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Why should male escorts always be on time?

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

In male escorting work, you would find a lot of values to be in place if male escorts have to succeed. But one of the virtues that doesn’t need any second explanation is being timely. Any male escort worth his salt would know the repercussions if he is late for a booking. Actually as it happens, the first few minutes of the booking goes in you explaining why the hell were you late when you should be exchanging pleasantries. That is the damage being late could do for your booking.

Importantly, when you be late for a booking you set a feeling in the client’s mind that you are not professional. This could lead to the booking going somewhere else, when it would have been a straighter affair. And even before you could realize, your client could set the word about you that you are not such a professional male escort and people should stay away from you. In this cut-throat world of competition, you wouldn’t want that to happen, right?

Basically, the message is clear – You have to be timely and there are no two doubts about that, when it comes to male escorting work.

It is good for male escorts to face the truth

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The point is – There could be times when despite the best of efforts, the male escort couldn’t do a decent job of his booking. At such times, it is important for the male escorts to keep a level head and not get bogged down. He should understand the fact that such things happen in male escorting work and the more one thinks about it, the more morose he would get. Importantly, he should face the truth that he screwed it all up without blaming it on anyone.

There could be the bookings when clients may turn in with a new set of demands, completely to the surprise of the male escorts. The pro male escorts know how to handle such guys and they do a fine job of turning these awry bookings into pleasant experiences with their professionalism. Who stops you from taking the path of the pro male escorts? After all, if they have done it for so many years, there is a reason why they do, so it is all the more good for you.

Not a lot of male escorts around are known though to take things with a pinch of salt. They think that it is an ideal world and everything should work as per them.

Normally, male escorts having a calm mind win the race

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

One of the first things you would hear about male escorting work is that you need to have a calm mind to succeed. The basic reason for having a calm mind in male escorting work is because this domain throws up nasty surprises on you all the time. If you don’t have a calm mind, you could easily be overwhelmed by all these challenges. Once that happens you would find your male escorting work career taking an absolute nosedive. After that, it would be difficult for you to overcome the issue.

Most male escorts know that they need to have a calm interior even before they step into the domain of male escorting work. This seems to be more of a point taken for male escorts as you would find that most of them don’t even focus on working on this aspect a lot. One thing is for sure thus – All the male escorts who have a calm mind would succeed. For those who don’t have one, it is a tough climb uphill.

The point is – male escorts can just not have wild mood swings. As a person, some of us do have this trait, but as a male escort, you just have to do away with this problem. Having this problem could only demean your chances of growing ahead in this domain.

Smoking is injurious to health – Applies to male escorting work too

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Even otherwise, smoking is supposed to be injurious to health, and talking about male escorting work, it is definitely injurious in more ways than one. Apart from the fact that smoking could injure your lungs adversely, the stink coming from the mouths of smokers is something that pisses off a lot of clients. Even if the male escorts are superstars in their own right, smoking is something that could help them bring in a lot of negative reviews. Part of this is also true because as a male escort, you may be required to hug or sit closely to your clients.

In this regard, you definitely don’t want your smoking habits to come in the way of a good comment. As we said before, all what male escorts may count for nothing if their manners aren’t in place. And that’s why it is so important for you to get rid of it, if you wish to make a good name in male escorting work. If you are in the habit now, it is not too late. You can quit it right away before the problem assumes big proportions.

The point is – When you know a bad habit could hurt your chances of winning some positive reviews, why waste your time?

Social networking adds a new punch to male escorting work

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The fact that the Internet is seemingly taking over a lot of what male escorts do for themselves has resulted in the rise of a new concept – Social media networking. This concept talks a lot on how male escorts promote their services with joining sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. In fact, in a survey done, about 40% male escorts are using social media sites to promote their services. What’s with these sites that help so much in male escorting work. To know more about this phenomenon, you must know how these sites work.

Basically, the social media sites allow someone to make new friends. For example, in Facebook, you could send friend invites and add new friends. If you have been diligent enough about your friend adding process, as a male escort, you would do well to add all the ladies to your list. That ways when you promote your services, you would have a ready audience to cater to. This is just the way how a lot of male escorts are using social media sites. So, if you are thinking of using these sites to promote your services, all you have to do is log in to one of these sites and start promoting.

Efficiency in male escorting work is a mere mirage

Monday, May 24th, 2010

As male escorting work is a full fledged work domain in itself, there has been a lot of talk on how to measure the efficiency of male escorts. Initial set of arguments make us believe that the efficiency of male escorts could be an indicator of how soon do the male escorts wrap up their bookings or how many customers were they able to satisfy. Honestly, the right answer to this question lies somewhere between both these things. And actually, when you look at both these points, you would know that it is not so easy to measure the efficiency of male escorts.

The thing with male escorting work is that there are so many variables attached to the aspect of male escorting work that it is not going to be easy to uncover the best efficiency metric. Some people have tried taking all these factors into count and have been able to come up against a metric, but that is definitely not to say that the metric identified is the best possible explanation. There has to be a lot of ground work to be done on this aspect and that’s why we say that the efficiency identification task for male escorts is going to be a mirage.

Luck plays its part in male escorting work

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Not a lot of male escorts believe in luck, but the matter of fact is that good fortune does help in the success of a lot of male escorts. You would hear stories on how a male escort had a tough time day in and day out. And on the other hand, you would also find a lot of male escorts merrily coming back from one meeting and another. Probably, they did all the basics right from start to end. Probably, they have been saying No to the tough bookings and have been accepting only the easier ones. Whatever is the case, one thing is for sure – People don’t get it easy, if they haven’t worked for it.

They say, fortune favors the brave – This is so applicable in the case of male escorts, because the bravery here is sticking to the basics at all times. If the basics are in place, you would find that no one can really disturb the accomplishments of the male escorts. And indeed, these are the guys who make the most of their good luck. Some male escorts are surprised at how they do it. The answer is here – They worked hard for this, and they probably have a process. So, rather than standing afar and getting jealous on their achievements, go near and find out what made them so successful.

In male escorting work, always be in control

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

Any Guru male escort who has spent quite a bit of time in this niche would tell you one thing – male escorts succeed only when they are in control. Male escorts should always be in control of the situations in male escorting work, otherwise it could be a heady recipe for disaster. Basically, in male escorting work, challenges come from anywhere and everywhere and if male escorts are not in control of the situation, the entire booking could go bust. The point here is simple – Make sure you are in touch with what you can offer and what the client needs and you would be fine.

It is just not as easy as one can think of. Sometimes, issues could be very tough to handle, even for the most seasoned male escorts. The only thing that can be said here is that if such things do happen, it is plain bad luck. All the male escorts could do from there on is to take some lessons out of the entire story and move on to make sure such situations are completely avoided in the future. One thing should be noted – Just by merely learning the lessons from a bad incident like this doesn’t mean such incidents don’t happen in the future.

As a male escort, you don’t always have to say Yes

Friday, May 21st, 2010

One of the first things you would hear about male escorting work is that as a male escort, you always have to bow to the client demands. This is absolutely true but definitely comes with its set of caveats. One thing is for sure – As a male escort, you don’t always have to say yes to everything that comes your way. Sometimes, things may get a touch tough for you to handle and in such a scenario, you would always be well enough to leave things as they stand.

Attempting to do something which you know you are not good at, may only result in you creating a lot of embarrassment for you. Now, you may want to do some things in order to keep your client happy. The gut feel is well appreciated, but remember, if you fail in the attempt, the client wouldn’t have any mercy on you. She would think that you are up to no good. That’s why a polite no at times, could be the best answer!

A lot of pro male escorts do this – When they find something out of their control, they foresee the trouble and politely say No. What is stopping you from saying it?

Party bookings are the most challenging ones in male escorting work

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

You ask any male escort and he would tell you that the party bookings are probably one of the most challenging ones in the deal. To understand why male escorts think so, you just need to look at what happens at the parties, which is not difficult to comprehend. With most parties having an absolute crowd of ladies, it could get very difficult for male escorting work to manage and behave themselves. If the party does have a host, the male escorting work could get saved but only by a bit.

Some parties just get conducted in a disorganized manner. It is in such parties that male escorts have a real tough time managing the demands of their clients. For starters, almost everyone in the party seems to behave as if she is a client. This is especially so true at parties where only ladies are invited. All hell seems to break loose when some ladies decide to take the matter in their own hands.

Pro male escorts beat out of this situation by clearly drawing a line and telling the client who booked them that it is slightly getting out of control. Actually, sometimes even this doesn’t work as you would find a lot of clients themselves behaving absurdly and out of line.

Communicating with other male escorts is key to male escorting work

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

A lot of people might say that male escorting work is a very isolative niche, in the sense that a male escort would have to find his way himself, without getting too much help from any of his colleagues. Seasoned male escorts would completely disagree. When you speak to some of these guys, you would find that speaking to other male escorts is equally important for male escorts too. These escorts understand what they gain by speaking to other male escorts and that is why they attach so much importance.

Pro male escorts say that this activity should be done in a non-obtrusive manner completely. What this means is simple – They must, if they wish to, speak to other male escorts but in a manner that it doesn’t interfere with their work schedules. Work is after all the only thing that keeps good male escorts going. They would certainly claim that anything coming over and above the work is entirely on the responsibility of the male escorts and it is his job to toggle between them.

Being tech-savvy is only an added quality for male escorts

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

A lot of male escorts think that by them being tech savvy, they get an added edge over other male escorts. This is one of the biggest false notions anyone would have had. In a profession like male escorting work where a lot of client relationships start and end with how the meeting actually went, having sleek gadgets in hand may not be considered such a big advantage. Though people who have gadgets are considered to get some of their administrative work done, faster, it is not something people go ballistic upon for sure.

New male escorts who are just getting their feet wet in this domain simply believe that having sleek gadgets could help them in their active role of male escorting. This is such a misleading assumption, which needs immediate addressing. The point is – A gadget may not come in and help a male escort complete his meeting. And most certainly, a gadget may not come in and satisfy the clients on their needs. All this means one thing – male escorts shouldn’t rely on gadgets to take them through their roles.

Social life is important for male escorts to do always well with male escorting work

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

There is a reason with which why it is told that social life is so important for male escorts. Social life doesn’t always mean that male escorts take a long break from work. Well, it’s simple – They could even end up spending some time over coffee with their colleague escorts, or for some other escorts, it could be hanging out with friends in the night time. All said and done, social life of male escorts is all about spending some quality time off work with their own self.
One of the most important things about social life is that it helps a male escort recharge their batteries. This allows them to be completely productive and efficient with their male escorting work opportunities. But most importantly, if a male escort has a good social life, he could catch up with his colleague escorts on off-the-record chats on a wide range of topics, and in fact, in some cases, he could also come up with some fixes to tough situations.
Now, here is the point – While a social life is considered paramount for a male escort to have, it at no point of time means that it is a compulsion with male escorts to have this frequent time-off. What it means though is one thing – Male escorts who don’t have a good social life may find it really tough to actually get used to the hard rigors of their escorting life.

New ideas bring male escorts a new lease of life with male escorting work

Monday, April 26th, 2010

It is widely believed that fresh ideas allow male escorts to be on the top of their game at all times. Does this mean all the male escorts need to be creative with their thinking, and that too at all times? Basically, the fact is that it doesn’t have to be a compulsion for people to be creative if they are working on male escort jobs. That being said, being creative helps male escorts to think of on-the-feet resolutions, especially to complex situations.
Clients always like to be with male escorts who can think on their feet and come up with innovative solutions to their issues at all times. The point is clients have at a lot of times, wide ranging issues for which they need a fix for. It is not necessary that they would only appreciate out of the box solutions because standard resolutions would also work for such situations. The point is – Good male escorts would always know how and when to make a choice.
Bottom-line – The fact that new ideas help male escorts to be creative doesn’t mean that every male escort needs to put his thinking cap on. Sometimes, he could even do away with the run of the mill thought solutions, which normally works for most of the standard issues thrown at them by their clients.

How many times have you heard male escorts failing in what they were supposed to do?

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

The stories of male escorts to be successful in male escorting work activities are aplenty, as you would find many of them floating around in male escorting work domain. These male escorts probably do all the basic things right, to ensure their bookings work to the best effect. They ensure that each of their booking end up with the best possible customer satisfaction scores. Now, all this means one thing – Male escorts fail only because they don’t do the basic things right in their male escorting work.
While you would find a lot of male escorts being successful in their male escorting work opportunities, you would also find some male escorts failing in their duties. At most times, these male escorts blame on their clients being finicky. The fact though is – They fail to understand the fact that they have to impress their clients and not give any excuses at any point of time. For that matter, finicky clients turn out to be just one aspect of male escorting work and like that, if male escorts want they could find a lot of reasons and excuses.
But in giving these excuses, male escorts at best only end up creating a lot of damage for themselves, because they don’t identify the exact reasons of their failure. Importantly, this tendency catches on like a virus resulting in them actually not making any difference to their male escorting learning career.

There is a fine line in being a tech-geek if working on male escorting work

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Some male escorts are tech friendly, as you would often see, them carrying gadgets around. Things like IPADS, IPHONES and many more find a way into the kit of such male escorts. The question is – Are the gadgets really necessary to be a part of the male escort’s kit? This is an interesting question, which is sure to have varied answers. One of the first things you would ever hear about male escorting work is that male escorts don’t have to be so geeky at all, as at best these opportunities don’t really need an individual to carry devices like the ones mentioned above. As long as the male escort could meet with their clients and talk about their issues and offer solutions, they should be fine.
But, some people actually walk the extra mile and actually go ahead and use these devices. We are sure of kone thing – If they use any of these devices, they are probably sure of one thing that these devices could be of some help to them and their work. After all, they would love to use something that can help them at all times and not really have something for the sake of it.
Some male escorts, especially the new ones would love to just have these devices for the sake of it. They wish to model themselves on the seasoned escorts, especially after they have seen them carrying these devices around. A piece of advice for all such male escorts who wish to do this – Don’t carry any device that would interfere with your work, because in doing so, you would only damage your prospects of doing good work.

There is glamour involved in male escorting work, but that comes with a price

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

One thing you would find male escorting work is that it is a glamorous industry indeed. Yes that is for sure, but this definitely doesn’t come for free. You would find yourself paying a heavy price to actually bask in all the glamour. You may lose touch with some of your friends and your interactions may become limited with your family. Last but not the least, you may also have the possibility of contracting a big fat ego, which could only be damaging for you.
All this points out to one thing – Being in male escorting work domain ensures one thing. You get your chance to bask in glory and fame. But if you are unable to keep your head on your shoulders, you can do more damage than benefit for yourself. A lot of new male escorts don’t get a hang of this major minus point and end up hitting a spade on their foot. Critically, male escorting work may bring the male escorts down to ground in a big way and that’s why it is so important for male escorts to keep their feet on the ground.
Few male escorts manage to keep a level head on their shoulders and it is these male escorts that actually make it big in male escorting work opportunities.

Few male escorts take weekend breaks from their male escorting work

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Break from work is really important for any working professional to be on top his game at all times. It allows him to recharge his batteries and come back for a grueling ordeal in absolutely no time at all. In male escorting work, weekend breaks are savored in a big way (Though the weekend breaks for a lot of male escorts fall on weekdays, as weekends are normally considered busy time for a lot of male escorts). You would find a lot of male escorts taking their breaks.
But some male escorts don’t find the practice of taking breaks from work, acceptable. Their thought process is to flow with the momentum. They would like to keep working until they find it is absolutely imperative for them to take a break from work. Such male escorts often take their breaks as an absolute last resort, and while it may not be a good thought to think of, but it definitely is something of a break from the conventional weekend break mechanism of a lot of male escorts.
The point is simple – Weekend breaks could be the norm for male escorts, but that doesn’t mean it has to be followed by everyone concerned. Some male escorts take weekend breaks, and some don’t and this is really up to one’s prerogative. The bottom-line is – Anytime you take a break, you can get an opportunity to recharge your batteries.

Hundred times out of hundred, expect to find male escorts thinking

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Male escorting is a tough profession for sure, as the success of a male escort depends on a lot of metrics and variables. The male escorts normally just go about working on their client bookings, but in the process you would also find that they think a lot. They keep thinking to ensure that their clients don’t get skipped off for the wrong reasons. When you speak to seasoned escorts, you would find that they would tell you one thing – Keep attending bookings and you would get into a habit. The thinking would automatically come and it doesn’t need to be forced.
A lot of newbie escorts actually are too pre-occupied with the concept of thinking about their male escort jobs. The advice to most of them is simple – Don’t think so much because male escorting work doesn’t need a lot of thoughts from you. It just needs you to go for client bookings and ensure you fulfill your client bookings to a nicety.
When you dig deep to do some research with male escort jobs, you would find that a set of male escorts would almost be ready at all times to complete a client booking. The point is – Such guys aren’t really afraid of the new challenges that come their way at all times and are eager to get some bookings done.

A web presence is needed if you need to succeed in male escorting work

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Though male escorting work is pretty much a real world activity, you would find a lot of male escorts actually lining up to have a web presence. With a lot of business being conducted on the Internet nowadays, male escorting work surely is finding its way through the Internet. You would find a lot of male escort agencies and even independent escorts getting their websites done. One thing is for sure – Without a web presence, it will be really difficult for male escorts to survive in the long run.
A lot of women clients are increasingly turning to the Internet to find information about male escorts and their services. In such a scenario, you would lose out, if your colleague friend has a web presence and you don’t. Having a website definitely adds to your credibility, as clients could go on to your website and check on the services you offer. But most importantly, when you publish your website details on your visiting card, you gain more credibility than before.
What we wish to say here is this – Having a website doesn’t guarantee you success in the male escorting domain. That being said, a website is definitely a critical cog in the business development activities of a male escort. A well designed and a well promoted website would surely rake in enough visitors, which directly means a male escort getting business on a continuous basis.


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