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Why should male escorts always be on time?

In male escorting work, you would find a lot of values to be in place if male escorts have to succeed. But one of the virtues that doesn’t need any second explanation is being timely. Any male escort worth his salt would know the repercussions if he is late for a booking. Actually as it happens, the first few minutes of the booking goes in you explaining why the hell were you late when you should be exchanging pleasantries. That is the damage being late could do for your booking.

Importantly, when you be late for a booking you set a feeling in the client’s mind that you are not professional. This could lead to the booking going somewhere else, when it would have been a straighter affair. And even before you could realize, your client could set the word about you that you are not such a professional male escort and people should stay away from you. In this cut-throat world of competition, you wouldn’t want that to happen, right?

Basically, the message is clear – You have to be timely and there are no two doubts about that, when it comes to male escorting work.

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