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Akons concert with a mature escort

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

I know many will read this just because it has Akon’s name. Let me tell you that this is not about Akon’s concert; it is about a mature escort with whom I attended the concert. Yeah I liked Akon too like all others and attending his concert for me was something I wanted to do from a long time. Who goes alone to Akon’s concert? So I hired a mature escort to accompany me.

I have hired escort service once before. So this was the second time. I hired the same mature escort since I had a good tuning with him the first time. Luckily he was available. Apparently he is a very popular and busy mature escort.

We went to the concert holding each others hands and having a blast. Seeing my favorite Akon’s live concert with a mature escort, everything was fine and fun. Until Akon got wild as we have heard. I was pushed I don’t know how and then even stamped by a few on the ground.

I would have been injured badly had my mature escort not been with me! He immediately pulled me up. My arms were scratched, I was bleeding and the pain from stampede was unbearable. The escort almost carried me to my car. Then he drove me home. On the way he stopped in between and picked a coffee and burger for me for dinner.

The only good thing that happened at the concert was I found a true company of mature escort!

Male escort agencies Spend some time on the Internet

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

And you will get a complete database of male escort agencies. No joking this! Male escort agencies are available aplenty, some even in a boring city like the one where you stay. Obviously, you have the option of going ahead and choosing a male escort agency on your choice, and the deciding factors would normally be the quality of the escorts and the pricing, but you will be well-benefited if you go ahead and think of things like the processes followed by the escort agencies. Any escort agency should at least have a robust hiring and a training module, if it wishes to be reputed. After all, people are not born with male escort skills. These skills need to be groomed over a period of time, which only the reputed male escort agencies can do. Importantly, you will find that most good male escort agencies never compromise on this factor and in fact, spend quite a lot of money on this. A lot of agencies that have come in new to this domain are also investing quite a bit of their money and time to train new guys who join them as male escorts. One note before you start researching the Internet for prospective male escort agencies – You will not find a lot of difference in their prices if you are looking and comparing between escort services in the same city. Given this point, the next and the best thing you would do is compare the quality. User testimonials definitely help people here.

It’s A Small World

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Everyone has heard the phrase “it’s a small world”. If you haven’t for some unknown reason, it implies when you usually meet or see someone in a place that you would never think of seeing someone and it happens usually away from either your home or their home. Something like this actually happened to me while I was finishing an escorting job at one of my client’s house.

  I have my website posted in a very well known escort agency. They take care of everything for me. I just do the escort work and get paid. I receive emails constantly from wealthy women who want to get a taste of my escort service. I do not mean to brag, but my male escorting work is one of a kind. They keep on coming back and wanting more. I actually have three different women paying me at the same time that live on the same street, and they are all married. Note: there are a lot of men out there that are not doing their jobs. Anyway, one day my gigolo skills were summoned by a regular client. I went through my normal routine of meeting her at her house at a time in which her husband was out and we would get it on for hours. Isn’t Male Escorting great? But the funny thing was when I was leaving her house. I looked to the house next door and saw another woman tending to her garden. She looked up at me and started to walk my way. As she got closer, I realized that it was one of my mom’s best friends. She didn’t know I was escorting but she got a drift of what we were doing. It was just a case of bad timing and a client had to be dropped. Becoming a Male Escort is funny that way sometimes.

Surprise! Not What You Expected

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Have you ever been on a blind date? If you have, you know what it is like. Your nerves are going at one thousand revolutions per minute and you cannot wait to meet your date to see if you got lucky or if you will end up going home alone to one of your hands. Male escorting is no different. From the escort’s point of view, he really does not care much because he is the one getting paid. A gigolo can be picky sometimes with unnatural bedroom habits or bad hygiene, but usually they take it is it comes because of the cash. But a woman paying for the escort service wants and deserves what she “ordered”. This next female was not so fortunate.

   Nancy decided to look up a male escort on the internet. She searched for a while looking for the type of mature escort she desired. She felt more comfortable with an escort from an escort agency so she went with one from there. She finally saw the profile she was looking for. A tall, dark haired, light eyed man with an athletic build and a great personality, or so the ad said. She arranged to meet John at the bar of a very fancy hotel. John told her what he would be wearing and that he would be carrying a manila folder. She also told him what she would have on. Nancy got their first and was getting a little restless because of his tardiness. Finally, John showed up wearing exactly what he said and carrying the folder. Except that this escort was a Danny Devito clone. He was short, chubby and middle aged. Nancy told him that he was the most unprofessional man she has ever met and that she would report the escort agency for fraud. He tried to talk her into giving him a chance but she denied him. Male escorting work shouldn’t be this hard, right?


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