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Hundreds of New Face Are Coming to the Escorting Community Everyday

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

You might have heard that thousands of young and handsome men are now working as male escort. Hundreds are joining each day. But they are so interested in these jobs? Why not? Male escorting is a demand of our modern society. As the number of career minded women increases, the potentiality of escorting grows.

Once, there was a time when male escorting was not very familiar or popular as like female escorting. No longer. Male escorting is at the top demands.

In addition, it has been seen that most of the women come from a broken family desires to have a nice company with handsome men. At this point, they take the advantages and hire ideal companions.

On the other hand, as the potentiality of escorting has increased tremendously during the last couple of years, young and handsome men are showing their interests in becoming male escorts. The wages of these kinds of jobs are high. One can easily earn £80 – £100 per hour.

Most of the male escorts work on a part time basis, since the women clients hire them at the evening or on the weekend. Escorts can have fun with beautiful ladies as well as earn generous amounts.

So why fall behind? Consider becoming one of our top-notch escorts and earn handsome amount of money. Check out our site. We are here best male escort agency since 2003, bringing beautiful female client to our first-rate escorts.

What is male escorting work

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Are you bored with your usual job and work load? Are you unsatisfied with your salary? Well don’t worry; we have something that is exciting as well as money-spinning!! Heard about the male escorting work? Yeah, the same escorts that accompanies you to any of your wedding night outs or parties and bash outs. The ones that can make your nights sensuous and lovely with their feel and expertise!!

Male escorting work is very sophisticated and has touch of class to it. As a male escort you get to visit the best of parties and plush celebrations and be surrounded by the elite people. At times you also get to travel around the world to these exotic places that are out of the world and woo to experience a different world al together. Additionally you are also paid well for your services and as you grow higher with your services so does the amount. Plus, if you keep your client happy and satisfied, chances are you may even win some fabulous souvenirs and takeaways.

Male escorting work isn’t classified as prostitution and hence you are safe to practice it on your own or with an agency. So don’t you think this work is the best that not only provides you money but also keeps you entertained with the various perks, escorting work has to provide.

So now do you think the male escorting work interests you a little? Well, that the case, get yourself registered with the renowned escort agencies and enjoy escorting!!

Dos and Donts for male escorting jobs

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Are you planning to opt for male escorting jobs! I am assuming, you must by now know all about the advantages and disadvantages of been an escort and that’s why you are all set to venture in the male escorting jobs arena. Well, I am going to brief about the basic things required, to set your mark as a male escort. These simple things will help you keep your privacy and dignity. You can even save yourself from embarrassing situations in your male escorting jobs.

This information is directly from the horse’s mouth! I have had many instances where I could get the opportunity to have a dialect with many escorts and know their experiences, the mistakes they made and precautions they did not take!

Firstly, never reveal your identity! Use fake names or nicknames! Don’t use your regular cell phone. Get a new number. Better get a prepaid card. Do not get carried away and reveal your identity to your clients. Male escorting jobs are professional jobs and keep them that way! If you only wish to opt for out-calls, specify the escort agency to keep your home address confidential. Escorts agencies have privacy policies for escorts too.

If you are willing to provide intimate services be sure to check of the local laws for escorting and prostitution! This is very important if you are going with clients to other places! Be away from legal messes! Keep you male escorting job trouble free!

Good luck and get the ball rolling!!

Male escorting jobs, my add-on income

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

I really never thought that I would in my lifetime, ever join male escorting jobs. Not because I thought it was slapdash or shoddy, but I am a very family oriented person and don’t believe in polygamy. I go to church for mass and I m really happy with my wife and two daughters.

But suddenly, the whole world started falling to pieces, the aftermath of the great recession. Even big companies were feared shutting down. I suffered too and that’s why only to save my family and children, I joined the male escorting jobs. Thankfully, I have fairly good physical attributes and hence I was readily accepted.

And to be honest, it has helped me a lot when it comes to making ends meet. I am still not enjoying the going out with different women all the times and when money talks, everybody takes a back seat. I get the chance at times to visit, some of the exotic places, I must have only dreamt of. I have got huge amount of money coming in and at time the extra perks are like simply amazing. There are some fab women I have come across. But still, I make it a point that I don’t have any sexual relations with any of my client and only on this stance, my wife is fine with me working in a male escorting jobs agency.

Today, I am a family man with happiness and content and the credit goes to none other than the male escorting jobs.

Male escorting jobs A hot trend

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Gone are those days when male escorting jobs were looked down upon. The notion that male escorting job is another term for male prostitution is all crap now. It is now a reputed job like others. To put it simple male escorting job is just a paid date; where the job profile varies from a casual evening to a happy ending. It depends on what the women clients are looking for.

With advancing times many females are successful and single. They are busy climbing an upward ladder and lack time for a committed long lasting relation. They may not have time to devote for a long term relation but have all the money for a short escort fling.

Females who are not satisfied in their relations with their partners go hunting for male escorts. All you have to offer this female is a true companionship. When she is talking be a patient listener and talk when she is quiet. Admire her for who she is! Understand her. It’s about having an emotional connection and not like prostitutes just sex and good-bye.

In male escorting jobs you are with modern sophisticated women. You get a chance to go out with them for parties and night clubs. Enjoy life! And above all this, get paid for it.

Many guys are now trying to get into male escorting job. They know it is a complete package .It is kinda work which has fun, females and fat cash. Sounds more like a dream job!!

Male escorting job Myths

Friday, May 8th, 2009

You think male escorts are male hookers. Guess what you are all wrong! With every new thing that comes up there is a buzz going on about it and so is with male escorting jobs. Many out there presume male escorting as another version of male prostitution. For anyone who is skeptical about male escorting jobs get your facts and myths straight!

First and foremost is to know who are male escorts and what do they exactly do? As the title says escorts, they are men who escort ladies.

The tradition of marriage is all out. There are many gals in modern era who prefer to be single and successful. These ladies do require males to accompany them to formal lunch, dinners, and special parties. There are so many single college girls who needs a young lad’s company to attend her prom night. Sometimes there are female tourists all alone who just needs a company to show them the places around. These male escorts accompany these females and not necessarily gratify them with sex. There are many male escort agencies having strict No Sex policy.

Male escorting jobs are full time and part time. Some of the male escorts are from very good professions like doctors and engineers. Male escorting job not just gives you extra bucks but even a chance to meet single females around. You might even end up meeting you soul mate.

So you can have all the fun and nothing to be ashamed of with a male escorting job.

Fun and earn with male escort jobs

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Although male escort jobs are questionable!! Even in today’s times many of you are still keen to do it. With so many women desiring more and more male escorts the word has spread about male escort jobs that its money with fun.

Are you one of those who want to give it a shot but don’t know what to do? Here are a few tips for you for you to get into male escort jobs.

Let’s analyze first what it takes to get in this business. Like most jobs, male escort jobs require some ability and skills. Are you a womanizer? Do you have good physique with pleasant personality? Do you make every woman spin her head around? Do you possess charms that can melt any women’s heart? Are you a masseur who can sedate like tranquilizers? If you answer yes to them, Oh boy!!! Male escort job is for you.

Now the next thing is to get a male escort job. That’s simple. All you have to do is enroll yourself with some reputed male escorting agency. They will ask you for your pictures so be sure to give your best ones. Other than that they will just ask for your likes and credentials. Be open about it. If you are a party animal specify that. After all male escort job is more about fun with females.

Once done with enrollment, wait for your first call and do your best. Word of mouth is your best marketing tool. So earn some bucks and have some fun!

Male escorting jobs are dissimilar to prostitution

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Many of you must be appalled even by the world male escorting jobs, forget about working as one!! But wait a minute who said it is prostitution. It’s a common myth that male escorting jobs are taken more as a hustler or male-whore kinda of jobs. But it isn’t true. Look below for the all the myths about escorting compared to prostitution been debunked.

Male escorting jobs are way dissimilar than the usual prostitutions. They are far removed from the prostitution business. Male escorting jobs are nothing but a sophisticated of having an escort for any of your occasions. It doesn’t even remotely concern with sex or sexual relationships. Although, if the female clients have some desires, those are mutually sorted between the client and the escort!! Whereas the prostitution only talks about sex and everything about it!

Male escorting jobs are legal and countries like UK and US are completely awed about the escorting business and hence have given them a green signal to carry their jobs without any legal intermission whereas prostitution isn’t legal and cannot be practiced legally.

Most of the male escorts have an agency which provides you a non-sexual only escort deals whereas the prostitution is either carried on streets or by pimps or they carry their actions in pubs or bars etc.

So many reasons why male escorting jobs aren’t prostitution and are way different than sexual biz!!! I hope you are no longer sickened to hire yourself these escorts or get into the grooming lessons of becoming one.

Tips for making it big in the Male escorting jobs

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Today’s competitive world makes it very difficult to stay ahead of every one else. Hence, it is necessary to make the most of you have and keep beating others. Same is the state with the male escorting jobs. There is an increasing demand for the male escorts and hence more and more guys are getting allured to the male escorting jobs.

No doubt, male escorting jobs are a good way to get enormous bucks accumulating in your pockets. But it doesn’t come that easy. You need to know some of the pros and cons to the male escorting jobs and the next thing you know; you are rocking the world with your escorting skills.

First of all get yourself absolutely toned up. You know precisely what women want!! A curvaceous body with lean and trimmed body-cuts is simply fabulous and never-missed item.

Second of all, get yourself registered with an esteemed male escorting jobs center or an agency. Put forward your profiles and hot-looking images for them to get hold of you. Also, to beat others provide inputs on how and what can you do for your clients so that they are satisfied and contented.

Once you are done with the above steps, just get yourself some good boogie lessons, for an edge over the others. Also get a little info on tantra and other special massages. This will make you a hit within your female clients.

Now, just gear up for the non-stop phone calls and all the awe-excruciating money coming your way!!

Male Escorting Noble profession dont take them for a ride

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Who said that male escorting is prostitution? Anyone who believes so should be given a whack in their unmentionables, only because Male escorting cannot be called prostitution by any stretch of imagination. It is not flesh trade where sex can be sold or bought over the shop. It is a very noble idea of having handsome men accompanying lonely women on evenings out, or to parties.

Think about it – If male escorting would have been prostitution, most governments would have banned it by now. But for now, at least in countries like the USA and the UK, male escorting, as a form of escorting carries on unabated. And no one involved with this profession seems to complain at all.

Most agencies who employ male escorts pay them a monthly salary or a salary per every hour commissioned. Given this fact, you will also know that they are eligible for employment benefits, and yes, they also pay taxes to the government. With these facts given, you should be in a position to treat male escorts as a citizen much like you would have treated anyone else.

Unlike some time back when male escorting was considered to be a taboo profession, a lot of people are taking interest in this. There has been a paradigm change in people about male escorting. No longer do people view male escorting as prostitution. In fact, if reports have to be believed, a lot of women, young and not-so-young, are into using male escorting services to get rid of their loneliness.

Debunking the myths of male escorting jobs

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Male escorts are male-hookers!!! Did u believe that? Were you intimidated by the male escorting jobs? Are you the one who always wanted to earn those extra dollars but didn’t know how to go about?

Here are few eye-openers to all the myths behind the male escorting jobs!!!

You always thought that the male escorting jobs were male prostituting jobs huh!! Nonsense!! Its so not!! Male escorting jobs are far more stylish and sophisticated. Male escorting jobs are more into escorting single women for their special parties and business lunch sessions. There are males who work as doctors during the day and are male escorts for the nights. This is a fact!! I hope this is the best revelation!!

Male escorting jobs not necessarily end up satisfying the sexual urge of your clients. There are many escort agencies who work on a complete non-sexual terms. So, if you are the one who wants to get into these male escorting jobs without doing sexual ruckus, then you are welcome to join the non-sexual escort agencies.

Male escorting jobs are only for part-timers!! No ways!! Many escort agencies everyday have hundreds of requirements. Unquestionably, if you have the time and the caliber to spent, you can very well get into the male escorting jobs as a permanent escort worker!!

Male escorting jobs gives you the extra bucks and don’t forget the interesting exotic places you get to travel!! You never know, you may even some day, come across the love of your life while escorting!!!

Eye opener for male escorting jobs

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

You all must be scandalized by the male escorting jobs, especially due to the controversy surrounding the escorting business!!! Male escorting jobs doesn’t mean prostitution or been a hustler. Here are few non-appalling facts that will make the male escorting jobs a real time career option for all you escorting –opposed guys!!!

Male escorting jobs are a sophisticated line of business. It simply deals with escorting women for their various occasions on hourly or daily basis. Male escorting jobs are paid anywhere between $100 to $1000, depending upon the category of the client and the escort. Male escorting jobs give you the breathing space of working as a freelancer or working with an agency!!! So you can be a doctor or an engineer in the day time, but by the night time, you can a modish chic escort. Isn’t it a dual returns job? Plus, most of the countries approve of escorting as a line of work and hence you can continue keeping your legal record sparkling clean.

Male escorting jobs give you the chance to have an erotica in the comfy bed of a hotel or at the comfort of your bedroom. In male escorting jobs, you may even get to visit some lovely places depending upon your clients and their tastes and caliber.

Male escorting jobs are for all those endearing guys with a big heart and an everlasting smile.

Male escorting jobs are in vogue right now, will always be!!! Come on, what’s stopping you from being in vogue and profitable!!!!

Are you horror-struck with the male escorting jobs

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

So you are horrified by the male escorting jobs? Don’t be. We have some eye-openers that will make the whole escorting deal an interesting one. Male escorting jobs are indeed an admirable career. Don’t think it to be only a bang-bang session. Plus, the monies and the other exuberant spoils, makes it a rockstar job.

Male escorting jobs are always compared to prostitution. But the fact is, as an escort you get paid for your services of escorting. Of course, there are variations in the profiles of these jobs wherein sexual touch may be needed, especially if your client is expecting one.

Male escorting jobs are in a never-ending recruiting trade. The reason being- woman’s increasing demands for escorts. These escorts are like little angels for all those ladies who feel that their life is incomplete. You as a male escort can make them feel out of the world by appreciating their suave beauty, listening to their worries and may be a support without any attachments. That’s why, a male escorting job is way different than prostitution, because in prostitution you aren’t worried about your client’s needs and desires, and you just do it and adieu!!

Moreover, male escorting jobs are good money-spinning jobs. And the night to spend with a high-class lucrative women- Boy o Boy!!! The hot and happening parties with delicious food and gorgeous-looking people around! It’s like some movie world.

Well, all your appalling thoughts about the male escorting jobs are out for sure now!!!!

The newfangled mature male escorts

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Escorts are gaining lot of popularity across the globe. Men have been enjoying the escort services for more than a decade, now.

All you women out there!!! It’s your time to enjoy these services and with the varied range of the male escorts available, the experience is simply alluring.

The new entrant – mature male escorts in the male escorting biz is amazingly congenial. A woman always likes to be around matured guys. Mature male escorts give out-of-the-world experience to accomplish your needs of a matured male with no links and connection at all. Mature male escorts understand the sumptuous and aesthetic feminine needs and provide them an earthmoving experience. Mature male escorts are veterans, when it comes to savoring the womanly desires and sensuous needs in a very tantalizing manner!!

Mature male escorts range from 35 to 60 years of age. Depending upon your savor and craving you can select and choose the mature male escorts, to please your imaginings. You can either take your mature male escorts for just a devour session or ask them to escort you as an excursion chauffeurs or just a have a simple candle dinner where you can talk your heart out!! These mature male escorts will be more than willing to do all this without any expectations or link-up.

Few websites will provide you with escorts pertaining to mature male escorts exclusively. These online sites allow you to hire your mature male escorts discreetly, in a hush-hush manner!!!

Gratify your mannish wishes with the newborn mature male escorts!!

Male escorting jobs no longer appalling

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Need more convincing!!!
It is a praiseworthy career. Yeah!! It’s a fact that male escorting jobs are now treated as any other esteemed jobs. It’s just not a slam bam. It’s simply not a money-spinning job but comes in with other swags too.

Male escorting jobs are counterparts of male prostitution. Gibberish!! Male escorting jobs are not any “johns” but it is a paid service to get a hot date for any occasions. Now these jobs can vary in their profiles which can involve sexual traits as well depending upon what the woman is looking for.

Year after year, male escorting jobs are in increasing demand. It’s because women do not have time for relationships in their hectic professional schedule but have the money to hire a great escort treat.

Male escorting jobs take care of the woman’s desires which probably aren’t satisfied from their spouses or partners. As a male escort, you need to understand what the woman wants, appreciate her beauty, make her feel at ease, may be have long conversations. It’s more like working like a shrink for her on her desires and needs than a prostitute where you just get done with it and say good bye.

Male escorting jobs pays you well, keeps you in the company of high -caliber women, allows access to trendy parties with no strings attached. Whew!!! What else can you ask for?

Well, skepticism about the male escorting jobs is thrashed out huh!! Go ahead , get recruited with the revered male escorting jobs.

Male Escort Settles Down and Marries One of His Very First Clients

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I in all my life never would have seen myself as being some one who would settle down and get married let alone carry a meaningful relationship. I mean let’s face it I had been a very successful male escort living what most men would consider a dream. I had been in the male escorting game long enough to have had clients I had been with for some time buy me cars, a house, all sorts of expensive clothes and jewelry. I had it made. So why would some one like me settle down and stop having such things given to me?  Well as it turns out it was not some thing I had planned at all. I had when I first started working as a male escort had my first date with a college girl who absolutely took my breath away the first time I had met with her.


We went out and I was amazed that some one as beautiful and hot as she was would call an escort. We had a wonderful time together and casually saw each other for a while after our first date. I had not seen this girl again for 8 years when by pure chance we ran into one another at a convention I was accompanying a very sweet executive to. She had been there as well on business but of a different type. We ended up meeting up again for drinks and that’s when she told me what she had been doing with her life and I had explained my success as a male escort and we had a great evening together. We saw a lot of each other after that and I slowly left the male escorting scene till I had asked her to marry me and she accepted. We have been married for 3 years now and I can’t say I regret one bit having left male escorting and got married.

Male Escort Follows in Fathers Footsteps

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

I never knew my mother growing up. I was raised by my father who lets say provided a very comfortable life for me as a child and teenager. I was a typical kid like any other went to school, graduated, and went off to college. It wasn’t till my second year in college that I had finally discovered that my father was a male gigolo. I had come home during spring break when my father came out and told me the truth of my mother and his profession. My father explained that he had gotten one of his regular clients pregnant and that she did not want to raise the child with my father as he did not want to leave the male escorting profession. So my mother gave full custody of me to my father and that was the last he had heard from her.

  Growing up my father had never brought any ladies home as well I never saw my father with any girlfriends. He did however work strange hours of which he had led me to believe was due to his working as a shift supervisor at a factory. I never thought much of it. When he finally told me he was a male gigolo I was impressed by it and immediately wanted to go into the business. He helped me get myself started and I ended up leaving school and working full time as a male gigolo. I have been in the business now for about 4 years and would not change my job for anything. I make great money as well as have the opportunity to meet incredible people.

Living Next Door to a Male Escorting Agency has its Benefits

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Some may say it is terrible living next door to a male escorting agency, but they do not know the benefits of having tons of gorgeous guys around your apartment building all the time. I don’t want to sound like a slut or anything but I like to look at myself as a girl who knows what she likes and well does a lot of it. I moved in to my apartment about 2 years ago and at first thought it odd that throughout all hours of the day and night there were these incredible men coming and going out of the apartment next to mine. Well one day when I was returning from a night out of dancing I ran into one of these studs and began chatting away in the hallway of the apartment. It was not until I had invited him over and wound up in bed with him did he tell me he was a male escort and that the apartment next to mine was their male escorting agency.

  I was not sure exactly how I felt about first the idea that I was in bed with a man that would go out with women for money and on occasion sleep with them as well the fact that the apartment next to mine was a male escort agency. After that encounter I have spoken to my girlfriends about the events of that night with the male escort and finding out the reason I had so many delicious guys coming and going in my apartment building was because my neighbor’s apartment was really a male escorting agency. They all agreed that if I was able to be with the gorgeous men and I did not have to pay take full advantage of it. Let’s just say that when I go out and come home alone there is always a handsome man that is waiting for me at home.

Living a Double Life as a Male Escort

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

I am a 30 year old male escort that has been in the business for about 5 years now. I began male escorting as a part time job to make ends meet. I am married and have 2 kids and work in an office during the day. At night I work as a male escort to an elite group of ladies in the city I live in. When I first started out I never had the intention of going on forever as a male escort, but I as well had no idea I would take so well to the profession as well as have so much fun. I mean is it wrong for me to be out with other women being married when the time I spend with them is purely out of my being an escort? I have raised the question amongst my co-workers some of which are in my same situation married with children. They all say the same thing they are not out with a mistress that they love and would one day consider leaving their wives for. It is a job.

  I have always told myself the same thing, but what would I do if one day my wife came to me and told me that not always but occasionally her work required that she sleep with other men. I would like to believe that having the experience of having worked as a male escort I would understand, but I have not faced that kind of a situation so it is tough to say what my reaction would be. I guess these are just some of the things a married male escort living a double life has to deal with.

I am burnt out!

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

There is something really special when you work for yourself. Owning your own business gives people a feeling of independence that cannot be replaced in the business environment. That was my feeling when I first started my own male escort agency. I had wanted to be in the male escort business ever since I can remember but now I need to get out.

       I have been the majority owner of this escort agency for about 11 years now. Ever since I was a teenager, I wanted to be a gigolo. Becoming a male escort was my first priority and I was not going to let anyone or anything stop my dream. I did fulfill my dream by betting my first escorting job when I was 18 years of age. From that day it was all cash flow. Male escort work for me, was coming in by the bunches. Escort agencies from all over the country had heard of me and wanted me to join their ranks. Since I began to get tired of escorting myself, I decided to buy the majority share of this agency (which will remain anonymous). Life was great for a while but I started to get really bored and fed up with the business a few years ago and I have decided that male escorting is not for me any longer. I mean nothing to do with the business.  I am currently looking into getting back to my studies and selling my share. Are there any buyers out there?


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