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How to become a male gigolo

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Male Gigolos are these hot and handsome creatures who are fortunate to earn loads of monies from rich and famous older women, who are unsatisfied and have no man to be passionate about. Male gigolos are a little different from their counterparts- the male escorts, because male gigolos have the tendency to get emotionally attached with their clients whereas the male escorts simply believe in dealing with a business.

As a male gigolo, you will be hired by these lucrative and high-class women with whom you can have a time of your life. If you are interested in this prospect keep reading to know some facts about how to become a male gigolo.

Always dress your best, if you want to impress your clients and retain them. Remember these high-class, moneyed ladies always want to flaunt their gigolos as their toy-pet and want every body to drool over him. This will only work in your favor because you may also get new clients. Always try and attend these elite parties, never let go any opportunities that will get you accessed to these plush parties. This will increase your clientele.

Once you are in the business, you will know which the right woman to target is and follow your instincts. That will help you get growing higher in your clients as well as finance. Be a good listener and good in your tactics. That will win you half your battle and the remaining you can tackle with your conversational skills and vulnerability.

How to become a gigolo

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Gigolos are hired dates or are paid for their services as a male escort. These escort services work best for a woman because she has a man at her disposal wherein she doesn’t need to impress him. Moreover, as a gigolo you get paid obnoxiously well and you don’t need, necessarily have sex with your clients until and unless discussed before or paid for the same. To become a gigolo sneak in to the following steps and you will surely master the art of being a gigolo.

The first and foremost thing required to become a gigolo is to get in to the shape women can’t resist. Most of the women are turned on, big time, with a fabulous looking body and physical attributes. So, to get your gigolo business rolling start working towards a excellent looking body. Another important thing to stress on is always keep you swanking clean. You know how most of the women are finicky about bodily cleanliness. Especially the ones who are ready to pay thousands of dollars would always want their escorts to look, smell and feel good. Get yourself accustomed with new talents like dancing, strip tease and massaging. This will adorned your gigolo career and put you in the favorite list of your clients. Also be ready to venture in to newer properties and making your horizons grow, giving your profile a touch of untouched services.

Follow these simple steps and the next thing you know, is you are topping al gigolo charts with ravishing reviews and clients.

Male Gigolo Male Gigolos

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

There has been a lot of confusion between the job role of gigolo and male escorts. The word, Gigolo in itself is intriguing, and has generated quite a bit of mystery in a lot of people. Just so you know – A gigolo does nothing different from what other male escorts do. In essence, their job profile is still the same as the job profiles of other male escorts.

When they did start offering their services, gigolos were an unknown quantity. And thus, people thought that they offered some things, which male escorts would not offer. Over a period of time, as many more gigolos have started offering their services, this notion has changed considerably.

In the phase of transition, a lot of people had come up with a very seedy and a raunchy misconception about Gigolos. Quite a few even took to Gigolos as people who would spoil their evenings, if went alone with. Conversely enough, Gigolos have proved it to the world that they are here just to share some beautiful moments with women, and that too on their demand.

Gigolos are high class in the mannerisms, and very professional in their behavior. In many ways, you will find gigolos just being an extension of male escorts. They accompany women to parties, special events, and even venture out to spend a lovely evening date with them. Nowadays, with the change in perceptions about Gigolo, women folk absolutely love the idea of spending an evening with a handsome and charming gigolo, to get rid of their loneliness.

Life Is Good

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Male Escorting work can be very exciting. I remember when I first started; I felt those famous “butterflies” start to form in my stomach because of the anxiety and good nerves that I had waiting for my first date. My first male escort job came via an ad that I personally placed in the newspaper. I really didn’t know what I was doing, all I knew was that I wanted to meet women and get paid for it. But I later realized that becoming a male escort was not as simple as that.

  I had a tough time as an independent escort so I decided to try to go through an escort agency. This move would change my life forever. Not only was I publishing with a well known agency, I was doing no work to meet the women that were paying me. They would find me on my website, call me to arrange the details and then we would meet, simple as 1, 2, 3. Once this initiative took off, I really started to enjoy escorting work. My escort jobs were growing as well as my bank account. I went from amateur gigolo to mature escort faster than you can say “How much do I owe you? The women I dated became so high class that I was able to narrow down my dates to only 3 per week with these 3 ladies that were supporting all of my hobbies and habits. Male gigolos are different than women escorts. We need to work more for the buck. But I can definitely say that I have reached the pinnacle of the escorting industry.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Male escort work can be very deceptive. You can start out by having the time of your life with the best of clients and then end up having nothing because of one bad move. You can be throwing wads of hundred dollar bills on anything you please and then all of a sudden, you might find yourself scraping pennies to make ends meet.

  There are male gigolos all over the US and each of them has his own escorting style. There are mature escorts who deal only with fancy, wealthy, older women that just want a “trophy” to hang form their arms while they attend one of their ritzy functions. Then there are Male Escorts who usually do independent escort work and cater more to that lonely housewife that needs more bedroom attention than anything else. There are differences in these two types of Gigolo but they also have one common principle which is money. Money is the root of all evil and I found out the hard way. I have been participating in male escorting jobs for about 5 years now and I was doing extremely well. I was a combination between the mature escort I mentioned above and your standard gigolo. But I crossed the wrong person and my escorting ways were never the same. I became part of a very famous escort agency in which the owner had lots of power in the industry (if you know what I mean). We had a heated argument, it turned violent and I was on the losing end of a lawsuit that ended my Male escorting career in one day. Now it is back to the drawing board.

Male Escorting Should Be Fun

Friday, February 6th, 2009

It is a business and we all know that. 99.9% of the men in this business are in it for the money, like in most businesses. But Male Escorting should not only be about cash and sex, it should be about having fun as well. Providing escort services means that you have to have a certain personality and it also wouldn’t hurt to be very attractive as well, but you have to try to make the best of it and not take it too serious. After all, it’s basically a fancy date that you get paid for. How can you not have fun?

  I have been escorting for a while now. I have done countless male escorting jobs, some good some not that good. But I can tell you that I tried to make the best of all the situations. Some situations were easier than others but in the end, I was getting paid to talk about myself and what I like. Gigolos were made to be charming and happy, why wouldn’t we enjoy ourselves. Becoming a male escort gives you a chance to go out there and have all the fun in the world. It should be one big party. For all of the new male escorts that are having a hard time making the adjustment to escorting work, please try to remember this article. Meet your women, take advantage of the money that they are paying you because it will not be there forever, but most importantly, “kick off your shoes” and have a ball while doing escort work. It does not last forver.

What Type Of Escort Do You Like?

Friday, January 30th, 2009

Many of the things that we purchase come in different sizes. From burgers to television sets, we usually get the choice on what size we need or want. The male escort industry is no different. Not only do the escort services differ, but the size of the gigolo also differs as well. Another thing that is also different in all male escorts is their styles. But that should be obvious, style usually implicates a different personality and we all know that people are different. I will give you an example of an escorting site which teaches the client different types of mature escorts she can obtain.

   The site states that escorts come in all shapes and sizes. You get small ones, big ones, tall ones and short ones. You get professional escorts who offer a limited type of service, and you get escort services which are more extreme-depends what the woman is looking for. Some females are looking for something that they do not or cannot get at home. Some women look for closeness-more known as the girlfriend/boyfriend experience-. Some women are just looking to rumble under the sheets because they need it and there is no one available at the moment which can satisfy her urges. And some girls book escorts out of sheer curiosity. They hear so many good things about professional gigolos and the escort work that they provide that they need to see and feel for themselves what the fuss is about. We live in a world that has endless options on the things that we buy. Why should human companionship be any different?

Mature Escorts Out Of London

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Let us try to dig a little deeper into the world of London Male Escorts. I have written about many confessions and many different types of stories. But once in a while, to really get a taste of the male escort business, we need to see the details and postings that a real male escort agency uses to network its gigolos on the net. The following segments are part of the London based male escorts who talk a bit about themselves through their website.

   For example, they mention that their ability to deliver quality, professional male escort work whenever or wherever you need them is a virtue for them. They like to keep things simple whether you want to book an escort or become an escort. They think their business is booming for their no nonsense, simple way of attacking the male escort services they provide. They do not dress up their site with extravagant male escort marketing ploys and they do not make promises that they cannot keep. What they do claim is to have a completely transparent structure that has nothing hidden to rear its ugly head out in future business deals. They also mention that one very important service is that if a client calls, they will get a human voice 24/7, 365 days a year with no exceptions. They have male gigolos from all sizes and shapes and they will meet every criterion that is presented to them. From seeing this male escort site, it is no wonder to see why they are doing so much business. They do not beat around the bush and the amount of escorting gigs they get is the perfect example.

Advice For Clients

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Which ever type of customer you are, it is always good to know the real and true advice from the supplier about what they think of their own product. Advice that helps you choose or at least lets you lean in a certain direction. For example, if you go to a restaurant, you might ask the waiter to suggest something. Some places already carry “The Chef’s Suggestions”.  Well, male escorting is no different. Escort agencies that do well, market themselves this way, they create advice on their escort services and create more escorting jobs for their gigolos. I will give you a few examples of an escort agency filled with mature male escorts UK and how they promote to their escort work to their clients.

   First of all, escort agency owners know how reluctant a client could be when booking an escort for the first time so they want to dispel the myths by saying that a true, professional male escort will not show up at your house in a red plastic mini skirt, smoking a cigarette unless you ask him to. Professional gigolos are not drunks and drug addicts who would steal from you as soon as they get the chance. Escorting is not about wrecking the client’s home life, maybe prostituting but not escorting. They also tell us that becoming a real male escort is not about streetwalking and touring the hoods for public business. A real male escort has more control over how he handles his business and therefore charges higher rates. All this stuff is very understandable and we can see how these types of hints can help a client with her nerves.

Choir Boy Turns Male Escort

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

People change jobs all the time. They even go as far as to change it drastically. For example, you could be an accountant and then become a male stripper. This next short story is not really about a job change but it is a drastic move that a young made in order to put some spice in his life. He went from choir boy to male escort in sixty seconds.

   Since I would like to keep his identity a secret, I will call him “Mike”. Mike had been a choir boy for most of his teenage years. His whole family was church oriented. But one day, he picked up a magazine that was full of male escorts and what type of escort jobs were out there to be had. He was a bit interested in what he saw, but at that time he felt that escorting was a sin. A few years passed by and Mike felt like he was financially stagnant and that his life was very dull. He decided to look up gigolos on the internet to get a closer look. He found out that you could either work for an escort agency or you could become an independent male escort. He did further research on the escort industry and realized that it was not only escorting services but sex could also be involved sometimes. He was in pretty good shape already but he decided to get in better shape before he built his website (all in secrecy of course because he was still involved with the church). He also realized that it was not all about looks so he got some social tips about how to really charm women from a buddy of his. Currently, Mike is a very successful male gigolo who has to turn down escort work because his agenda is so packed. I guess all you need is motivation and anything can be accomplished.

The Fantasy Of Being A Male Escort

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Every man has a fantasy of satisfying every woman. We all know that this is true. Do not try to think otherwise. If men didn’t want to be around women all the time, whore houses, cat houses, street corners and especially the internet, would not be making any money on pornographic images and videos. Since I have been writing about male gigolos for quite some time now, people usually ask me, “How does someone fulfill that fantasy?” In the next paragraph, I will tell you a story about a black male escort who started his escorting ways while on vacation with his girlfriend.

   Mickey decided to go on vacation with his honey. Their relationship was on the rocks already so they decided to go on a trip to see if they could flash that spark that got them together in the first place. They were going to Mallorca for the first time and they were going for 2 weeks. It started out fairly well, but on the 4th day, they had a huge fight because of her jealousy. It seems that Mickey had wandering eyes and she did not like it. They fought, she left and he stayed alone. As luck or fate would have it, Mickey met these two whores who were on vacation in the same hotel. They actually saw the whole fight because it took place poolside. That night, Mickey hears a knock on his hotel door and it was those two ladies looking to party or get “his spirits up”. So they say. To make a long story short, a Male Escort was born. It turns out that they worked for a female escort company out of London and they thought he had the character and presence to become a very successful male gigolo. Since he knew his relationship with his girl was over, he took them up on their offer and the rest was history. Mickey now has his own website with videos and images of his independent male escort services. Tell me that God does not smile down on some people.


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