an indicator of how soon do the male escorts wrap up their bookings or how many customers were they able to satisfy. Honestly, the right answer to this question lies somewhere between both these things. And actually, when you look at both these points, you would know that it is not so easy to measure the efficiency of male escorts.

The thing with male escorting work is that there are so many variables attached to the aspect of male escorting work that it is not going to be easy to uncover the best efficiency metric. Some people have tried taking all these factors into count and have been able to come up against a metric, but that is definitely not to say that the metric identified is the best possible explanation. There has to be a lot of ground work to be done on this aspect and that’s why we say that the efficiency identification task for male escorts is going to be a mirage.


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