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What is male escorting work

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Are you bored with your usual job and work load? Are you unsatisfied with your salary? Well don’t worry; we have something that is exciting as well as money-spinning!! Heard about the male escorting work? Yeah, the same escorts that accompanies you to any of your wedding night outs or parties and bash outs. The ones that can make your nights sensuous and lovely with their feel and expertise!!

Male escorting work is very sophisticated and has touch of class to it. As a male escort you get to visit the best of parties and plush celebrations and be surrounded by the elite people. At times you also get to travel around the world to these exotic places that are out of the world and woo to experience a different world al together. Additionally you are also paid well for your services and as you grow higher with your services so does the amount. Plus, if you keep your client happy and satisfied, chances are you may even win some fabulous souvenirs and takeaways.

Male escorting work isn’t classified as prostitution and hence you are safe to practice it on your own or with an agency. So don’t you think this work is the best that not only provides you money but also keeps you entertained with the various perks, escorting work has to provide.

So now do you think the male escorting work interests you a little? Well, that the case, get yourself registered with the renowned escort agencies and enjoy escorting!!

Escorting work dont get appalled

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Frankly, escorting work is no more appalling or obnoxious!! It’s all in our minds. Every job has its own way of servicing people and getting paid. In the similar manner, even escorting work is simple if you see it straight and not from a negative eye. What exactly do you mean by escorting work? Escorting work is nothing but simply escorting a person and accompanying her to any concert or a celebration or elite parties and in this service gets paid for it. What wrong in this?

In a way, you are helping those lost and lone women, who in the midst of building their careers, couldn’t direct time for building their relationships and now that they have money, but no partner, they can surely indulge in some companionship that is offered in return of money. Moreover, these escorting jobs offer you good monies and take care of those pilling bills. At times, you also get to travel the world and enjoy the elite parties and high-class people around. All in all, it’s a game to be played with nothing to lose. Additionally, the escorting work isn’t degraded as much as the prostitution and hence it has been declared as the adult entertainment business in most of the countries. You don’t have to worry about any kind of atrocities from the law handlers.

So now you know that the escorting work is indeed not at all appalling and crap!! It is the way you look at it and your necessity!!

How escorting work is different than prostitution

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Have you been keen about the escorting work, but petrified that people will recognize you more as a hustler than an escort!! Are you one of those who think that escorting work is prostitution?
Here are few inputs as to how escorting work or escorts are way different than a hustler or prostitution.

Escorting work has always been compared to prostitution. But it is so not!!! Prostitution is a crime and isn’t legal in most of the countries. Whereas, escorting work is completely legal and many countries welcome the clean concept of escorting.

Escorting work deals with the having individuals escorting clients to various parties and social events, whereas prostitution deals everything to do with the flesh-business. As an escort, you don’t have to solicit clients at the streets or in the bar. In the escorting job, you have been given a profile to share with your clients by the escorting agency and you get paid for your clean escorting services which require elegance and panache.

Escorting work deals with entertaining the client’s interest by various ways. At times, it could be just giving an emotional support or giving affection to those forlorn individual’s. Prostitution is filthy and obnoxious. There’s no way you can even remotely compare escorting work with prostitution. Escorting work is definitely a well-regarded job to be in.

Well, after knowing the facts, I hope you want to be the first one to get recruited as an escort. So what are you wavering now for!!! Just get your balls rolling!!!

Escorting work as a line of work

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Escorting work has been in the news for all the good and the bad reasons. But, yet, all that has made the escorting work biz going stronger and bigger!!! That’s why many agencies are still recruiting escorts. Escorting work is now treated like a full-time professional job. Escorting work is simply much more than just escorting. Here’s how?

Escorting work comprises of loads of services. You need to be a people’s person to flourish your escorting work career. With a good physic and great persona, you can be topping all the escorting work charts!!! Other requirements for a successful escorting work career are: You need to be skilled in tango, lap-dance, and strip-tease, need to have a good listening-ear capability, know the various sensuous massages and know to rule the bed-time sex nap!!! If you have the caliber to grapple all this, then you can sway confidently in the escorting work biz.

Now, your next step is to find a good well-known agency to help promote you and get you business. Escorting work agencies are well-versed with the promotional tactics and the tricks required for the hoopla. Just be rest-assured about your monetary graph, it is surely gonna be going higher from now on!!!

Escorting work surely is a money-spinning job. With perks like exotic places, high-class parties and the never-ending souvenirs what else can be more luring than this!!! Moreover, escorting work is illegal-free and is now revered by all and sundry.

Escorting work thus is a dream job to be associated with.

The Hardships of a Male Escort

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

I’ve been a male escort for about 10 years and I have to say it has been a good run so far. There’s always certain aspects of a profession that aren’t all great, but for the most part it has more pros than cons. The money of course wasn’t always they key factor in being a male gigolo, I mean think about it who wouldn’t want to have sex with women for money. It wasn’t always the high paying lonely wife of a business executive or the out of town mom away with her girlfriends that call for what they think is a stripper but end up getting a whole lot more than just a show. I remember starting out at the bottom of the biz at a Male escort Agency and taking what ever rolled in over the phone line.

  Now the concerns and bothers of escorting work are different. There are times where you get a steady client that eventually tells you she is in love with you and wants to leave her husband and life for you or the once in a while out of towner that tells you to leave your escorting job and come live with her. That is not to mention the one night stands that turn into stalkers. Then again the money and the life style have been things that always made me tell myself there is not any other life for me. So I guess a few dramas from time to time are worth the money, beautiful women, and the exotic places I get to go living the life of an independent male escort.

Head Teacher Retires to Become a Male Escort

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

A 57 year old Head Teacher is taking an early retirement to pursue a career in Male Escorting. The individual when asked what was his reason for taking the decision to give up his current career to pursue a career in Male Escorting replied “One of my friends put me on to the idea of applying to cruise ships and well it sounds like a great idea”. Though the individual feels as though his career move will be one that brings him a new found joy as far as male escorting work is concerned his wife unfortunately does not share the same enthusiasm as he does.

  This is not to mention that his 23 and 21 year old daughters aren’t as well hitched on the idea of their 57 year old father being a gigolo floating away to exotic locations being the escort of some other woman. The individual has stated that his reason more than any other for making such a drastic career change into escorting work and so late in his life is to be able to visit different locations he otherwise as a teacher would have never been able to. Although the individual will not receive a salary he will have passage and rooming for free, he has said that one of the perks to the job other than the fact that he will be a male escort will be to do such things as visit The Great Wall of China or climb Machu Pichu in Peru. He will have left the school by the 31st of December and has said that there is some do it yourself work he needs to get done around his daughters homes before he sets sail.

Confessions of a Male Escort

Friday, February 20th, 2009

I remember back to when I first began thinking of the idea of becoming a male escort. It was about 5 years ago while I was still in college when some of my friends and I decided that we would call an escort agency and have some girls come and entertain us. Well with out going into too much detail we had some very beautiful women come over and entertain us in ways that we will carry with us for the rest of or lives. I began looking into how a man could become a gigolo and soon found myself smack dab in the middle of the male escorting scene. I began at a Male Escorting Agency here in the U.S., but not long after took up a proposal to work for another Male Escorting Agency in the UK.

  I was not really in a position to pick and choose between my clients when I first began Escorting work, but it did not take long for me to make a name for myself and have high dollar honeys requesting me exclusively at the escorting agency I was working for. It turned out that a lot of the other male escorts were into more traditional means of satisfying their clients where as I was different. I never had a problem being a bit naughty and playing with toys with my clients or going out of my way to research different places we could meet up that provided such encounters with an appropriate ambience and hardware. I guess it is safe to say that when my male escorting services are called upon I make it my top priority to want that my clients return for more of my entertainment!

Incredible Things You Some times Can Not Believe

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

I am a male escort that has been doing escorting work for about 6 years. Not too long ago I got a call from a client that was interested in meeting for a casual encounter. I did not think much of it and set up a date with the client so we could meet. Well we ended up meeting and having a great time at dinner and on this particular event did not have any type of sexual encounter. I continued on with my male escorting work not having given the encounter much thought. It was about 2 months after the initial encounter that I received a call from this client again wanting to meet and go out. Being a male escort and a man of business I set up the encounter and needless to say it was fantastic. On this particular encounter we spoke a lot more about our lives and after some mind blowing sex. It dawned on me that I knew this woman.

  After the encounter I was able to make the connection between the women and how I had known her. It turned out that the women was my aunt. I was shocked when I put the things she had told me about her life together. Never in a million years did I imagine being a male gigolo would lead me to providing my male escorting services to my aunt. Since then I have changed my telephone numbers and re distributed my new numbers to my clients and have not yet been contacted by her again. I as well have begun screening my clients better to avoid that I would one day again be providing my male escorting services to some one related to me!

Desperate Escort

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

I really did not want it to come down to what it came down to. My escorting business was gong well at first. I had become a male escort in 2004 and I loved every minute of it. I was providing escort services for the wealthiest women in the UK. If you are a mature male escort in the UK, you will not run out of escorting jobs. There is plenty of escort work out there for all of us, if we do things correctly. And I was doing things correctly until the summer of 2007.

  That summer, since I was making tons of cash with my escort jobs, I decided to begin gambling. I would meet up with my women clients whenever they wanted and then I would go to the track or place bets with bookies (mostly futbol and horses). At first it was going fairly well, I would win sometimes and when I lost, I never really got out of hand. But then I noticed that my male escort work began to suffer a bit because I was now paying more attention to my gambling. And since gambling is an addiction, it got worse and worse instead of better. It got so bad that I lost all of my wealthy clients. The women who really supported me left me faster than I could place a bet and I was losing tons of money. I became so desperate that I began prostituting myself. I started to do horrible escorting work and became an embarrassing gigolo. I am now in rehab trying to get my life back. At least im headed the right way.

Life Is Good

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Male Escorting work can be very exciting. I remember when I first started; I felt those famous “butterflies” start to form in my stomach because of the anxiety and good nerves that I had waiting for my first date. My first male escort job came via an ad that I personally placed in the newspaper. I really didn’t know what I was doing, all I knew was that I wanted to meet women and get paid for it. But I later realized that becoming a male escort was not as simple as that.

  I had a tough time as an independent escort so I decided to try to go through an escort agency. This move would change my life forever. Not only was I publishing with a well known agency, I was doing no work to meet the women that were paying me. They would find me on my website, call me to arrange the details and then we would meet, simple as 1, 2, 3. Once this initiative took off, I really started to enjoy escorting work. My escort jobs were growing as well as my bank account. I went from amateur gigolo to mature escort faster than you can say “How much do I owe you? The women I dated became so high class that I was able to narrow down my dates to only 3 per week with these 3 ladies that were supporting all of my hobbies and habits. Male gigolos are different than women escorts. We need to work more for the buck. But I can definitely say that I have reached the pinnacle of the escorting industry.


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