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Tips to form your own Escort agency

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Escorting jobs are good money and fun. Well if you think like that too, its time for some reality check! Escorting need not always be fun and if you think its good money then what about Escort agency? Yeah, not many think about Escort agency but that is much more money than just an escort.

Escort agency reaps two way benefits. First they charge the clients for the services. On top of that they even charge escorts for enrolling in their agency and/or keep a chunk of their charges. What’s more? Escort agencies don’t need to worry about pleasing clients! Does this sound like a promising business to you?

Here are a few tips for you to jump start your own escort agency! Like every business having knowledge or hands on experience is good. Before you start your own agency, work as an escort. This will give you exposure to escorting business as well as some clients. You will even know many escorts. It you are already an escort bingo! Start your escort agency.

Keep rates affordable for both clients and escorts. Only then they will approach you. Try to open and maintain your own website; this will expose you to broader masses. Talk to your colleagues and ask them to enroll with your agency. Give them benefits like no charges for enrolling and so on.

Keep your goals realistic. No business will make you rich overnight. But be dedicated to your work and don’t give up. That is the key to successful escort agency!

Single mum and independent escort

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

A mother is the best thing in the world. Yet it is not the easiest one! All moms will agree. And you know what is even harder? Being a single mom! I know it because I am a Single mom with two kids. A career and two kids keep me busy all the time. I forget I even have a life of my own self. I am glad I have an independent escort who does not let me forget.

Yes I know you all will think I am not a good mom if I go out with an independent escort! Why do always people judge others? That’s what I want everyone to know and especially single moms that going out with independent escorts is not a bad thing indeed it is a good idea if you can afford it.

We don’t have a man in our life for many reasons but that does not mean we don’t need one! I wonder how many out there think like me that having another man in our life will be extremely hard on our children. That’s why I never found someone else and decided to go for an escort.

Once a month I hire myself an independent escort. I leave my children with my mom for a weekend and spend time with my independent escort. I feel I am not emotionally attached with someone and have no commitments to make other than my children! So all Single moms if you need someone don’t be shy of hiring an independent escort!

How to open an escort agency

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Escort agency doesn’t necessarily be an agency that provides sex services. An escort agency is merely an agency that helps those people who are wondering whether they will ever have a life partner. An escort agency also provides all those needy companionship via paying some nominal charges. So if you are keen about opening an escort agency then read further and fins out how you can do it!!

The first and foremost step is to apply for the business license that allows you to carry out the escort trade. You can get this done with the local government agencies. all the laws regarding escorts vary region wise, so make sure you understand all the laws first and then venture in.

Once the license in place, start hiring good looking men, women and gays with suitable ages, so that you are in safe hands!! And have a variety while selecting these escorts, also check for their criminal record and whether they are vetted. You don’t want to lose your clientele on the basis of these minor nut and bolts of the escort trade.

Now when your infrastructure is set, started getting to promote yourself and your agency!! Get into a little of promotions via clubs, bars and publications. Start the ball rolling in and then with the best of services, the momentum will start increasing.

Now, that you know the nitty-gritty of the escort trade, follow the same and you now you were never wrong!! Let your escort agency be different yet exciting!

Recession and escorting jobs

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Recession has hit every part of the country and every field. There is no place which have been untouched. Even escorting jobs! You may think it is not so? How come escorting jobs are affected? Take a look.

We are in a society where everyone and everything is interconnected. You let one thread loose and the whole thing freely falls. Escorting jobs is a perfect example. We all know the clients of these escorts are rich successful people. Some who have businesses others who have well established careers and people like them! We know almost all businesses have gone down. Jobs including those of CEO’s have just disappeared. These people have no money to pay the bills let alone hiring an escort. The ones who are still clinging to their jobs are forced to take pay cuts and work longer hours. Getting escorting services is sure like a pinch.

The escorts have fewer clients to work and so their income reduces. To add to the crunch escorts are facing there is another twist. With many being unemployed and no other place to turn to they plunge to escorting jobs. Yes many people are now opting for it. And it includes straight men going for gay escorting jobs. In fact they are so desperate for money that they keep rates much lower and this affects the existing escorts. This is sure to have a negative effect for a long time.

With fewer clients and more escorts this recession has surely hit the escorting jobs!

What is male escorting work

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Are you bored with your usual job and work load? Are you unsatisfied with your salary? Well don’t worry; we have something that is exciting as well as money-spinning!! Heard about the male escorting work? Yeah, the same escorts that accompanies you to any of your wedding night outs or parties and bash outs. The ones that can make your nights sensuous and lovely with their feel and expertise!!

Male escorting work is very sophisticated and has touch of class to it. As a male escort you get to visit the best of parties and plush celebrations and be surrounded by the elite people. At times you also get to travel around the world to these exotic places that are out of the world and woo to experience a different world al together. Additionally you are also paid well for your services and as you grow higher with your services so does the amount. Plus, if you keep your client happy and satisfied, chances are you may even win some fabulous souvenirs and takeaways.

Male escorting work isn’t classified as prostitution and hence you are safe to practice it on your own or with an agency. So don’t you think this work is the best that not only provides you money but also keeps you entertained with the various perks, escorting work has to provide.

So now do you think the male escorting work interests you a little? Well, that the case, get yourself registered with the renowned escort agencies and enjoy escorting!!

How to become a gigolo

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Gigolos are hired dates or are paid for their services as a male escort. These escort services work best for a woman because she has a man at her disposal wherein she doesn’t need to impress him. Moreover, as a gigolo you get paid obnoxiously well and you don’t need, necessarily have sex with your clients until and unless discussed before or paid for the same. To become a gigolo sneak in to the following steps and you will surely master the art of being a gigolo.

The first and foremost thing required to become a gigolo is to get in to the shape women can’t resist. Most of the women are turned on, big time, with a fabulous looking body and physical attributes. So, to get your gigolo business rolling start working towards a excellent looking body. Another important thing to stress on is always keep you swanking clean. You know how most of the women are finicky about bodily cleanliness. Especially the ones who are ready to pay thousands of dollars would always want their escorts to look, smell and feel good. Get yourself accustomed with new talents like dancing, strip tease and massaging. This will adorned your gigolo career and put you in the favorite list of your clients. Also be ready to venture in to newer properties and making your horizons grow, giving your profile a touch of untouched services.

Follow these simple steps and the next thing you know, is you are topping al gigolo charts with ravishing reviews and clients.

Dont be an independent escort if

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Working as an independent escort is quite luring to escorts, experienced and beginners alike. It’s more money and flexibility than working through an escort agency. Many have jumped to working as an independent escort but have regretted. I don’t want you to make those mistakes.

There are pitfalls in every good thing. Take a look at when you should not be an independent escort! First thing; never try to start as an independent escort. You are not known to any ladies and people will never trust you. IT will be risky for them to try. So always stick with an agency if you are a newbie.

Now even though you are an experienced escort and your clients love you for your services. Think before you plunge to independent escort. First thing is once you are separated from the agency. You are not bided by the agency policies. This will make many of your clients doubtful before they contact you. Also it will be difficult in the beginning. So only if you think you can survive for a few months without many clients go for it.

Another thing you should know before you become an independent escort is: know your clients. Your clients will stick with agency if they are married. They don’t want any troubles in married life. They feel safer that way. Don’t ever think about independent escort if your clients are married

Independent escort is fun. But you don’t get everything in life. Consider all aspects before getting greedy. So better be safe than sorry.

Benefits of Working as independent escort

Monday, June 8th, 2009

You have often heard of going with escort agencies. People will always advice of enrolling with reputed agencies. A word of caution is always given to independent escort. Even sometimes clients are advised against hiring independent escorts. Its natural you will refrain from being an independent escort.

Many escorts often overlook the benefits of being independent escort. So many are not even aware of it! Let’s take a sneak peek at the pros of working as independent escort.

The biggest benefit of being an independent escort is the money! Yes you do get money even when you are enrolled with an agency but many agencies keep a chunk from your charges. Or they charge service fees from clients which makes it very expensive for some. Besides the agencies does not allow you to enroll free! Working as an independent escort you get to keep all the money the clients gives.

Besides as an independent escort you can decide your work timings. Yes many agencies have fixed times for which they provide escorts! What if that time is not suitable for you? Another thing is, escort agencies have many escorts so you face a competition from other escorts. You will at times even have to lower your charges to beat other escorts prices.

Many escort agencies have contracts with their escorts. You will not have to be bound with any contracts if you are working as an independent escort.

Are these benefits luring you! Dump your escort agencies and start working independently.

Independent escorts Definitely worth a try

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

And they are, not primarily because they come cheap, because they are a bit cheaper than the escorts offered by male escort agencies, but more because of no inhibitions in what they do and what you can do with them. Unless you are deciding to hire male escorts for a boxing session, which I am sure you would not do, independent escorts are definitely worth a try.

One of the main reasons why a lot of people choose independent escorts is because they come no-hassle. You don’t have to go through the long list of rules and service agreements when you hire male escorts from escort agencies. Most such independent escorts, you will find work on a freelancing basis and thus can be hired with minimal modalities.

Secondly, they are worth a try because they are at least 40% cheaper than male escorts working with escort agencies. As they work freelance, their overhead obligations anyways are low. Not many independent escorts work from an office. In fact, you will be able to find them standing by the alleys of some dim light roads in your city. That’s how simple it could be for you to find independent escorts.

Finally, even though it is worth to hire independent escorts, you must always make sure that the person you are hiring is worth the money and time. Remember, you would in all probabilities be spending the entire evening with an unknown person. You would want the man to shower his love, care and affection on you. You definitely don’t want him to come up with any malicious intention at all.

Independent escort How independent are they

Friday, June 5th, 2009

If you have never before used the services of male escorts, then here is a quick note – Apart from fun and excitement being the common benefits you would get by hiring male escorts, it is important you know a thing or two on how they work. When this point is being spoken about, you will find that male escorts are normally attached to one male escort agency or the other. That said, you will also find an independent escort willing to offer you his services to you.

As a woman who is hunting for a perfect partner to accompany you on a lovely date out, or any other fun activities, any male escort coming forth would do, I guess! But that said, an independent escort is worth a try because of these reasons.

1. You could almost end up doing anything and everything (Apart from killing him that is or assaulting him) on your date out. An independent escort will have minimal rules hanging on his head, which is really what you would have ideally wanted when you hire male escorts.

2. These escorts are available easily and you could book their services without much notice. You will find that most male escorts with agencies tend to get booked during their weekends, which means you can hire an independent escort and spend time with him on your weekend.

Don’t think twice – Get up and start looking the Internet to find out more about an independent escort in your city. And trust you will find many who will offer escorting services!

Dos and Donts for male escorting jobs

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Are you planning to opt for male escorting jobs! I am assuming, you must by now know all about the advantages and disadvantages of been an escort and that’s why you are all set to venture in the male escorting jobs arena. Well, I am going to brief about the basic things required, to set your mark as a male escort. These simple things will help you keep your privacy and dignity. You can even save yourself from embarrassing situations in your male escorting jobs.

This information is directly from the horse’s mouth! I have had many instances where I could get the opportunity to have a dialect with many escorts and know their experiences, the mistakes they made and precautions they did not take!

Firstly, never reveal your identity! Use fake names or nicknames! Don’t use your regular cell phone. Get a new number. Better get a prepaid card. Do not get carried away and reveal your identity to your clients. Male escorting jobs are professional jobs and keep them that way! If you only wish to opt for out-calls, specify the escort agency to keep your home address confidential. Escorts agencies have privacy policies for escorts too.

If you are willing to provide intimate services be sure to check of the local laws for escorting and prostitution! This is very important if you are going with clients to other places! Be away from legal messes! Keep you male escorting job trouble free!

Good luck and get the ball rolling!!

Male escort agencies Spend some time on the Internet

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

And you will get a complete database of male escort agencies. No joking this! Male escort agencies are available aplenty, some even in a boring city like the one where you stay. Obviously, you have the option of going ahead and choosing a male escort agency on your choice, and the deciding factors would normally be the quality of the escorts and the pricing, but you will be well-benefited if you go ahead and think of things like the processes followed by the escort agencies. Any escort agency should at least have a robust hiring and a training module, if it wishes to be reputed. After all, people are not born with male escort skills. These skills need to be groomed over a period of time, which only the reputed male escort agencies can do. Importantly, you will find that most good male escort agencies never compromise on this factor and in fact, spend quite a lot of money on this. A lot of agencies that have come in new to this domain are also investing quite a bit of their money and time to train new guys who join them as male escorts. One note before you start researching the Internet for prospective male escort agencies – You will not find a lot of difference in their prices if you are looking and comparing between escort services in the same city. Given this point, the next and the best thing you would do is compare the quality. User testimonials definitely help people here.

Surrey Male escorts

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Surrey is one of the happening and landscaped filled countries of the United kingdoms. It is notorious for its landscapes, river valleys, beautiful grasslands etc. It is also famous for an amalgamation of history and the contemporary culture giving you a vivacious variety to bask in. But they also don’t lie down when it comes to the Surrey male escorts. Yeah, you read it right. Surrey male escorts are the happening escorts.

Surrey Male escorts are the most rocking guys you would skip your heart beat for. They are these handsome hunks who can rock you with lovely smiles and body to kill for. It doesn’t end here. They also age good conversationalist and well-mannered. Some of them are great masseurs and have the tactics which will make your body feel electrifying waves of pleasure. Moreover, they can accompany you to any of your wedding nights or parties. They also believe in the coming only for a cup of coffee or many a salient dinner over the seashore. Not only that, they also come along for a vacation with you anywhere on the earth. But all this comes with a price tag. Truthfully, these Surrey male escorts are very affordable; however the price may vary according to the various services you hire them for.

Plus, these surrey male escorts operate without any legal hassles. As Surrey, like discussed earlier believes in a vivacious culture and supports escorting as an adult trade.

So get rocking with the Surrey male escorts and revel in the most vivacious atmosphere.

Male escort agencies are copious

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Many decades, men used the escort agencies for their full use but now it’s our turn. Yes! Its time for women to enjoy these services portrayed by men!! Well, the escort agencies have actually made some dramatic changes and have got the male escorts only for the woman species to indulge in to their fantasy world. These male escorts are brought to you by the male escort agencies.

The modus-operandi of the male escort agencies is they allows you to access their male escorts for couple of hours, sometimes days, for any of your occasions, be it a weeding bash, an official luncheon or even a birthday party. You can hire one of the best looking male escort and make him your arm candy. You have a range of escorts available from young to matured, from hot looking to having a sturdy body. You name your desire and they have then for you.

The best way to find them is, just Google for the male escort agencies and you will pages after pages informing you about these escorts or describing them. Some of the renowned ones are listed below:

Cavendish Knights is one of the hot and happening male escort agencies which have over 200 male escorts for display and they are very affordable as well. Hoopermen is yet another male escort agency which provides you with classy and handsome looking guys!!

So take a break from al your tensions and start a lively life wit these male escort agencies!!

Better & affordable London escorts

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Lonely in London!! What a plight! London is a city to have fun and enjoy life. But how can you if you all alone over there? Don’t be sorry for your self; just call a London escort out there!

London escorts are not that popular as Birmingham escorts! But not be carried by popularity. London escorts are nothing less comparable to Birmingham escorts. They are very professional and their services are up to the mark. They are very flexible and they allow you to select. London escorts have amazing combination of good looks, toned body, smart, intelligent, multifaceted, and vey kind and co-operative. If you are visiting London then they are your best option as a guide.

London escorts are not that very expensive and you can get a variety of them to select from. They are gay, male, mature escorts all of them! What do you need? The best thing is you can reserve them in advance. So you can select the one you like online and hire him. This saves you the hassle of hiring one on the day itself.

You can hire London escorts for a few hours, just a night, a whole week or as long as you wish. The choice is yours! They will provide you with all the services you want. Be ready to pay their charges and you won’t be disappointed. Quite a few London escort agencies offer sexual satisfaction too.

So don’t worry about being lonely! Live with fun and excitement and have a hearty time with London escorts!

A night spent with Toronto escort

Monday, May 18th, 2009

I am a successful marketing manager in my thirties. I work with popular chain of fashion clothing. Like every other woman even I need a man but just not that devout to a committed relationship. Male escorts are perfect solution to my needs.

I travel a lot in my job and quite often hire a male escort when out of town. Then last month I was in Toronto for work. We were launching there. I had accomplished my job well and wanted to celebrate. But alone!! So I hired a Toronto escort just for a night.

I was aware of the good reputation of the Toronto escorts. But didn’t know that Toronto escorts were so good!! They were beyond my expectation!!

My escort knocked my hotel room, he was on time. I invited him in. We sat and chatted for sometime. I dint know Toronto escorts were so bright! Then he recommended a place to dine. It was far from my hotel but I am so glad I went. It was a lovely place with beautiful ambiance. It was more than celebration!! It was the most romantic night I ever had!
Then we went back. My Toronto escort offered me a massage to relieve my stress and I accepted. Oh it was blissful! And then finally he pleased me! I felt like I was in paradise. It made me feel like having a true man. Next morning he offered to drop me to the airport. And I came back. But it was an unforgettable night!!

Do you prefer classy male escorts

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Are you one of those who prefer absolute quality and are ready to pay whatever it comes to? You don’t like any and every escort coming your way. You are very choosy when it comes to selecting your taste!! All in all, you are looking for those classy, yet hot, models yet professional male escorts!! And don’t know where to find them, well read further to get to know how and where you will get these classy male escorts!

The best way to get these classy male escorts are by searching them with renowned and notorious websites that are capable of having such elite escorts for their elite clients. These classy male escorts are far better and different than those mediocre ones. They have style and class and for your elite parties and plush luncheons, these are ones that will suit you as your arm candy and not the middle-of-the-road ones. And the only eligibility is to have those monies coming in. because these classy male escorts are in literal means classy; some of them are also models and do this simply for fun. Although this sounds to be a happening treat, it can be really expensive. And just because you are paying high, expect the treatment to be high as well. All these classy male escorts are all vetted and have a proof to show you, so you can also have some intimate moments with them with out any qualms.

So now you know how to grab these hot classy male escorts for your plush and sumptuous events and affairs.

London escorts beat the recession

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Sounds gibberish right!! But it is a fact. At a time where the whole world is being pinched by the very old recession, London escorts are enjoying their lives without been touched by the word recession. The reason been the London escorts are on fire!! London escorts have a variety of escorts including gays, mature, blonde and many more.

London escorts are much talked about. You will get a huge range of escorts in London. These escorts are decorous, well-mannered and above all gorgeous looking guys. They are not only smart but also have the caliber to win anyone’s heart. You can take them as an escort to any of your happening parties or business lunch or even an official bash. Plus, they can also escort you to a concert or may be just be a support while you are feeling alone.

The best thing about London escorts is that London welcomes escorting as an adult business and hence doesn’t charge it with any legality. Well, you can enjoy a heartfelt fun with these wonderful buddies. And to make this an exquisite deal, London escorts are not that expensive. Just select a wonderful package deal and go for it. London escorts are also versatile when it comes to giving you awesome services. They are good masseurs and are capable of giving you some multi-massages including Tantra massages. So get these escorts grooving you and your world with their out-calls and in-call services.

Asian escort agency Now in London

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

So what if you are in London!! You can still get the tantalizing Asian escorts to entertain you. Yeah, London now also has an Asian escort agency which is one of the hottest escort agencies so far. This agency can make you feel the excitement of Asia within London.

So if you are looking for escorts from Asia, then don’t go any further, Asian escort agency will provide you with the right stuff. This agency has a huge range of Asian escorts which are handsome and gorgeous, sexy and suave, panache and chic. They are simply the ultimate escorts you were looking for. The agency provides you with both the services in-call and out-calls. You can hire these escorts either for a night party or may be for a concert or even for a silent dinner down-town. Or you can even ask them to take a trip outside London. The only requirement is the class to pay, if you have money, you can have various services at your disposal.

Asian escort agency has their escorts vetted and so you don’t have to worry about any lethal diseases coming your way. Moreover, this agency procures you with various services at a very nominal rate. And in London, escorting is completely legal!! So you are free to use these services without been clandestine about it. Make the most of this opportunity.

So while in London, also entertain yourself with the lovely Asian escort agency and get your life rolling with these enthusiasts’ escorts.

London escorts

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Do you have like those reverent business executives coming to visit your town? But obvious you want them to have a gala time plus your business dealings to be fruitful huh!! Don’t worry if your business managers are male or female species, they all can have some fun with the London escorts!!

Well, the London escorts are these classy, hot and sizzling gorgeous escorts who are all decorous and well-mannered. These escorts exactly know how to deal with the high-class executives. When your executives are tired and deadbeat with the day’s meeting and presentations, they just want to have some peace with an alluring company who can understand their plight and soothe them to harmony. This is exactly what the London escorts cater to. London escorts are free of any legalities and hence everything is so legal and without any hassle.

These London escorts can speak fluently in most of the official dialects and can unravel all your desires in a night’s time. They not only can be a great escort to accompany you to pub or a club but are also great masseurs, so while back at the hotel, you can enjoy some sumptuous massage to further soothe your stress away.

Isn’t this a perfect deal? All this, at an affordable rate!! So there you go, you get something that is classy, something which yet reverent and fully organized.

So why don’t you try these London escorts and give your business executives a ball of a time.


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