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Male escorting job Myths

Friday, May 8th, 2009

You think male escorts are male hookers. Guess what you are all wrong! With every new thing that comes up there is a buzz going on about it and so is with male escorting jobs. Many out there presume male escorting as another version of male prostitution. For anyone who is skeptical about male escorting jobs get your facts and myths straight!

First and foremost is to know who are male escorts and what do they exactly do? As the title says escorts, they are men who escort ladies.

The tradition of marriage is all out. There are many gals in modern era who prefer to be single and successful. These ladies do require males to accompany them to formal lunch, dinners, and special parties. There are so many single college girls who needs a young lad’s company to attend her prom night. Sometimes there are female tourists all alone who just needs a company to show them the places around. These male escorts accompany these females and not necessarily gratify them with sex. There are many male escort agencies having strict No Sex policy.

Male escorting jobs are full time and part time. Some of the male escorts are from very good professions like doctors and engineers. Male escorting job not just gives you extra bucks but even a chance to meet single females around. You might even end up meeting you soul mate.

So you can have all the fun and nothing to be ashamed of with a male escorting job.

Profuse Male Escort agencies

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Once the privilege of men is now desired by women too. To cater the female clients escort services started with male escort agencies which have seen a boom in recent times. The main aim of male escort agencies is to satisfy their women clients. Give them all they want.

Wondering what you will get at these agencies? There are smart handsome males from a 19 year college boy to 70 year old most mature guys. They are good looking with well built physique someone about whom you dream. Who would not want them by their side be it anywhere wedding occasion, a formal lunch or an evening party. Most important is all these escorts are thoroughly scrutinized. So you be assured you are in a safe company.

You can even ask for male escorts with specific height, weight and even color to be a perfect fit next to you. So whether you like it tall dark and handsome or you like a prince charming the choice is all yours!

Cavendish Knights is considered one of the best among ladies. If you are a successful lady searching someone to suit your persona you might want to check with Elegance4her for your elite escort. Other than that, there are a few more which might catch your attention like Hoopermen and Platinum Selects. All these agencies claim to satisfy all your needs.

So all you gals check out the agency hunks and flaunt a good looking male escort by your side. Get ready to party!!

When to hire male escorts

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Male escorts are the arm-candy of every happening party of the town. Escorts are your genuine buddies when it comes to accompanying you to any occasions or simple dinner-nights. However, you pay these buddies to provide you exuberant services. You can get them through escorting agencies or there are many independent working escorts as well. It is advisable to hire an independent escort if and only if recommended by someone or with a good client history.

Now, this was all about male escorts, but when is that you should hire yourself one?

Male escorts should be hired specifically when you need an escort or the so-called arm-candy to be flaunted all around in your wedding parties or hen nights. Not only can you hire them for joyous occasions but also for serious business deals or business luncheons. The only thing you need to do is, explain your male escort about the pros and cons and specifications for that particular event and you are sorted.

You can always hire male escorts for your dinner parties or even dinner-dates. There could be a possibility that you are visiting a new place and may be you require a tour-guide. Why hire a guide, when your sexy male escort, can escort as well as guide you to the new exotic places. You can also opt for the male escorts with masseuse technique. This was they can help you drive away your stress in an absolute rocking sensuous manner.

Well, now you know when you should hire one, so excuse yourself with any of the one reasons and get the pleasures night out with these male escorts.

London escorts drive away the seclusion

Friday, April 24th, 2009

You can’t be despondent in London. London is the city to enjoy the life in the fullest means. When you are in London, you just can’t disdain the lively London lifestyle. Try the London escorts and you know why? London escorts are delight galore and will amuse you with their swanky chic.

London escorts enhances your escorting indulgence and takes you to another world altogether. These escorts appreciate the clients’ needs and desires and hence are bendy. Bendy in all possible ways! London escorts are available for in-call services and out-call services. This way you can enjoy the escort-splurge in whatever way you like. London escorts are hot, sexy and gorgeous looking men. They will all out there to serve you in all possible ways. You can have a assortment of escorts ranging from gay escorts to model or matured escorts, young and bold escorts.

Moreover, these London escorts are economical to your pockets. These escorts are recruited on the basis of their persona and how well they cab treat their clients. London escort agencies provide you with a range of profiles to select from their photo-galleries. These sites also display their contact details or you can book them online. Good news is you can do all this in a hush-hush way and enjoy your escort-gorge. And escorting is legal in London, so experience the London escorts even with a sexual touch without any legal formalities.

Don’t wait anymore, log on and get your lonesome-phase changing in to the vivacious world of pleasure.

Whats with the Rio De Janeiro escorts

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Rio De Janeiro is famous for its carnivals, out of this world landscapes and a rocking beach culture!! It’s a shame if you come here as a loner!!! Why fret!! Enjoy the Copacabana beach and Ipanema beach with the Rio De Janeiro escorts!!

The Rio De Janeiro’s authentic lifestyle is to have fun and pleasure. You are here on a business trip, no worries! The Rio De Janeiro escorts are here to take good care of you. Tired from your usual hectic married life!! You are here for leisure – wait until the Rio De Janeiro escorts take you on a pleasurable ride of fun and feast!! While for all you gay travelers, there’s a little treat from the gay Rio De Janeiro escorts as well. Additionally, these escorts can lap dance for you, you can enjoy the sensuous strip-tease or just relax with an ecstatic massage and bathe all your worries away under the hot sun.

It’s a trouble-free task to book these escorts. Simply log on to Rio De Janeiro escorts sites and you will have plenty to choose from. Looking for gay escorts or male escorts or mature escorts, your search ends here in Rio De Janeiro.

Well with the beach and discothèque cultures, even escorting is legal here!! So don’t you worry about the permissible authorization issues!!

Go, share the sizzling and sultry Brazilian sun with the Rio De Janeiro escorts, its worth your voyage!! Make the most of your travel to the striking Rio De Janeiro with the high-class Rio De Janeiro escorts!!

Is it worth Money spending on Toronto escorts

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

What do you look forward to from the Toronto escorts? Do you think Toronto escorts are the right choice? Are they worth the money spent on them? Lets just see how much of all this is true!!

Toronto escorts are miraculous escorts to spend your lonely nights with!! Toronto escorts are an uncomplicated mix of skilled services with a special arousing feel. The boyfriend like feel amid the exciting yet sensational friendship that the Toronto escorts procure is undreamed of.

Toronto escorts have striking features with lovely sleek bodies and are well-mannered and civilized. They are all self-assured, sexy and amiable and get mixed up with the character you want to be.

These Toronto escorts offer you a range of services personal as well individual. Toronto escorts can help you for a quick jaunt of the town or be a good sport by making your candle lights a delightful dines!! They can be your good enthusiastic cohorts for a concerts or night-outs or can groove with salsa numbers or jive to the jazz numbers!!

What’s even more enticing is that these Toronto escorts can be a great sport for hot and sizzling massages, even the tantra massages, erotic sex yak and fulfill your sexual urges and unwind your senses.

Hmm, well it’s safe to say that the money-spent on these Toronto escorts is definitely meaningful!!! Spoiling yourself is the right way to ecstasy!! And for the right ecstasy the amount paid is worth it!! Don’t miss it for the world!!


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