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Why Male Escorts are Thriving in These Days

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

In United Kingdom, Male Escort is now a well-established position for an individual and there are thousands of new young men are considering this as a great source of earning.

There are many reasons why the industry is thriving in these days. Global communication is increasing day by day; and because of this, many business women travel abroad for business purpose. When a business lady comes to UK, she normally wishes to get someone who would accompany her in the parties and meetings. So she looks for an honest male escort.

There is another reason. In England, there are lots of unappreciated wives because British are crazy about sports (especially on football) and they prefer sports events than their ladies. There are always sports events out there and crazy-fans completely ignore their wives. This is why those unappreciated wives consider hiring a male escort, taking the advantage of their distracted husbands.

During the time of Euro-2012, it has been seen that the demand of male escorts had increased by 26 percent. Some say that football events are like a Christmas to the male escorts because during the time of an event, their earnings increase tremendously.

However, with increasing demand of male escort, new faces are coming to the industry. Elegance4her welcomes those new faces and are giving them a great opportunity to become a successful escort.

Why should male escorts always be on time?

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

In male escorting work, you would find a lot of values to be in place if male escorts have to succeed. But one of the virtues that doesn’t need any second explanation is being timely. Any male escort worth his salt would know the repercussions if he is late for a booking. Actually as it happens, the first few minutes of the booking goes in you explaining why the hell were you late when you should be exchanging pleasantries. That is the damage being late could do for your booking.

Importantly, when you be late for a booking you set a feeling in the client’s mind that you are not professional. This could lead to the booking going somewhere else, when it would have been a straighter affair. And even before you could realize, your client could set the word about you that you are not such a professional male escort and people should stay away from you. In this cut-throat world of competition, you wouldn’t want that to happen, right?

Basically, the message is clear – You have to be timely and there are no two doubts about that, when it comes to male escorting work.

It is good for male escorts to face the truth

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The point is – There could be times when despite the best of efforts, the male escort couldn’t do a decent job of his booking. At such times, it is important for the male escorts to keep a level head and not get bogged down. He should understand the fact that such things happen in male escorting work and the more one thinks about it, the more morose he would get. Importantly, he should face the truth that he screwed it all up without blaming it on anyone.

There could be the bookings when clients may turn in with a new set of demands, completely to the surprise of the male escorts. The pro male escorts know how to handle such guys and they do a fine job of turning these awry bookings into pleasant experiences with their professionalism. Who stops you from taking the path of the pro male escorts? After all, if they have done it for so many years, there is a reason why they do, so it is all the more good for you.

Not a lot of male escorts around are known though to take things with a pinch of salt. They think that it is an ideal world and everything should work as per them.

Normally, male escorts having a calm mind win the race

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

One of the first things you would hear about male escorting work is that you need to have a calm mind to succeed. The basic reason for having a calm mind in male escorting work is because this domain throws up nasty surprises on you all the time. If you don’t have a calm mind, you could easily be overwhelmed by all these challenges. Once that happens you would find your male escorting work career taking an absolute nosedive. After that, it would be difficult for you to overcome the issue.

Most male escorts know that they need to have a calm interior even before they step into the domain of male escorting work. This seems to be more of a point taken for male escorts as you would find that most of them don’t even focus on working on this aspect a lot. One thing is for sure thus – All the male escorts who have a calm mind would succeed. For those who don’t have one, it is a tough climb uphill.

The point is – male escorts can just not have wild mood swings. As a person, some of us do have this trait, but as a male escort, you just have to do away with this problem. Having this problem could only demean your chances of growing ahead in this domain.

Smoking is injurious to health – Applies to male escorting work too

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Even otherwise, smoking is supposed to be injurious to health, and talking about male escorting work, it is definitely injurious in more ways than one. Apart from the fact that smoking could injure your lungs adversely, the stink coming from the mouths of smokers is something that pisses off a lot of clients. Even if the male escorts are superstars in their own right, smoking is something that could help them bring in a lot of negative reviews. Part of this is also true because as a male escort, you may be required to hug or sit closely to your clients.

In this regard, you definitely don’t want your smoking habits to come in the way of a good comment. As we said before, all what male escorts may count for nothing if their manners aren’t in place. And that’s why it is so important for you to get rid of it, if you wish to make a good name in male escorting work. If you are in the habit now, it is not too late. You can quit it right away before the problem assumes big proportions.

The point is – When you know a bad habit could hurt your chances of winning some positive reviews, why waste your time?

Social networking adds a new punch to male escorting work

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The fact that the Internet is seemingly taking over a lot of what male escorts do for themselves has resulted in the rise of a new concept – Social media networking. This concept talks a lot on how male escorts promote their services with joining sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on. In fact, in a survey done, about 40% male escorts are using social media sites to promote their services. What’s with these sites that help so much in male escorting work. To know more about this phenomenon, you must know how these sites work.

Basically, the social media sites allow someone to make new friends. For example, in Facebook, you could send friend invites and add new friends. If you have been diligent enough about your friend adding process, as a male escort, you would do well to add all the ladies to your list. That ways when you promote your services, you would have a ready audience to cater to. This is just the way how a lot of male escorts are using social media sites. So, if you are thinking of using these sites to promote your services, all you have to do is log in to one of these sites and start promoting.

My escapade with an independent male escort

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Although I never believed in male escorts and escorting, I never knew destiny had some different plans for me. I was always busy in my life tacking professional and domestic life. I had a steady boy friend for about 4 years now and soon I was to get married to him. But some things simply don’t work for us. And that’s what happened with me. It was never meant to be. We broke up on some very minuscule issues and it left us with nothing but just drifting away.

I was shattered and devastated. I simply couldn’t see my life without him anymore. I was in a remorse phase and no one could get me out of it. This affected my health and my work. But I wasn’t bothered; I was simply calculating and analyzing where it went wrong and what should be done. Should I go back to him and beg him to take me back. And somewhere in this dark cloud came my silver lining, my boss who suggested me to try out this independent male escort. I refused, point blank. But with lot of convincing I hired him and to be frank he completely changed my life. He was patient with me and we ended up simply talking. He gave me a clear vision of my relationship and made me feel good once again. This independent male escort was the best thing to happen in my life. Since then I have been hiring him on and off, especially when I require cuddling, some kind of a protection to shield me and guide me!!! This independent male escort is now my buddy!!!

How to become a male gigolo

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Male Gigolos are these hot and handsome creatures who are fortunate to earn loads of monies from rich and famous older women, who are unsatisfied and have no man to be passionate about. Male gigolos are a little different from their counterparts- the male escorts, because male gigolos have the tendency to get emotionally attached with their clients whereas the male escorts simply believe in dealing with a business.

As a male gigolo, you will be hired by these lucrative and high-class women with whom you can have a time of your life. If you are interested in this prospect keep reading to know some facts about how to become a male gigolo.

Always dress your best, if you want to impress your clients and retain them. Remember these high-class, moneyed ladies always want to flaunt their gigolos as their toy-pet and want every body to drool over him. This will only work in your favor because you may also get new clients. Always try and attend these elite parties, never let go any opportunities that will get you accessed to these plush parties. This will increase your clientele.

Once you are in the business, you will know which the right woman to target is and follow your instincts. That will help you get growing higher in your clients as well as finance. Be a good listener and good in your tactics. That will win you half your battle and the remaining you can tackle with your conversational skills and vulnerability.

A beach holiday with San Diego male escort

Friday, June 19th, 2009

I have a fascination for beaches! And for me there is nothing better than California beaches. Oh those long coast line and the lovely weather year round. Every short trip possible I visit to California with someone. This time with no one to accompany I decided to try San Diego male escort.

Going with the popularity I went through an agency. Looks were very important for me; I picked the best looking San Diego male escort! I hired an escort for a long weekend. Two days just flew by.

My flight was delayed so the escort reached before me to the hotel. I am so glad he did. On my arrival to the hotel he got ready a bubble bath for me. It’s so much better when someone else preps the soak for you. After the bath he rubbed oil and I was rejuvenated for the night. We went to the bar and had a hearty time. The night was as heavenly as the bath with a sensual massage. Wow San Diego male escorts are excellent masseurs.

Next day my San Diego male escort suggested Laguna Beach. Although I had been there before this time it was an all new experience. Sunbathing with a male company who admires your beauty is exciting. I stayed both days there. Lying on the paradise beach during days, then relaxing nights with my escort is a memorable experience.

On returning I realized it was the best trip I ever had with my San Diego male escort.

Mature escorts are they worth it

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

You all must be some what familiar with the male escorts, their nature of jobs and what services they offer. But have you heard about the mature escorts? Do you think they might interests you? Do you know what is the major difference between a male escort and a mature escort? To get all these questions answered, read further!!

Mature escorts are those who are aged and ripped and absolutely matured in all terms. They very skilled and the years of experience make them all the more alluring. Many women love the touch of a matured person, their feel and the way they handle them. to get this exact feeling you can try your hands on these mature escorts. Again mature escorts are available depending upon their age and experience. Few of which have maintained their bodies and few of them haven’t, although they still are mesmerizing with their conversations skills and the way they can move your bodies.

Mature escorts also engaged in sexual pleasures and massages. They absolute skilled and experienced hands can give a massage to remember. Their husky and subdued voice can make you go weak in your knees. You can either take them to escort you for a wedding celebration or just take them to hear you out on a long sea-side stroll. And you bet, you wont feel that your dollars were wasted.

So are you all game for mature escorts!! Try them and see what the difference, log on to the net and get yourself these hottie mature escorts.

A wonderful experience with male escort

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you go up so high and then the downslide. How deep the downfall can be is something I can’t describe. Broken marriage is a wound which never heals. After staying for 6months in shell my sister forced me to come out for her wedding. To avoid any embarrassment she hired me a male escort for the wedding.

The male escort was even invited for rehearsal dinner where I met him. Wearing a tuxedo he looked amazing. He stayed with me all through the dinner. It felt a bit awkward; I never had any man by my side other than my ex. But I must say there was something about this male escort which was different. He kept me company and made me feel cheerful.

Next day he picked me up in the morning and we headed to church together. My male escort was by my side all the time. We finally found our comfort zone and got along well. We chatted and laughed whole time.

Then we went to my hotel room and he stayed. I had to change and get ready for dinner. Then he offered a massage to relax me. I was tired and exhausted and did not deny it. The massage was heavenly. I dint know male escorts gave such good massages. Then we dressed and went for dinner. After an intimate night next day we said goodbye. I had good time after a long time.

I am grateful to my sis for hiring a male escort for me.

Independent escorts Definitely worth a try

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

And they are, not primarily because they come cheap, because they are a bit cheaper than the escorts offered by male escort agencies, but more because of no inhibitions in what they do and what you can do with them. Unless you are deciding to hire male escorts for a boxing session, which I am sure you would not do, independent escorts are definitely worth a try.

One of the main reasons why a lot of people choose independent escorts is because they come no-hassle. You don’t have to go through the long list of rules and service agreements when you hire male escorts from escort agencies. Most such independent escorts, you will find work on a freelancing basis and thus can be hired with minimal modalities.

Secondly, they are worth a try because they are at least 40% cheaper than male escorts working with escort agencies. As they work freelance, their overhead obligations anyways are low. Not many independent escorts work from an office. In fact, you will be able to find them standing by the alleys of some dim light roads in your city. That’s how simple it could be for you to find independent escorts.

Finally, even though it is worth to hire independent escorts, you must always make sure that the person you are hiring is worth the money and time. Remember, you would in all probabilities be spending the entire evening with an unknown person. You would want the man to shower his love, care and affection on you. You definitely don’t want him to come up with any malicious intention at all.

Independent escort How independent are they

Friday, June 5th, 2009

If you have never before used the services of male escorts, then here is a quick note – Apart from fun and excitement being the common benefits you would get by hiring male escorts, it is important you know a thing or two on how they work. When this point is being spoken about, you will find that male escorts are normally attached to one male escort agency or the other. That said, you will also find an independent escort willing to offer you his services to you.

As a woman who is hunting for a perfect partner to accompany you on a lovely date out, or any other fun activities, any male escort coming forth would do, I guess! But that said, an independent escort is worth a try because of these reasons.

1. You could almost end up doing anything and everything (Apart from killing him that is or assaulting him) on your date out. An independent escort will have minimal rules hanging on his head, which is really what you would have ideally wanted when you hire male escorts.

2. These escorts are available easily and you could book their services without much notice. You will find that most male escorts with agencies tend to get booked during their weekends, which means you can hire an independent escort and spend time with him on your weekend.

Don’t think twice – Get up and start looking the Internet to find out more about an independent escort in your city. And trust you will find many who will offer escorting services!

Should I go for male escort

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

I wonder how many females have asked this question to themselves!! They call humans a social animal. Like animals we do have instincts. Yet fail to realize them; thanks to the blessed brain. Many times we are tempted to try something but we refrain ourselves because of logical thinking. One such thing is trying male escorts.

We are all dependent on one another. It’s human nature!! Women need men. Not all have one either by choice or chance. That’s where male escorts come in. They give a woman everything she needs from a man. In return you pay them. Now we still think if we should try male escorts or shouldn’t? Is it right to pay someone to fulfill my needs?

Here is the thing honey. Anything you do to make yourself happy can’t be wrong!! Be it male escort or anything else! Now coming to male escorts, just to clear your doubts! If you feel it’s wrong to pay; then remember good things always come with a price!!! Yes male escorts are good thing in a woman’s life who doesn’t have a man.

If you feel that it is like hiring a male prostitute for your physical need. Let me ask you this; does a real man in your life only for physical needs? If so, then it makes him like a prostitute too? Now you get the difference! Last thing is the morale part! If you can have a boyfriend what is the harm in male escort? But still I leave that on you!!

London Male Escort Jobs Comparing with the White collared jobs

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

For quite some time now, I have been hearing of Technology jobs being the highest paid ones and of course, the ones that have a lot of pride associated with them. With the economic recession beating these jobs black and blue, it is time to look to London Male Escort jobs. Would you believe it when we say that these jobs registered a 30% growth at times when the situation was dull?

If you leave alone the fact of number of jobs generated in this domain, you will find that the sense of pride in Male escorts is as high as any other white collared office job you would have thought of. Male escorts normally don’t do this job for part time. Most male escorts I have spoken to, look up to these jobs as a way of supporting their lifestyles.

Most importantly, these male escort jobs, especially the independent male escorts hardly have to fear recession. Whether recession comes or not – The need for people to have fun and drive away their loneliness will never go away. Men and women are social animals and thus, you will find their need of having fun and not being alone being constant always, and if anything, increases over a period of time.

London Male escort jobs, done by professionals in this domain have come a long way from its early and heady days. It already has surpassed quite a lot of expectations people had from this domain. In fact, in the UK, it is considered to be one of the biggest revenue generators for the economy. Need we say anything more!

Male escort and married females

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Male escort services are used by unmarried ladies to satisfy their needs of a man in their life. Be is sexual needs or just a company to places with man. This is what everyone believes! But so many married females hire male escorts too! Have you wondered why?

They already have a man in their life. They satisfy their sexual needs. They can go together as couple in social gatherings. So are they just someone with a loose morale who can’t be satisfied with one man! Why do they need a male escort? Married women needs male escorts just as married men need other women who are not happy with their marriage. And the reasons could be countless for a broken marriage. However unlike men sex is not the only reason woman turn to male escort.

Not all women are strong and seeing the marriage falling apart is not easy. They need a man at that point but hope that their marriage would survive. So getting in an affair is not a good option. Many times sheer jealousy of seeing other man also brings back a husband to her wife. So a woman hires a male escort. We often see a husband neglecting her wife when trying to climb their ladder of success. They only care about their own needs then. In that case she can only turn to a male escort in a desperate attempt.

I wonder why we always judge people without being in their place.

Male escort agencies Spend some time on the Internet

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

And you will get a complete database of male escort agencies. No joking this! Male escort agencies are available aplenty, some even in a boring city like the one where you stay. Obviously, you have the option of going ahead and choosing a male escort agency on your choice, and the deciding factors would normally be the quality of the escorts and the pricing, but you will be well-benefited if you go ahead and think of things like the processes followed by the escort agencies. Any escort agency should at least have a robust hiring and a training module, if it wishes to be reputed. After all, people are not born with male escort skills. These skills need to be groomed over a period of time, which only the reputed male escort agencies can do. Importantly, you will find that most good male escort agencies never compromise on this factor and in fact, spend quite a lot of money on this. A lot of agencies that have come in new to this domain are also investing quite a bit of their money and time to train new guys who join them as male escorts. One note before you start researching the Internet for prospective male escort agencies – You will not find a lot of difference in their prices if you are looking and comparing between escort services in the same city. Given this point, the next and the best thing you would do is compare the quality. User testimonials definitely help people here.

Male escort agency Things to know and how to find

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Now, I am assuming that you are naïve to the entire domain of male escorts and you are obviously struggling to find the best male escort agency. If this is the case, here is a tip for you to find the best male escort agency in your town. Now, before you start reading this tip, please note that the best male escort agency would obviously be the place where you would get the best of male escorts. Now, best of male escorts does not always mean that the boys would need to be hot bodied hunks with big some things. It plain and simple means that the guys out there would need to be trained enough in allowing you to have fun during your date out with them. Remember, you would be paying to the male escort agency, and quite some money too, thus at the end of the day, you would always want to have fun. After all, that really is the objective of you wanting to hire male escorts. With these points being said, one of the easiest ways you could find the best male escort agency is by speaking to your friend, who has chosen the service of a male escort from an agency. If she was satisfied with the service provided to her, and of course, if your expectations match to that of your friends, the particular agency is definitely worth a try, isn’t it? There are other ways of finding this too, but referrals, clearly is one of the easiest ways of finding more on escort agencies.

Surrey Male escorts

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Surrey is one of the happening and landscaped filled countries of the United kingdoms. It is notorious for its landscapes, river valleys, beautiful grasslands etc. It is also famous for an amalgamation of history and the contemporary culture giving you a vivacious variety to bask in. But they also don’t lie down when it comes to the Surrey male escorts. Yeah, you read it right. Surrey male escorts are the happening escorts.

Surrey Male escorts are the most rocking guys you would skip your heart beat for. They are these handsome hunks who can rock you with lovely smiles and body to kill for. It doesn’t end here. They also age good conversationalist and well-mannered. Some of them are great masseurs and have the tactics which will make your body feel electrifying waves of pleasure. Moreover, they can accompany you to any of your wedding nights or parties. They also believe in the coming only for a cup of coffee or many a salient dinner over the seashore. Not only that, they also come along for a vacation with you anywhere on the earth. But all this comes with a price tag. Truthfully, these Surrey male escorts are very affordable; however the price may vary according to the various services you hire them for.

Plus, these surrey male escorts operate without any legal hassles. As Surrey, like discussed earlier believes in a vivacious culture and supports escorting as an adult trade.

So get rocking with the Surrey male escorts and revel in the most vivacious atmosphere.

Amazing Barcelona male escorts

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Barcelona is a very lively city. The night life of Barcelona is rocking! We all want to have fun and party. But are you alone and don’t have a company. Don’t worry baby just call in Barcelona male escort to give you company.

You may say the price is too high! But you won’t know till you try! It is said you get for what you pay. But with Barcelona male escorts you are sure to get more than what you pay.

Barcelona male escorts are nothing like other male escorts. They are simply the best. They are all good looking, smart and sexy guys. They have that extra edge which we all like to have in our man. Those strong muscles, that seductive look and a million dollar smile. Don’t you think you will do anything to get such a guy?

Barcelona male escorts are impeccable. Their mild cheerful chats will lighten your mood and their quiet seducing gaze will make you feminine again. Their sensual massages will be heavenly bliss; you may want it all over again. Whole night with them is pleasure ride.

You can even have them for a day or many days. Go to sea side and sit on the sand. Get his undivided attention in your own fairyland. Do what you desire and make your wildest dream come true. I bet Barcelona male escorts won’t disappoint you.

In Barcelona, male escorting is legal and authorized. So you can be tense free about the legal formalities.

Its party time girls!!! Go get some fun!!!


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